Courtney Love Releases New Video, Hints At Miley Cyrus Collaboration

Ginger Wildheart, of the UK-based rock band the Wildhearts, recently released a video for his duet with Courtney Love. The single was released in August on Wildheart’s exclusive fanclub GASS (Ginger Associated Secret Society), but not publicly available until now.

Wildheart has spent the year as a member of Love’s live band, as well as several performances solo and with the Wildhearts. This isn’t the first time Love has collaborated with a male vocalist in a duet format – in fact she has quite the history. From her marriage to Kurt Cobain, there exists several recordings of the couple performing Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”, as well as “Pennyroyal Tea” (audio of both can be heard here). Additionally, it is speculated that much material written and recorded by the couple has been unreleased or lost to time. As we reported earlier last week, a new Kurt Cobain documentary will be released in 2015 with “unreleased material,” which could very well include material from collaborations with Love. In 2013, Love recorded a duet for Johnny Depp’s pirate themed album, “Sons of Rogue’s Gallery,” with former R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe.

Wildheart and Love’s duet can be viewed below:


Love finished a tour of the UK, Australia and Hawaii earlier this year in late August, and also has hinted at collaborations with Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus, on Twitter. Both artists very much represent different aspects of Courtney Love’s aesthetics, and all three artists share a support for feminism.

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