Watch Dave Grohl & 8-Year Old Kid Perform “Times Like These” At Foo Fighters Show

Photo credit: @bigdee999 on Instagram

Dave Grohl invited a young kid to sing “Times Like These” with him onstage at a Foo Fighters show in England earlier this week. After first dedicating the song to the fan he spotted singing along on his mother’s shoulders in the crowd, he invited him on stage.

Grohl said, “You want him to come on stage? Come on motherfucker.” He requested, “You better bring your Dad with you. Oh yeah, bring your mama. I’m not taking care of you, that’s for goddamn sure.” He then encouraged the mother, “Come on mama!”

As the kid came on stage Grohl said, “Look, he’s taking my pick! I went to shake his hand, and he’s trying to steal my guitar pick! You must be from Manchester!”

The kid introduced himself as Frankie. Grohl then had the kid sing “Times Like These” with him.