Mark Yarm’s Everybody Loves Our Town blog has up a new blog titled Listicle Without Commentary*: The Year in Billy Corgan’s Disdain for His ’90s Alt-Rock Peers, as Told Through Headlines. The story is a list of articles where Billy Corgan trashed other 90’s bands this year. Yarm posted the story on the Everybody Loves Our Town Facebook and Courtney Love responded in the comments section:

hey at least he didnt go after ME again ok? phew. hes so mean.

i do hate doing the oldies though and all the shit i get for calling it hole so im just going to call it courtney love and get on with it, because im not doing an oldies thing forget it.

but if someone else wants to do it thats not my business, jesus, billys got issues man. i cant stand dave as we know, but i sure as hell am not jealpus of him ,. god – ha- hardly- i know far too much about what puts that guy throught he day, but jesus, hes clearly jealous of him,. thats nutty. i just cant stand him and think hes a thief. and talentless, but hey thats me, otherweise this is funny hers got more fueds than i ever had wow.

oh wait i just read the comments so YOU guys had to bring me up? thanks a lot,. he didnt even do it. rude . i dont talk to bil;ly i havent for many many years whats yoru damage?

im not even mad at billy and whoever you are is talking about wiping my ass? oh do shut up, my band is great and you know it.

Courtney, if you’re reading this, we are down to interview you!  grungereport

  • ShaneC

    Courtney Love has no issues. At all.

  • Christine

    At least Courtney is trying.

    Billy clearly is not.

    1 point for clover for 2012.

    -1 for BillCo.

  • fsh

    Courtney is saying Billy has issues. Billy.

  • Mia

    Yeah, anymore Billy has been starting way more stuff than Courtney ever did.

  • Kitty

    If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is.

  • moltas granola

    who wouldn’t have issues and be mean after years and years of knowing courtney. she should be thankful for the help billco’s given her as far helping hole out in the studio and co-writing songs for their celebrity skin album.

  • M

    Courtney has a shit load of problems, but she’s not wrong about Billy and his issues. He has a shit load of them too.

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    Is Mark Yarm Mark Arm?

    GR is getting some exposure… Nice!

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    I can’t believe what I just read… Courtney love admitted being, “jealous of Dave.”
    I guess this is the new era the Mayans were predicting.

  • Sean

    If these two focused on their own music as much as they focus on other people’s issues, they could make some great music.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    This is officially my xmas gift, thanks Brett!!!
    Can u imagine getting called out by that incoherent wacko? This is priceless.
    C’mon Corgan,keep the fight of the self-absorbed going! lmfao

  • Eu

    People attack Courtney Love speech like she was saying something wrong. She’s right. I have to say … she’s crazy … but she said the truth.
    Corgan you need Iha and Darcy again.
    That’s the prove Smashing Pumpkins is not one-man-owner or one-man-composer. Since SP break up, 2001, SP is tragic. Why?

  • mm

    huh, I actually agree with Courtney Love for once

  • me

    much as i used to hate billy corgan, he is one of the few musicians who actually makes sense anymore. much of what he says is just brutal honesty. maybe his delivery can be harsh at time, but at least he wasn’t sticking needles in his arms and smoking crack like her while trying to write a song. she’s the one with the issues. the difference is that she never learns and never gets over anything.

  • Shadows Collide with People

    Why does Courtney hate Dave?