Courtney Love Debuts New Web Series & Talks Dave Grohl

Courtney Love is debuting a new web series on her newly launched YouTube channel. Love describes the reason for starting both the series and channel:

“I’ve said “no” so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything.

There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love- from all the weird and fringy stuff, to the fun over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers. From cool Fashion chick’s videos and makeup tutorials, to some amazing discoveries in new music and art from all over the world.

So follow me and subscribe to my new channel and watch me dive into the wild world of YouTube… and watch me have fun showing you all the things I’m passionate about! XX COURTNEY”

You can view the preview of Courtney’s new web series in which she discusses her relationship with Dave Grohl below:

  • Tony Hill

    Did they edit out or simply omit the #mess and #trainwreck hashtags?

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Did you miss out the sentence of the admission that you suck?

      You suck. Courtney rocks.

      • Tony Hill

        There’s no doubt she put out some good tunes – Celebrity Skin is overflowing with them – and has some merits but the fact remains that she’s a bit of a mess

        • Courtney Rocks!

          Do you not know anything of her own childhood?
          Do you not think things like having your own husband kill himself doesn’t effect someone?Or being routinely accused of his murder by idiots?
          or being sued by stupid lawyers all the time?
          Frankly its amazing Courtney is still alive and functional. Courtney rocks. You suck.

          • GwynnKatie

            Courtney Rocks! said: Do you not know anything of her own childhood?

            Thank you. I have stated this many times here. Anyone who has a shit comment about Courtney Love needs to read up on her birth, early childhood, teenage and early adulthood years. Between her wheeler-dealer con-man real (shit-bag) father, her Hippy-Dippy flighty pseudo-psychotherapist UNSTABLE POS real mother who basically tossed Courney to the wayside like a fukkin used burger-wrapper while she was busy popping out more kids and making her second and third families and darting about all over the Earth (mind you — pushing CL off on anyone who would take her because she was *difficult*…) [Oh GEE I wonder why…], having literally nobody but herself to fall back on as a child, being put in a very strict reform school in Salem OR as a youth, being allowed to travel to Taiwan to become a stripper when she might have had parents who actually gave a shit about her, Ok so I’m ranting but is it becomming more clear?

            Yes she’s one-of-a-kind. Probably bipolar, and borderline personality disorder. But highly intelligent. Highly talented. And in my opinion really fortunate to have made a career for herself, instead of ending up dead.

            Hey! I said crap things about her parents!
            Maybe they’ll try to sue me… Shitbags.


  • Courtney Rocks!

    Courtney rules. Courtney rocks.

  • Christine

    There are a ton of things that I appreciate about Courtney and a handful of things I don’t understand.

    I know the name dropping thing has been something she’s done forever, but if there is one name she should stop dropping it’s Dave’s. He has too great a legion of fans from not only Nirvana and Foo but from the dozens of other projects he’s done with other artists.

    When I see the phrase “Courtney talks about….” and it includes Dave’s name, I cringe because I just don’t understand what it is about her that compels her to believe or feel that there is any further quantification needed about where she stand or how she feels about him, in detail or in general.

    I think sometimes it’s a defense mechanism, but at this point she really should understand that it’s not needed. The detractors will always and forever detract. She needs to take a lesson out of the Yoko page book: “Don’t discuss your husbands former band mates unless you’re going to be complementary and smile.”

    Courtney is not a villain, but if she wants to take a teeney tiny edge off of the villain-label people have placed upon her, she really should put a list together of subjects that should not be touched with a ten foot pole. I think Dave at this point is one of them. McCartney is another.

    Name drop away clover, but during that free form thought process that flows from you, put some gates in through which you no longer pass through.

    (and that’s from a fan of her work and someone empathetic to her loss).

    • Rizz Lipps

      I agree with your point.

    • GwynnKatie

      And I love that she basically quoted a line (Neely O’Hara) from Valley of The Dolls, more or less…

      Well said Christine.


  • Your mom

    You are the face of childhood hypoxia Christine, but I’m impressed you manage to feed yourself.

  • Christine

    Q: “What do you have to say to your detractors?”
    A: “Fuck you; I don’t care.”

  • jonian2008


    • Courtney Rocks!

      You are gross.
      Courtney rocks. You suck