• http://www.twitter.com/six7six7 Joe

    I guess her payday from insulting Dave Grohl on the international festival circuit wasn’t enough to maintain her drug habit. Gotta sell some Nirvana now.

  • Ihateyou

    This chick is desperate for money. How sad.

  • kez

    x factor well im not going to even type wot i think..lol

  • Ben

    Thing is, Simon Cowell actually knows that having Nirvana songs on the Xfactor would have been the last thing Kurt Cobain would have wanted. Here’s the proof:


  • Marley

    I like Courtney Love and don’t diss me out for that. But seriously dude, I hope she takes back that offer. On X factor Australia some kid totally fucked up “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

  • Sasa

    Why for God’s sake Kurt had to meet this lousy pathetic person? Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave him alone, leave him rest in peace and in our memories! If you don’t respect him, WE DO!

  • ryan

    and dave grohl is the one trying to get money…wat a cunt

  • A

    Why do you guys give a fuck if someone does karaoke with a nirvana song. I’m just wondering what the big deal is.

  • G.

    Nothing like been a week late with news, plus the ginger cretin is already voted off.

  • RödeOrm

    “A” is right! There’s nothin to get upset about! god nirvana songs have been used in alot of things and will be used in alot of things, its not like they are the holy grail! Why does nirvana fans have to be so pretentious!?

  • Philip

    A is right? No, A is wrong. I like Nirvana, I don’t love them. However I love Alice In Chains. If someone was doing a cheap karaoke knock-off on X-Factor, or knowing the song(s) was/ were sold to the show for their use- yes it would cheapen things severely. Yes it would anger me. Fuck that. And fuck Courtney “Messy” Hole (between her legs). Cunt don’t have a leg to stand on anywmore…

  • JD

    NO GUYS IM KURTS BIGGEST FAN I KNOW WHAT HE WUD HAVE WANTED, please just stop. no one cares not kurt, not anyone, hes dead you act like dead people give a fuck aboutanything,



    Dead people don’t giving a fuck about anything has nothing to do with how sad is to see this pathetic greedy whore spitting on everything his husband supposedly believed in.

  • A

    ^ Yeah well he killed himself, he gave up control. Maybe if he stuck around this wouldn’t be happening to his music.

  • Kris

    I don’t understand why she is doing this. Like many mention above … it goes against everything Kurt stood for. Moneyu seems to be the true motivation here.

  • Mom in the Box

    Just greed.

  • Dave

    And what exactly did Kurt stand for? You all are funny.

  • Iso

    Maybe you should kill YOURSELF ‘A’…

  • Nobody

    She fought so hard to keep some of Nirvana’s music from being released, but she gives it up freely to…The X Factor? Never watched the show, but I’m guessing it’s like American Idol (I watched it once) wherein people butcher perfectly good music for shits and giggles.

    That sounds typical for this skank. Screw the fans who loved my husband’s music, I’ll give it to the music butchers cuz I wanna get paid!

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