NEW YORK (AP) — Courtney Love is ready to spill.

The hard-living rock star and actress known for her band Hole and for her brief marriage to Kurt Cobain has a book deal with William Morrow.

Morrow is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. It announced Thursday that Love will “set the record straight.”

Her memoir will address life with Cobain, the Nirvana leader who died in 1994, her drug problems and her Hollywood career.

The memoir is currently untitled and is scheduled to come out next fall.

She’s among several musicians who recently agreed to write memoirs. Those include Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Carole King and Gregg Allman.

  • John

    People will have a tough time reading this if her grammar is anything like her tweets on Twitter.

  • bin

    Cool. I think her life story is so interesting. It won’t be tough to read, there’s always an editor behind. Looking foreward to it.

  • Kris

    I’m gonna be buying this, no doubt! If anything … it will make for a great read! Let’s hope she does have an editor though. In fairness to her … there has been a lot of crap written about her so I can see how she would want to tell her side of the story. More power to her!

  • Boddah

    “on the coat tails of a dead man she rides”

  • bin

    When Dave Grohl opens his mouth about Kurt he is praised and people think is cute. When Courtney opens hers she is immediately called names. I don’t get it.

    The woman was right about Kurt wanting to replace Dave, and she’s been called a liar since 1994. I’m glad Dave had the guts to tell the world he heard Kurt say he wasn’t happy with him in the In Utero tour.

    Courtney has the right to speak about Kurt because it was part of her life, Kurt was her husband. I find it more annoying when Dave accepts awards and starts rambling about remembering being in that venue with Kurt, out of the blue and just to get more headlines. He does that a lot.

  • Allura Music

    I completely agree with bin. I would much rather hear Courtney’s side of the story than Dave Grohl’s, since she was actually married to Kurt for a good bit of time.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the Foo Fighters music, but there is something about Dave Grohl that really annoys me alot. For one thing, he is a loudmouth and he talks way too much. He also thinks that he has “prime territory”, when it comes to Nirvana and Kurt. When actually Dave does not. It is actually Courtney Love- who has the most right to tell us about the Kurt Cobain experiences. Like I said, like Dave and The Foos music, but don’t care that much for Dave himself.

  • Jason

    When did Dave say that he heard Kurt wasn’t happy with him?

  • bin


    Just google “Dave Grohl quit Nirvana in 1993”. You’d get tons of links. It’s part of his upcoming bio:

    “After 18 years, it has been revealed that Dave Grohl quit Nirvana in 1993 after Kurt Cobain slated his musicianship.

    A biography of the drummer, “This Is A Call: The Life And Times Of Dave Grohl”, details how Grohl became fed up with tension between band members.”

  • Medea

    Sounds great, I want to read this. I’m agree with bin and Allura and I am a fan of the Foo Fighters music too.

  • Jason

    Thanks…I’ll check that out. I’m also not the biggest FF fan out there, but Grohl was the only one worth watching at the Nirvana show I saw in 93. I’m a huge Nirvana fan, but that show was awful!

  • Ross

    Why would you want to hear Courtney’s messed up drug addicted version of the story behind Kurt. I would much rather hear Dave and Kirst’s. Courtney is just trying to get more money out of her husbands fantastic music so she can fuel her constantly down turning life. Fuck Courtney she doesn’t do Kurt justice.

  • bin


    Did Kurt do justice to Courtney when he blew his head off? Courtney has the right to tell the world the story of her life. There are thousands of Nirvana/grunge books spreading a lot of misconceptions of her persona. How can you blame her for wanting to defend herself of all the bad things that people assume are true? She was married to Kurt, she can talk whatever she wants.

    Courtney’s life story before she met Kurt is worth a book, and many d-listers with boring lives have got books written about them. How is Courtney “trying to get more money out of her husbands fantastic music” by a book about her life? Oh, and drug addicts are human beings with rights, rights to share their lives with whoever wants to listen.

  • pretty penny

    Agree with Boddah. Court’s cash must be running low, so she’s thought of another way to milk her brief marriage for a payday!

  • what ta fack

    Sometimes it looks like Dave is way happier in FF than he was in Nirvana. Dave seems like an out going guy and Kurt was shy. Looking back at some of their interviews from now and then it looks like Dave felt like he couldnt have fun he always looked like he didnt really want to be there. Anyway the one person i think would tell it like it is or was would be Krist. Thats who should be writing a book.

  • Jon

    To this day I still do not understand how:
    A: She’s famous. She has absolutely zero talent.
    B: Why people continue to buy into her nonsense.

    Her “memoir” might make for an entertaining read but most of it will probably be filled with lies. Her entire life is one big lie.

    I would hope that the folks who follow would have some common sense and boycott this book. She might be the worst thing that ever happened to the Seattle music scene. As soon as she showed up and started leaching off of everybody, that was when everything took a turn for the worse.

  • James

    “The book by Paul Brannigan, to be released on September 29, explains that by 1993, Nirvana had more or less split into two alienated camps with Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic in one, Cobain and wife Courtney Love in the other.”

    Yeah, she can talk about Kurt,but it’s not her business to talk Nirvana. It’s not her band. She’s a conniving person that only wanted to make the situation worse. She should’ve minded her own business and let Kurt, Krist, and Dave handle their problems. During the recording of In Utero she’d go off on everybody. Hell, she even alienated Kurt and Krist! Why even bother reading her spin on the band when like stated above, we can read and hear it from the actual members and not some tag along. Set things straight…ha! Remember she was setting things straight by claiming her soberness on live tv. With the fried brain like her’s, it’s probably impossible to set things straight.

