The greatest headline in history.

Courtney Love said this in GQ’s new Nirvana article:

Kurt had more presence and more beauty than Brad Pitt — who wanted to play Kurt, by the way. He was a leader, he was strong, in fact he was well fucking hung, if you really want to know.

  • Andrew

    The greatest headline in history.

  • NotACourtneyLover

    Well that always nice hear.

  • Kris

    Okay, did we REALLY need to know this? TMI! She is just classless.

  • Queen of Uncool

    Hahaha. Brilliant. Though he did also say so himself in his lyrics…so no surprise there then really.

  • Philip

    Is this what passes as news now on this site?

  • Matt from DC

    What song did he “Say so himself”?

  • Slowcombe

    Well, it might be required since Courtney is a big cunt?

  • Matt

    ROFL this headline had me laughing.

  • zobilamouche

    can we really believe everything that damn woman says? really???

  • Andrei

    Somehow, I did not need to know this.

  • Steph

    Lighten up people!! Grunge is not about being a prude! LOL I thought it was funny…and you can believe many people wanted to know that about Kurt. Courtney is just being her raunchy self and obliging!!

  • AlluraMusic

    So much for a credible site about Grunge MUSIC. What a disgusting post. Is this Grunge Report or Penthouse? Make up your minds as to what type of blog publication you want to be. My suggestion is, let’s keep Grungereport as a music artists blog, not trash…….

  • BillyL

    I must’ve clicked on the wrong link. I somehow ended up on Perez Hilton’s blog…So much nonsense on this website now. What happened?

  • Bent

    Unless he used his gigantic penis to play his guitar on Nevermind or In Utero… this is not exactly the kind of news I’m looking to read.

  • greatjupiter

    Yeah, but Courtney’s penis is bigger.

  • Brett

    lol, some of you have no sense of humor at all. Tons of sites have picked up on this, I just used the word “penis” instead of “package” because nobody can censor me here.

  • Brett

    AlluraMusic, this is Penthouse.

  • Louie

    I want to know how many inches? Give us details dammit!!!

  • JD

    jesus christ quit being retards and laugh for once in your god damn life you make the more imature grunge people look stupid were all brothers so get high

  • JD

    brett you fucking rock

  • GrungeJunkie

    Haha… Fantastic. I love it. And yes get a sense of humor you fucking snobs. WTF? Seriously, I am here to be entertained and look at entertainment news in the grunge genre, and that’s exactly what this site delivers. So don’t bash it because it is the shit.

  • Murphy

    I thought it was funny. I still laugh at that XD

  • AlluraMusic

    I have a sense of humor, Penthouse, I just thought you were a Grunge Music blog. It’s okay, i’ll just go and find and ACTUAL Grunge music blog.
    Geez……You can always tell when there is a guy behind a post.

  • Patricia

    He was skinny, weird

  • Maverick785


  • whocareswhatmynameis

    If he had a huge penis why was he so shy. I think Courtny just wants attention.err what. If i had a huge penis and was a rockstar i be banging all kinds of bitc……i mean id be having intercourse with all kinds of female homosapiens;)

  • Brett

    Allura, if this story disinterested you, nobody forced you to click it. Why did you click on it if it offended you? The headline made it pretty damn clear the article is about Kurt’s ding-aling. Also, I report the news, anything related to Grunge as random as it may be. Even Courtney talking about Kurt’s dick size is a story here since I cover only a handful of artists. I’ll bet Kurt himself would laugh at something like this, the guy had a great sense of humor. I think society itself needs to loosen up a bit when it comes to getting offended/political correctness.

  • JD

    brett you dont have to defend yourself everyone who is too autistic to laugh at a joke should go fuck themselves.

  • RödeOrm

    176 cm tall, weight 56 kilo, I doubt his penis was that big, the rest of him is tiny.

  • Steph

    The smallest guys have the biggest packages, RodeOrm…and speak American!! LOL In inches & pounds, please!

  • pretty penny

    ^^this is often true–and its corollary, that a lot of hugely fat guys have leetle tiny ones!

  • caroline

    Sorry, y’all, but…..the size of Kurt Cobtain’s penis will ALWAYS be big news anywhere!

  • iamunusualgirl

    My friend is great fan of nirvana.. she figured out that kurt’s dick was 17 centimetres.. She’s not sure, but this is her guess.

  • Marley

    Oh hahaha. Courtney…. I don’t know wether I should thank you for giving me the laugh of the morning or pretend to be all grossed out and say “TMI Courtney. Oh muh god!”

  • GenXLady

    This statement from Courtney really says more about Courtney than it does about Kurt.