• Spoonman

    my list would be a whole lot different…

  • Pete

    Top 20??

  • ed

    Other than Breath..if this is the July setlist, I don’t feel so bad I’m not going..I’ll wait till they hit the West Coast

  • Jack Irons

    No “Green Disease” or “I Only Play for Money”?

  • a lone voice of reason

    There’s clearly 25

  • Abe Froman

    The bottom of the sign clearly reads ‘top 25’, how stupid is this guy? (Apparently very)

    Good reporting, very relevant, informative important grunge news.

  • Truth

    Jack Irons = Troll!

  • oh well…whatever…nevermind

    Even Flow

  • Grungeluv

    Nice! 😛

  • aaron

    there’s 25 songs here, genius

  • Big M

    In hiding is way too high but Release could have been higher.

  • Badmotorfinger

    Meh. Too much of their newer stuff, hardly anything from Ten, Vs, or Vitalogy.

  • chicago_animal

    God Damn this site has become just a site to bitch about. WHy dont you people post a list of your own personal favorite PJ songs so we can tell you how wrong your list is.

  • Josh

    I like songs!!! hahahahahah Counting is hard!!!!

    Anywho… I don’t love the list BUT it clearly shows that Theo is much deeper than a surface fan. Many of the tracks he selected are deeper cuts and have never had radio play. This shows a depth of fandom that I appreciate and respect. For that I give this my all important seal of approval. :thumbs up:

  • ed

    Here’s my top 25 so I can bitch about his..

    Last Exit
    In Hiding
    In My Tree
    Present Tense
    I Am Mine
    Amongst the Waves
    Unthought Known
    Hold On
    Severed Hand
    Given to Fly
    Who You Are

  • MMMM

    Hers mine
    rotten apple
    down in a hole
    we die young
    real thing
    them bones
    i stay away
    and thats it im tired of writing

  • Pingfah

    I love how clued in PJ fans are to the band’s music.

    Only PJ could play a concert made up almost entirely of deep cuts, rarities and b-sides, and have the whole audience know the words.

    I wouldn’t even attempt to make a list of my top 25 songs, there’s just waaaay too many good tracks to pick from, but I will say my favourite PJ track is Off He Goes.

  • oh well…whatever…nevermind

    Not a lot of love for I Got Id or Do The Evolution…

  • carvingboard

    Thought Eddie hated the Cubs now. He was a guest of the Twins this past year. Probably was a joke

  • nocode

    dont gimmie no lip