Courtney Love Involved In Yet Another Lawsuit With Ex-Attorney

Months ago, Courtney Love was sued by her former attorney, Rhonda Holmes, when claiming she was “bought off” in a Twitter post. Love fired back with a countersuit, which was denied on October 24th.

Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson shared her opinion saying:

“The motion comes very late in the game … Trial date has been set and continued three time … Much of the delay has been caused by the Defendant [Love], in failing to respond to discovery and making changes in representation. The proposed cross-complaint would expand the issues in this case, enlarging discovery and delaying trial. As noted, it concerns conduct that is separate from the conduct in the complaint, and it raises new causes of action.”

  • Big M

    I like how this “another” lawsuit with her attorneys as in it happens with some frequency.

  • Boom

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  • GenXLady

    It must be exhausting to live such a drama filled life. I guess it works for her, for whatever reason.

  • DnnyLool

    Theyll probably be a few more law suits after her book comes out!