Mark Yarm’s Everybody Loves Our Town blog has up a new blog titled Listicle Without Commentary*: The Year in Billy Corgan’s Disdain for His ’90s Alt-Rock Peers, as Told Through Headlines. The story is a list of articles where Billy Corgan trashed other 90’s bands this year. Yarm posted the story on the Everybody Loves Our Town Facebook and Courtney Love responded in the comments section:

thank you for the kind comments i am taking this page off my feed ive already gotten in trouble once based on someone telling me false information and loving that i reacted, so im just going to go away from this, half the things mark has you reading of corgans are incendiary and not to defend him too much but your making billy look “crazy” when hes probably just really frustrated he cant sell records.

its tabloid crap i have more dirt on jack white than anyone and im not exploiting it ( besides i like his guitar playing too, billy is a great guitarist i listened to pinwheels off oceania and it started all strun and drang and like it was going somehwere and then it was sort of a bleh ok acoustic song i dont underdstand why he cant just write a great song anymore, i mean not to sound too — arrogant but i can. and i will continue to and not complain about other peoples oldies tours, and i take it back sometimes i do get jealous of dave but its nothing to do with why billy does, its because he gets all the good nirvana kickback and i get the bad, but i get the great fans that are loyal and freaks and homos and freaky gurls and sensitive hetori boys dave gets the jocks so i wonder which kc would prefer, i certainly know how stipe felt when the jocks started liking his band and kurt felt the exact same way, im sure its on record.

  • Ike

    ..coming from a woman who can’t write a great song anymore.

  • Bill

    I watched 2 great Nirvana docs this weekend, never mind and Kurt and Courtney. If she didn’t kill him, she knows who did or, bullied him into doing it. It’s so obvious. Now everytime I see this woman I think “killer”

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Courteny can write a great song? That would be nice to hear since her career is now in its 3rd decade. Maybe one day you will Courteny,keep plugging away u crazy old coot

  • Eu

    Finally, someone said the truth.
    She’s a attention whore, but Billy too.
    So, i hope they kill themselves one to the other.

  • Alternadude

    Ok. But Pinwheels is the best song of the year….

  • Zappadude51

    You know what’s sad , the only decent songs on Courtney’s album was written by Billy , I don’t Care , Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins are my 2 most favourite bands in the world :\ haters gonna hate

  • Mia

    This comment explains a lot of her feelings towards Dave and Krist. I can see why she is jealous that they get all of these positive reactions for being in Nirvana and she only gets negative attention from being Kurt’s wife. I also understand what she’s saying about the fan bases of her band and Foo Fighters. She’s jealous that the Foo Fighters get more attention and popularity but she realizes that its jocks and other popular types of people that like Foo Fighters and that other types of people like her music.

  • Anth

    It’s not really that hard to figure out.
    Dave and Krist = members of Nirvana
    Courtney = not a member of Nirvana

    They were key figures in something that made a significant contribution to pop culture and the world at large. She shot heroin while pregnant with Kurt Cobain’s baby. I hope this clears things up!

  • Raj

    @Anth, no one knows for sure if she shot up heroin during her pregnancy. That was written in a Vanity Fair article, if it were true Frances would probably have not been born a healthy baby.

    @Bill, I’m not sure if Kurt was bullied into killing himself. He overdosed three times before his death and survived those three. In March of 1994, he took 50 pills in Rome to end it there. There is a large probability that someone else was either there with Kurt in his home or when he killed himself, which would be really creepy.

    I’m not defending Courtney, she certainly is controlling and overbearing. It definitely would have taken a lot of coordination to know when Kurt escaped from rehab to when he would be there in Seattle and then to hide everything.

  • Matt

    Courtneys right… Billys new stuff sucks

  • Ike

    um, billy’s new stuff is better than most of his old stuff. he didn’t suck then, and he doesn’t suck now. it doesn’t matter if you hate him as a person, which most people understandably do, but you can’t honestly say his music sucks.

  • Brett Buchanan


    Courtney has no right to be jealous and bitter about Foo Fighters’ popularity. In 1999 when Hole were at their apex in popularity with Celebrity Skin, she broke up the band. If Hole had kept going after that and she had kept her act together they could have continued to be a popular band. She then releases a solo album with no touring for it 5 years later, then 6 years after that releases a solo album under the Hole name. I loved Nobody’s Daughter, but it’s hard to come back and expect to be as popular as you were 11-12 years ago after such a long period of inactivity.

  • Swenny


  • Sonic_Junkie

    Courtney is bat shit crazy. If Kurt had lived, I’m quite certain he would have divorced her. Corgan made a great album with Oceania, Courtney is flat out wrong where that is concerned. Dave Grohl deserves all the success he’s gotten. Sure, he got an initial boost from Nirvana buzz but he’s toured his ass off and and has written a mountain of great songs.

  • Keith

    I love this batshit crazy broad…

  • Justin

    Oh yeah because Courtney Love knows everything about a great song despite the fact the bitch can’t even write one