According to one of her former lawyers, Love made libelous statements about the legal eagle on Twitter and in an interview, claiming the attorney took bribes while representing Love.

The complaint, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by E! News, claims Love libeled San Diego-based Gordon & Holmes when she wrote on Twitter that one of the firm’s partners, Rhonda Holmes, sold Love out in a battle over money owed the estate of her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

According to court documents, Love didn’t like the firm’s handling of her affairs, particularly when Holmes requested Love desist from “any and all substance abuse” during the attorney-client relationship.

Love ended up firing Gordon & Holmes only to return several months later asking to represent her again. But when the firm refused, per the suit, that’s when Love went off publicly.

“I was f–king devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of San Diego was bought off…,” Love stated in a tweet cited in court documents.

The firm also wasn’t too psyched about an interview Love gave to a website in July 2010 in which she again hinted at impropriety on Holmes’ part.

“I’ve been hiring and firing lawyers to help me with this,” Love said in the sit-down. The story says Love discussed “a female attorney who has since stopped taking her calls because ‘they got to her’ after [Love] mentioned something to Page 6 of the New York Post.”

“She’s disappeared,” the interview quotes Love as saying about Holmes.

Holmes claims such remarks have damaged her credibility and hurt her firm’s business. She is seeking unspecified damages.

Love’s attorney couldn’t be reached for comment.

But this isn’t the first the The People vs. Larry Flynt star has been sued over her big tweethole.

In March, Love paid clothing designer Dawn Simorangkir $430,000 to settle a suit over a vicious 2009 Twitter rampage in which Love called Simorangkir a “vile horrible lying bitch,” as well as cocaine dealer, embezzler, racist and homophobe, and even threatened her life.

  • John

    These courtney love stories are boring as fuck . She’d better get her shit together ..

  • Lissa

    It’s sad that people are no longer allowed to state their opinions with out getting sued every time someone else disagrees.

    And I love all your Courtney stories, keep it up 🙂

  • Iso

    No. Don’t keep it up. She’s boring and stupid. Stop covering this trainwreck of a bitch.

  • greatjupiter

    Opinions and lies are 2 seperate things, you can’t tell lies about anyone anywhere. You can get sued for libel on any public forum and twitter isn’t above it. Courtney is just one of these people who draws this kind of crap. She sends off negative energy and this is what happens to her all the time. I do hate twitter though they encourage this type of “twitter war” crap.

  • Ken s.

    Courtney love is such a trainwreck. Like two bullet trains going at top speed loaded with chemicals and fertilizer. Can you imagine how that would smell? Well, that’s Courtney. Her 15 minutes was up 20 years ago. Somebody get the long pole with the hook on the end to pull her off the stage. Please.