  • Mills

    They have all milked Kurt every possible step of the way. Box sets, greatest hits, books. Krist and Dave have just done less to exploit Kurt. At least Dave still makes music and is relevant. Krist hasn’t done a lot, and Courtney milks it the most.

  • Andrei

    Whoa. What’s with the Dave bashing? What is wrong with you people? I’m a huge Kurt Cobain fan like allof you I suppose but on this he was wrong. Dave Grohl was/is a fucking amazing drummer.

    The fact that he wanted him to play more like Dan Peters is absolutely moronic. I don’t say that it’s not true, but that Kurt must have been really high.

    Kurt was right on a lot of things but on this he was dead-wrong.

    To call Dave a loudmouth and that he rambles a lot is pure idiocy. Everything the guy has said in virtually any interview was absolutely pertinent to the conversation and plus, he’s such a great fucking funny and cool guy and he’s absolutely down-to-earth when he could be an arrogant son-of-a-bitch like a lot of other rock stars (who’ve accomplished a lot less) because you know, he was in NIRVANA!!! but he’s not.


  • Mills

    I’d still fuck her though. I’d just double bag it.

  • Andrei

    She’s after all… “the best fuck in the world…”

  • the_keeper

    Is she finally going to admit that she killed Kurt?

  • Medea

    Nirvana fans are simultaneously the best and the worst, mostly the worst

  • bin

    Reading your comments one comes to realize why Courtney needs to tell her story.

    Kurt is on tape explaining why he asked Courtney to get involved in Nirvana stuff. She’d scream and the things Kurt had been asking for months got done. A DJ of “The End” recently recalled when Courtney called the station complaining about Nirvana things and he was hearing Kurt “tell him this, tell him that”. Kurt allowed Courtney to take part in Nirvana’s bussiness because it was easier for him. Blame him.

    Courtney was blamed for alienating Kurt from everybody and for getting him into drugs. The “Seattle scene” jumped into the bandwagon of the let’s hate Courtney and blame her for everything that happens game. Novoselic confirmed Kurt was using heroin in the 80s, Kurt’s former girlfriend Tracy went open about Kurt’s heroin use in the late 80s. What did “the Seattle scene” do? Ignore them and keep blaming Courtney.

    Courtney has been called a talentless (insert what you like) and a murderer (insert again). It doesn’t matter there isn’t a single piece of evidence that Kurt was murdered or that it’s been proven some songs of Live Through This were written before Kurt was Courtney’s boyfriend. You still hear everyday that Violet is a Nirvana song and that she had him killed.

    Courtney’s life has been interesting since she was born, drama after drama. I’d rather read a book about Courtney than one about boring people.

  • PiE

    Like Ross said.
    She has no credibility at all.

  • Matt from DC

    Let the Nirvana wars begin

  • Matt from DC

    *Bump to Andrei.

    You made me Lol

  • Frank

    So what Dave quit the band in 93. Kurt quit the band a few times in 92 and he did in 94,

  • Frank

    I also, can’t understand the Dave bashing around here. She’s making money off of Kurt since 94. Dave and Krist didnt. Of course they did money with every thing nirvana related after kurt’s dead, but thats normal they were part of nirvana. Courtney wasnt. She’s been telling lies from the start. Just read heavier than heaven. Its full of bullshit.

    The funniest thing is when she says she wrote part of In Utero. Can’t she understand most of the songs on IU are pre-Nevermind?

  • bin


    Do you realize Krist and Dave have to agree when Nirvana is used in Guitar Hero? Courtney was bashed when the other 2 were cashing in too.

    One question: are you going to give your inheritance to your father coworkers when he dies? It’s pretty stupid of you to claim only Krist and Dave can make money. When a person dies the money goes to the family, simple.

    Courtney has been saying Kurt wasn’t happy with Dave “from the start”. It took Dave 17 years to accept she was right. That’s the point of Dave quitting the band, he’s been lying for 18 years (Courtney wasn’t).

  • Philip

    There’s nothing, not a thing, to hate about Dave Grohl. He’s the most affable and easy-going guy you could ever see, for fuck’s sake. Defending Courtney Messy Hole over him? Man, you are really beyond redemption or saving. Way fucked up you are. So bad in fact you should just nail shut your mouths and stop tslking altogether…

  • Maverick785

    Not buying. Again, zero credibility.

  • bay21

    Is she going to admit that Kurt didn’t really love her and he died because of it?

  • Jason

    It’s pretty amazing to think that Cobain thought Grohl was a shitty drummer. The band sounded hollow as hell without Grohl. Again, I’m not a Grohl kissass, but the drums took Nirvana from a good band to a great band. But, I guess if Cobain didn’t want the fame, he should’ve gotten rid of Grohl.

  • RubyTuesday17

    Zero credibility?

  • Alluramusic

    Well, there is one thing we are all on the same page about, we all apparently love or appreciate NIRVANA’s music!

  • muthafuthinASH

    “Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Carole King and Gregg Allman.”

    …and Courtney Love.

    One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Can you tell with thing is not like the other – before I finish this…?

  • Corey

    in her memoir its gonna say “i kill kurt for the fame and the money” and you know how that turned out 🙁