Mark Yarm’s Everybody Loves Our Town blog has up a new blog titled Listicle Without Commentary*: The Year in Billy Corgan’s Disdain for His ’90s Alt-Rock Peers, as Told Through Headlines. The story is a list of articles where Billy Corgan trashed other 90’s bands this year. Yarm posted the story on the Everybody Loves Our Town Facebook and Courtney Love responded in the comments section:

i just dont like the unkindness here i dont think its look i know what kirst and dave did, look uop who owns the seattle weekly itll say krist but its part iof nirvanan inc its a couokd 100 MILLION dollars that frances and i dont get and illegal as hell i might if i can do it and find it in all my photos post it and tag you so you can see some of it for yourself. but the point is that im telling the truth so why are you guys calling me “crazy” all the time it hurts my feelings and its not true, my spellings shitty and i wanst all that well until i quit adderall but frances and me are emailing and she didnt even know about the restatinign order she was rightfullly mad at me for trying to protct us by finding the money and allowing people into my lifer that took her dads money, i dont blame her, for being angry with me, but she isnt anymore so please stop it, it really hurts my feelings a lot. i know you guys dont even factor kurts stomach into his death but you didnt see how much pain he was in how people didnt believe him, the whole thing just makes me fucking sad.

  • Christine

    I’ve always factored Kurt’s chronic pain into the equation.

    If Frances and Courtney are able to communicate about more than just the weather and food, good for them.

    Courtney’s typing and spelling have always been horrible but they are SIGNIFICANTLY improved over 2001 (if you were ever part of kitty dot com when she was active on it).

    Best of luck Courtney, and Frances.

  • bmeade

    I’m not being intentionally mean, but honestly, I can’t follow her insufferable run-on sentences. It’s like putting my brain through a lexicon labryth.

  • Sean

    I just looked up who owns Seattle Weekly, and it’s been Village Voice Media since 2000. I think whatever Courtney says you have to take with a grain of salt.

  • JJ

    For fuck’s sake, what language is that???

  • Addiction

    Many heroin addicts talk about fake health problems to justify their addictions.

    Also Cobain used to make up a lot of false stories, he admitted it several times and the people that knew him has talked about it, that’s why some people think that his stomach disease was just an excuse.

    But who does really know, maybe it was the truth or maybe it wasn’t, I don’t really care, I care about his music and how sad was to lose such a genius songwriter.

  • Matt Lukin is back

    Lets face it, no more debates, no more defending her. Courtney Love is crazy, been aneroid addict since the ’80’s, she has no idea what she is talking about, 100% delusional, why she thinks Nirvana is hers is beyond me.

    I cannot understand her bullshit sentences.

    Also Nirvana was good, Kurt was a decent songwriter but let’s forget about the genius comments. It was right place, right time for their music. A real genius would have solved his problems rather than taking the cowards way out. Boo boo my stomach hurts and I’m rich and famous, I’ll just shoot my face off. Try living a real life with real problems.

  • Matt, stfu

    “A real genius would have solved his problems rather than taking the cowards way out. Boo boo my stomach hurts and I’m rich and famous, I’ll just shoot my face off. Try living a real life with real problems.”

    One man’s talent for any art has nothing to do with the way he has chosen to live or to die.

    Many genius artists had troubled lives that could have been “easily solved living a normal life” and none of them had “real problems” like a starving somalian kid may have, but that’s not related to how talented they really were.

    Cobain was a really talented songwriter, he wrote many great songs, no matter if he was an addict or how he ended his own life.

  • Kirsty

    I always knew his stomach was a major factor and I imagine that it would have killed him in the end. He was a sad sad man, his Pisces wasn’t just his bravado…he was a Piscean through and through with the inability to escape from the trappings of a grand trine in water. Courtney has been stereotyped and yeah she can’t spell and her rumblings are that of a mad woman at times but look at her life.

    As a human with a human soul he wasn’t equipped for life, famous or not it doesn’t matter, with his moon in the tenth house his emotions were open for all the public to scrutinise and watch and with two outer planets on his ascendant forming a kite from his grand trine in water…in Virgo. Talk about self reflection and being too hard on yourself. His chart represents completely what he was and is and will be until his rebirth…. I hope Courtney can cope for the rest of her days because she isn’t as strong as ppl assume. She scared, sad and alone and you can see it in her writings.

