This is from Keep in mind the story is based on hearsay, so you be the judge:

Apparently Courtney is concerned that Isaiah Silva, frontman for the Ramblers, is merely after Frances’ money. Frances has begun to inherit serious money from her dad’s estate and recently she bought a 1.9 million dollar home into which Silva promptly moved.

Chicago Sun-Times reports that an insider who witnessed and heard the call said: “Trust me, Courtney’s face was so contorted — she looked just like the wicked witch from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ She just needed to have the green makeup!”

During that ugly mother-daughter phone chat (arranged only when Love fooled Cobain into thinking the call was coming from someone else), Frances was able to zing her mom about her own money problems — supposedly bringing up the lawsuit Jacob “the Jeweler” Arabo is considering over a $100,000 diamond necklace Love borrowed but has yet to return.

  • Ale

    maybe she knows how to mix love & money… & death ..

  • Chicago_Animal

    If she’s smart she will get a prenub.

  • CourtneyLover

    Courtney knows how to handle the situation.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Yea if there is one thing Courtney is good at it is handling things….

  • Grungeluv

    I really wish there wasn’t so many haters of Courtney.
    That’s really unfair.

  • windowpane

    If i ever had money/love issues i’d immediately seek CL’s advice.

  • Superunknown

    Sage advice Court…

  • Kris

    No matter what, I’m sure Courtney loves her daughter dearly and just doesn’t want to see her make a mistake. I do, however, hope that Frances does get a pre-nup – it would be smart on her part to protect her estate.

  • paul

    she’s just jealous that her daughter found someone who will marry her.

  • fuzzy

    Dudes a lucky guy!

  • Erik

    Seriously Brett, how is this relevant ‘Grunge’ news? Isn’t this shit pretty far removed from what we’re all doing here?

  • Brett

    Any news relating to these people is reported. The site’s always been like that, has to or there would be dry news days because of the limited amount of artists covered.

  • steph

    I enjoy getting tidbits like this and staying up on the latest news. Nobody makes you guys read it. Anyhoo…I like the fact that Courtney is looking out for her daughter. If that was my kid, I would be concerned, too. FB is coming into a shit ton of money…and yes, she definitely needs a pre-nup. If the guy cares about her and is marrying her for love, then he will sign it..yeah?

  • corey

    if frances actually gets married..well good luck with her man..cuz courtney killed hers…and probably will kill frances ..

  • Kris

    I agree with Steph and am also going to defend Brett here. Brett: you do a great job providing us with information that we generally don’t see or hear of anywhere else. As a true fan of grunge, I’m glad to have this site and appreciate your efforts. To anyone else (like Steph says) don’t come here – no one holds a gun to your head …

  • Dennis

    Frances, come on. Spend your 20’s growing and figuring out what you want to do with your life. Plenty of time for marriage down the road if you discover that is what you want. I married at 31, and “scoff” at the idea of doing that as a teen.

  • Medea

    I don’t think frances gonna engaged, she just changed her Facebook descripcion with her boyfriend just for fun She’s in love, this is very tipical in teenage girls, and later if they gonna break up she gonna change her descripcion with widow or single, lol

  • Philip

    Obviously Kris & Steph are Courtney messy Hole fans. Most of the rest of us are not. We see that walking petri dish for who she really is. Therefore it’s still ridiculous news not worthy of mention alongside the titans of grunge.
    Next we’ll be reading here, “NEWSFLASH!… Robert DeLeo enjoyed toast this morning with scrambled eggs, coffee, and danish.”

    Be still my beating heart.

  • Kris

    Philip: Like it or not, “Hole” is a grunge band and became popular along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. They are Grunge and therefore the relevance of Courtney Love news makes senese on here. I don’t think it’s fair to lump us in as anything other than GRUNGE fans.

  • John

    STP arent grunge, hole isnt grunge.

  • Kris

    Oh well, whatever, Nevermind …

  • Robbie

    No-one forces anyone to read these articles. No need for the hate. Personally, i would prefer to know what one of my hero’s (Kurt) daughter was doing than not. After all, i remember the news reports on MTV when she was born…..

  • iso

    Hole is shit and so are you Kris.

  • steph

    Yeah Kris…you piece of shit!! Hahaha Whatever.

    Phillip & Iso…NO ONE makes you come on the site and read. Grow up and realize, if it says Courtney Love, YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT. Skip over it. But whether you like it or not, Hole & Courtney are relevant to Grunge.

  • Shane

    She could be right, in some way. I mean, what average rockstar douche isn’t gonna look at Frances as a goldmine, not just for money , but for notoriety.

    Unfortunately Frances really does need to be careful of these wannabe rockstar assholes.

    However, before we jump all over this guy, maybe he’s a just good guy who digs his girlfriend.

    Should be interesting.

  • Kris

    Boy it seems like if you disagree with some people on here, you are called a “piece of shit.” Nice, very mature!

  • steph

    I know Kris. It’s ridiculous. I guess some others on here think if you don’t hold the opinion they do they can say what they want. How nice to be able to hide behind their pc.

  • Kris

    Oh yeah Steph! Probably in their Mom’s basement!

  • Teresa Matthews

    Well Courtney, I guess you’re getting some of what you dished out!! She went after Kurt Cobain’s money and then her own daughters’ money. I still believe that she had Kurt killed and someday the same may happen to her. Her daughter has proved that she is smart when she left her mom and went to stay with Kurts’ mom! She was smart enough to figure out her money was being spent by “mommy dearest”. I have never seen or heard a song from band “hole” nor do I ever want to. I’m sure Frances is getting good advice from someone who really loves her and I don’t mean her boyfriend. Courtney should stay out of her daughters’ life and let her become famous on her own!! Care less about Courtney but love Frances Cobain. Teresa