Dave Grohl Confirms New Season Of Sonic Highways

Speaking to NME, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has now officially confirmed that the Foos will be hitting the road again in a new season of the hit HBO miniseries Sonic Highways.

“There is gonna be another Sonic Highways season,” Grohl proclaimed. “It might or might not be international. It might someday be international. It might only be England, or England and other places. Or maybe it’s places in America, and people from other countries that are inspired by these places in America.”

Grohl went on to explain that the “great thing about the idea… is that it can be anywhere, because any city has some sort of musical history,” but tabbed the U.K. in particular as being “like shooting fish in a barrel, there’s just so f—king much here.

In a recent Q&A with Rolling Stone, Grohl ripped critics of the Foo Fighters latest studio album Sonic Highways:

Look, that was one of the first conversations that we had when we started this project. I would explain the idea and someone would say, “Oh, cool. So, are you going to play a blues song? Are you going to make a country song in Nashville? Are you going to do jazz in New Orleans?” And I thought, “Can you fucking imagine how much of a train wreck that would be?” I said, “You have to remember that not everybody has HBO and is going to see the series.”

So, first and foremost, we have to make a Foo Fighters record. That’s it. And I really fought to retain that. At one point in Nashville, I walked in the control room and everyone was wearing fucking cowboy hats. I was like, “Guys! Don’t! Stop! Wait! We are still the Foo Fighters. Don’t forget that.” I think maybe people misunderstood the concept and thought that we were going to incorporate all of the different flavors or genres from each city, and, to me, it didn’t make any sense because the last thing I want to do is chase something that’s not real.

Grohl also said:

“You’re like, Hey, I’ve done this thing! Fuck, I can’t wait for people to hear this! I’m so proud of it. It was such a blast to do.” You get excited and then you realize that people didn’t really understand it in the first place. So you’re like, “Aw, fuck it.” It’s one of those things that after 20 years, nothing is going to keep us from doing what we do. And there’s not much to discourage us from the path that we’ve been on for this long. Look, if some dude with a blog says the band blew it because we didn’t fucking put a lap steel [guitar] on our song in Nashville, then that same day you sell out Wembley Stadium in a day, it’s like, “OK, well, I guess we’re doing something right.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    I don’t think anyone really criticized the Foos for doing Sonic Highways, the fact is that it’s not as strong a record as Wasting Light. Guess what, no other Foos record is either. It is so damn hard to follow up your best work, especially when you know it’s your best. Credit them for trying something different, and there are some good songs on Sonic Highways. I don’t think there’s much outrage about the record. Sure, they picked the wrong initial singe, as Congregation is pretty clearly the best song on the record. But no one is really out bashing the thing, they never really were, and the record added to the catalog it didn’t detract from it. There just won’t be another Wasting Light, ever.

  • — J —

    Grohl is such an awesome force in music right now. He’s such a good dude doing everything, seemingly, the right way.

    With that said, I WOULD like to see some of that local flavor introduced into Foo Fighters songs. They are a product of their influences, so I don’t see a reason in letting those influences come through. Shake it up. The next album can always go back to straight-ahead rock.

  • Pasta of Muppets

    Dave Grohl: the one true rock star of the modern era. Nobody else is doing more for music or being as ambitious.