  • Matt Lukin is back

    He still aint a genius you fucker.

    Listen I’m the biggest Nirvana fan around, have been since 1988. I stick to my guns, he was a good songwriter but like I said it was the perfect time, perfect place for nirvana.

    Kurt was a lying junkie, he never told the truth, fabricated his own past.

    Like I said try having real life problems

    And whoever it was that read and responded to my post go fuck yourself. Twice.

  • Matt Lukin is back

    After reading what I wrote I apologize. I don’t know how to edit/delete or I would.
    No many people would apologize but I am, forget I said anything, shouldn’t let other people make me Angry.
    Take care, I m sorry.

  • Unglued

    KURT wrote many cool songs. Nirvana is really cool band imo.

  • Yourmom

    omg, courtney is just a cheap old slut, why do you keep posting her? WHO CARES?

  • Davanita

    I’ve always thought about his stomach condition but at the end of the day, his stomach problems didn’t kill him, and he didn’t pull the trigger. She may not have pulled the trigger but she might as well have been behind the gun. Someday she will own up to it, perhaps if people stop giving her airtime for this trivial shit, she’ll want for attention and finally tell the truth. What a monster.

  • me

    i bet anything that kurt had celiac disease. all his symptoms were much like anyone else who has celiac. the body can’t process and get rid of gluten. and it will bring a world of horrible problems until you get diagnosed and get off gluten. up until the last 10 years, they didn’t know much about the disease or how to treat it. now kurt’s very issues are common and fixable. i know he had it but doctors just hadn’t nailed it for people in those days. too bad because it can take over your mind, moods, body and cause mal nutrition. i know 3 people who have it and one tried to kill herself because her brain chemistry was thrown out of balance like depression. anyone who says his stomach problems were a lie or an excuse… fuck you. look up celiac disease.

  • ha

    im kurt cobains reincarnation and none of you know shit. kill yourselves. stomach aches are fucked.especially dxm related ones.

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  • RebelFighter101

    Come on guys have some fucking empathy. Your not true punk rockers your fucking posers who weren’t even born when that grunge scene was alive. So how the fuck can you make judgements based on chinese whispers. Chances are no one knows but the family about the truth so just shut up with this bullshit. The facts are severe chronic pain/depression was and still is under treated. Unless you live that torture everyday you dont know fuck. So go listen to limp bizkit cause thats where the douchbags play…now get out!!

  • jasper

    I was very pleased to find this site. I definitely enjoyed reading every little bit of it and I have it bookmarked to check out new stuff posted regularly.

  • the enabler

    It’s always an either/or thing. I think it’s MANY things. Courtney may not have pulled the trigger, but she drove him to it. She has serious mental health issues that are clear as day. It’s sad. She definitely has attachment disorder BIGTIME and may also be a sociopath. Whatever it is, it’s there. I think Kurt probably did have celiac disease AND he was an addict. There is no disputing the pain. He did not select for himself a healthy wife and he chose to stay with her. He grew up in a pretty bleak place–ever been to Aberdeen? There isn’t a lot of hope there. I think he was really talented and that he did not have the self esteem to match his notoriety. You can’t just grow up in Aberdeen, in the family he grew up in, with those challenges–and not get some concrete help, and then be stable. He never had a real chance. As for Courtney, she didn’t either. Hopefully, by some miracle, Francis will. But only if she gets a lot of counseling and faces the demons.

  • Jessejane

    I feel so bad for her, She is letting everybody know that all the mean comments really hurt her feelings. I love how wild she is. You have to admit she is always entertaining! She is a wonderful actress. Go watch “The people Verses Larry Flint”, She gives a stellar performance. Kurt married her for a reason, he obviously saw the good in her. I loved them together as a couple. They were so similar. I really have empathy and sympathy for both Kurt and Courtney and Francis Beanie.

  • Jessejane

    I love that pic of the three of them, how darling! Courtney looks really happy and Kurt is so cute with the baby’s bottle. I really thought they were a beautiful family.