The guitar-less hard rock band Crash Kings were the last band to support STP before the original lineup’s demise, opening for the band during their fall 2012 tour dates. According to frontman Anthony Believeau in a new interview with Alternative Addiction, any sense of unity between STP frontman Scott Weiland and the rest of the band was completely absent during the tour.

“We didn’t ever really see Scott; he rode in his own bus and the band kept themselves apart right up until they were about to get on stage,” Anthony explained. “The DeLeo’s and Eric are just incredible guys; they would hang out and the dynamic was great. Between them and Scott is a whole different story and that doesn’t come as news to anyone. Whatever potential drama was occurring, I stayed out of it and I never really knew what exactly was going on. What I do know is whenever they got on stage it was the real deal and Scott is one hell of a frontman.”

Weiland went on stage late at multiple shows, despite being present at the venues. I attended their performance in Bethel, New York and learned from a friend who worked at the venue that she had met Weiland in the lobby area to the museum an hour before the performance; the band didn’t emerge until at least an hour after their scheduled start time.

  • the keeper

    Scott’s diva personality is well documented, why he does it I dunno. Hopefully he comes back to earth soon

  • Hooker With A Penis

    I interviewed Scott Weiland today, and he said that “I’m going to shove a fist up the Deleo Brothers for lying to the public, and continuing under the STP with Chester Bennington of fucking Linkin Park.”

    “I’m the one who wanted to play more obscure matieral and less hits. But the other members didn’t agree, and wanted to continue being a greatest hits band. They are the ones ruining the Stone Temple Pilots, not me. I have been clean and sober for 15 years, so don’t give me that addiction bullshit.”

    • HooHahHreh

      Scott looks like he can barely stand up let alone take anyone in a physical altercation. Sadly, he’s been a train wreck for as long as anyone cares to remember. Post heroin, whether it’s alcohol or medication of any kind, Scott’s always been on something. He’s admitted to being “less than perfect” on many occasions and that’s his personal life and no one else’s business. That said there’s little doubt that the guy’s struggling to string words together in interviews and his performances outside of STP have been very inconsistent to say the least. If anyone damaged STP’s legacy is was Scott. I ain’t thrilled about the CheSTP but at least it’s being marketed as STP w/Chester B.

  • Raj

    I’ve seen STP three times and the last one was the Fall 2012 tour. I saw them in September and despite all their off-stage problems the band sounded great they were really tight and Scott’s vocals were strong. From the time Crash Kings ended to the the time STP went on the wait wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. It’s too bad things have gone so downhill since then.

    • JG566

      Yeah, I saw them in NY August 2012 they were tight. There was barely a wait. A bunch of us had to run from the train cause we heard they were just starting up. I never knew wtf anybody was talking about with these 2 hour waits…

  • Twenty

    So it’s that time again to just make-up a bunch of horseshit? Hooked With A Penis? Yeah you. The hell he’s been clean 15 years. Maybe Scott dropped the smack some years back (NOT 15 though), but you can bet your sweet ass all the way to the bank he’s drunk and popping pain killers. Shit’s written all over him. I can pull a B.S. interview out of my ass too if you feel like playing that game…

  • http://Grungereport Joey

    I saw one of the last real Stp shows in 2012 at the MGM grand at Foxwoods. I had front row center seats, this was one of the best Stp shows I ever saw and I’ve been goin to Stp shows since 1993. The set list was great they really sang songs from every album mixing it up great, they came on stage on time and Scott sounded great! Scott mixed it up with the crowd shaking hands while he was performing and even gave me the set list during the show, on Scott’s worst day he is 1000x better than Chester will ever be as a front man for this band!! Scott Weiland is the real STP!!

  • Jimmy eats Uranus

    Saw them in Irvine last Summer. Band came out on time and Scott rocked it.

  • Ed

    Saw them in Atantic City August 2012, band came on very late and played a short set. Sounded fucking amazing, including Scott.

    Then 3 months later caught the first show of Scott’s solo tour. On time, and Scott sounded ok. This was prior to Purple at the Core. Deep cuts like Art School Girl may have pleased hardcore fans, but most sat on their hands. Girlfriend wanted to leave, it was not a great show. Scott finished with Unglued and Vasoline, and the crowd finally came to life. Knew then he’d mine the better-known tunes in the STP catalogue.

    Scott gets a lot of credit for playing deep cuts but that tour only lasted a month. Then he switched to Purple/Core material, which the fans want to hear but his band clearly can’t play.

    I’m going to see both Scott and STP within the next 6 weeks and will review both. Others want to take sides, I just want to hear some great fucking music. I hope Scott’s band has used this downtime wisely.