From the new Dave Grohl interview on the Observer:

These days the Foos’ drummer, Taylor Hawkins, is clean. He’s a weather-beaten but smiling 39-year-old in shorts and tennis socks, married with a son: disgustingly domesticated. Back in 2001, however, he was a serious heroin user, and on tour that year he overdosed and was admitted to a London hospital. “I’ve seen so many people just lose it all with drugs and die,” says Grohl, “So I freaked out.”

Hawkins didn’t die. After two weeks in a coma he woke up, recovery confirmed when he turned to Grohl and told him (as was apparently the band’s way) to “fuck off”. Grohl had been beside his bed for two weeks. Years earlier, aged 18, Grohl had seen a friend take too much coke and suffer a heart attack in a Virginia car park. Before his death, in 1994, Kurt Cobain had already collapsed in Rome after overdosing on heroin. Grohl, in another country, watched him being wheeled into an ambulance on TV; when he spoke to his friend on the phone he told him: “I don’t want you to die.” Cobain had only a few weeks to go.

It must feel that he’s had to endure this – a helpless view from the fringes – too often. “Absolutely,” says Grohl quietly. “When Taylor wound up in hospital I was ready to quit music. Because, to me, it felt like music equalled death. I started praying. I’ve never been to church in my life, and I’m walking back from Taylor’s hospital to our hotel every night, praying out loud in the streets of London. I don’t even know if I believe in God. But I felt like, y’know, this is just not right, y’know, what kind of God would let this…”

  • http://www.twitter.com/six7six7 Joe

    He must continue to rock for those who cannot.

  • Robert

    I am glad Dave is still out there rocking but that shows what drugs do to people. Dave was around it all and watch so many suffered.

  • Matt from DC

    This would be a hard thing to keep secret for 10 years. I highly doubt the validity of this article.

  • Finn

    I doubt the observer would lie its pretty reputable

  • Joe

    In Rome, 1994, Kurt overdosed on Rohpynol, not heroin.

  • BillyL

    Matt from DC, what’s this “secret” you’re talking about? There was nothing in this article that wasn’t already common knowledge, except for a few deeper thoughts from Grohl on the subject. Unless you read it wrong and thought they meant that Grohl O.D.-d in 2001.

  • Guy

    This article wasn’t written very well. Especially the statement that Kurt collapsed after a heroin overdose in Rome.

  • Ashley

    The picture used for this article is kind of perfect. He looks sincerely frightened.