Creed Will ‘Definitely’ Reunite For New Album

Mark Yarm recently interviewed Scott Stapp for Billboard, and in the interview Stapp revealed that he believes that Creed will reunite and release new music. The band’s last album was 2009’s Full Circle, and they haven’t toured since 2012.

“This journey I’ve been on over the last year has inspired a lot of writing. I’m going on tour next year, and we’re starting a campaign to raise awareness for mental-health issues based upon a song I wrote. And Creed has a retrospective coming out in November. It’s three CDs, with hits, favorite album picks, acoustic versions of all the hits, live performances, unreleased demos.”

He added that there has been talking about the band reuniting, “I ran into Mark [Tremonti, guitarist] at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando a couple months back, and we spent hours hanging by the pool, talking. We all are busy working on our other passions, but there’s definitely going to be some Creed in the future, starting with this retrospective. So when the time’s right in the next year-and-a-half, I’m expecting some new Creed music.”

“There’s nothing set in stone, but it’s definitely on the radar. We’re just trying to let it be as organic as possible. But we’re all communicating. And that’s where it starts.”

Alternative Nation broke the news of members of Creed running into each other at the Hard Rock Hotel during our recent interview with Mark Tremonti. Tremonti said, “We actually just ran into him. Scott Phillips and I were at the Hard Rock hotel for my wife’s birthday, and just by strange coincidence, Stapp was up here during a vacation and was staying at the Hard Rock. We were walking out to the pool and he saw us. We ended up talking for an hour and half. He was clean and sober and doing well. He was happy. His family seemed happy. We’ve had a few texts since then. I think there’s talk about Wind-up Records maybe putting out a box set, so I’m sure we’ll communicate to make sure that turns out well.”

He added that he was unsure about a Creed reunion, “My life is just so busy right now it would be hard for me to do anything else. There were some songs we worked on before things went south. On the last tour, we didn’t see eye to eye to say the least, and then we put a halt on any new music. We had already gotten about nine or ten songs ready to go. It just doesn’t make sense for me though, having two new Tremonti records, a new Alter Bridge record and Myles will have a new Slash record. A new Creed record would be just too much stress.”

  • Eddie Yarler

    <3 <3 <3
    Damn, in all seriousness I never expected anything out of Creed again. I'm just grateful Scott is alive. A b-sides boxset, a new Stapp album, and possibly the return of Creed next year. This is awesome. If they get Kurzweg to produce than I'll be indescribably happy.

    • — J —

      LOL. Yeah me too! Oh man! Can’t wait for some new Creed! Gotta get some more Creed music in my life. Fuck yeah! Creed!

    • Boom

      The Yarler. You like the Creed then you get kicked off team Boom. Fuck Creed and no more team Boom for you. Fuck Creed it be the pure shit music, it no sound good. Boom only coment to say fuck Creed.

      Boom out!!

      • Felonious Thunk


        • Boom

          You even do the trolling when Boom reply to the others. Get life punk child. You are the Brookes now fuck off.

          • Felonious Punk


  • Felonious Thunk

    LMFAO @ a 3 CD Creed retrospective. Who the fuck, besides Yarler, needs ONE CD’s worth of Creed, let alone three, in their life?

  • Raj

    Worst news I’ve read all year, don’t do it. No one wants to see, hear or read about Creed, go away and take Nickelcrap with out. Two of the worst bands in music history, bar none.

  • Bilbo

    They weren’t the best band of their time but they were far from being what people say about them. They were a competent band with a great guitar player and some uplifting lyrics. They wrote their own songs and came from the bottom, so I have nothing but respect for them.

  • Rizz

    Liked the first album and the other albums had a few good songs here and there. Saw them live and they put on a good show – this was waaaaay before all the crap started. That said, I think its over; however, at least he didn’t sound like Adler did talking about a GnR reunion a few years back. At least Scott admitted there are a lot of other priorities that go before Creed. Glad the dude is alive. I’m still on Team Boom despite my comments because me and Boom are peeps and throw chairs through walls when we listen to Black Sabbath.

    • God

      Boom and I rub peanut butter on our chests when we listen to the Stooges!

  • Michael Dolce

    They really werent as bad as people make them out to be. That first album comes from a real place before they “made it” and there are a couple songs on the next 2 records that weren’t bad. Drummer is solid and so is Tremonti. That being said i dont let anyone catch me listening to Creed. Roll them windows up when they come up on shuffle 🙂

    • Felonious Punk

      Real? They were a post-grunge Pearl Jam clone who proved the backlash Stone Temple Pilots received years earlier was clearly unwarranted.

      I remember the first time I heard that “I Created My Own Prison” song on the radio, I specifically said to the people in the car with me “When the hell did Pearl Jam revert back to being a grunge band, and a shitty one at that?”

  • CraigPW1984

    I loved their first album My Own Prison. I remember getting that when it came out. The other two records that came out after it had some good tracks on them although not as good as the first. Full Circle is a very underrated album and better than the previous 2.

  • Unglued

    Keep your daytime job, Scott Stapp. Nobody on this beautiful planet would ever pay to see a Creed reunion.

  • God

    Yes! Suck it Billy Corgan! I hope Scott Stapp does drugs agian

  • Michael Costa

    Look at all the morons below me talking shit about Creed. Half of which were shitting their diapers at the time they debuted, meaning you are part of a generation that reveres what is considered to be one of the most talentless, shitty music generations ever.

    They sold 40 million records, how many did you sell? Oh, none.