According to Courtney Love said the following about a reunion of Hole’s classic lineup when she participated in a Q&A with her former bandmates Eric Erlandson, Melissa auf der Maur, and Patty Schemel last night at the New York premiere of the Hit So Hard documentary:

“I do wanna say that if something’s not relevant I don’t wanna do it,” Love told the crowd. “So for me, y’know, as much as I love playing with Patty—and I would play with her in five seconds again, and everyone standing on this stage—if it’s not moving forward, I don’t wanna do it. That’s just my thing.” (At this point Eric Erlandson jokingly began walking offstage, to laughter from the audience.)

Patty Schemel had expressed hope yesterday that the classic Hole lineup would possibly take their reunion further after the Q&A at the Hit So Hard screening.  Knowing Courtney’s unpredictability, I’ll bet we see a reunited Hole touring by the end of the year. After this quasi reunion I don’t see the public as being able to continue to buy her “new” Hole lineup.

  • Michael

    It would be nice, but I can guarantee that Courtney is not about to drop Micko Larkin anytime soon. If there is a “reunion” of this line-up, which I doubt, he will be involved in some fashion.

  • GrungeJunkie

    No Eric, No music. She fucked him over so many times

  • Recluse

    That’s code for “If we get enough money to make us all happy, we’ll do it. And if you give us enough money and we do it, rest assured, it’s not about the money.”

  • henry

    Courtney has said publicly that she misses Melissa and Patty. Eric is a different story, they ended up really bad. I don’t know what happened at the screening but I guess they didn’t speak to each other.

    I want to watch this doc so bad, and Kurt being present in amateur videos is a plus.

  • Ed

    She’ll drop Micko in a heart beat .. That 2nd solo album tanked … a retrospective with a couple of new songs makes sense….

  • Michael

    Courtney won’t drop Micko. She made it clear that she wants to move forward, not focus on the past, so I doubt she will approve a Retrospective or a Greatest Hits of any kind.

  • red mos

    guess we shall see. It would be cool to see the orignal hole line up well 1998 era. hope it happens but not holding my breath.