Here is video from of Billy Corgan’s Q&A at Sunday’s Smashing Pumpkins show in Montreal. Here are some memorable quotes. Read this Stone Temple Pilots, we want new music!:

“At the beginning when people started doing [old albums] I actually thought it was kind of cool. But then I saw all these bands of my generation who didn’t have confidence to go out and tour new material, so they were running out to play these old albums, and then it became like an expectation. If anybody knows anything about me once you put that kind of expectation on me I’m just not going there, because that’s lame.”

“Once you lose that fighting spirit to go out there and make new music, that’s the end.”

“My point is that, Strictly playing old songs ain’t getting it done for anybody. If you’re talking about Generation X right, which is my generation.”

“People say why use the name? Because I want to say fuck it bring it on I’m not afraid of that. Because when I did a solo album, there’s people out there shouting for fucking Pumpkins songs. So what was the difference? When I was in Zwan people shout for Pumpkins songs. Everywhere I went. Radio stations I show up with Zwan and they ask if I can play Pumpkins songs, different band. Once you’re in that world you say fuck it all. To me that’s what I’m trying to say, that’s alternative. I got here by being alternative, not by being somebody else’s fucking bitch.”

  • Shaun Jam

    Anything else Billy? Yawn

  • Is he one?

    F*ck it, he’s damn right. And the show in Montréal was focusing on the present and was absolutely amazing. It felt like the band had such an interesting future. Say what you will but this is f*cking true.

  • Gus

    Billy Corgan:Self proclaimed philosopher
    He is a fag

  • Is he one?

    I think you are, Gus.

  • darkdragon

    Rock is fucking dead so why bother to play new material

  • Patrick

    you know, with Billy and the Get Along Gang’s costumes recently stolen, I think this is the perfect chance for new gear to wear on stage.

    My suggestion – Pro Wrestling garb. He already compares himself to pro wresting villains. Why not?

  • Anth

    I agree with him, except for the part about the Pumpkins’ name being necessary to play Pumpkins songs. I don’t care what name they originated under, it sucks that awesome songs like “Lyric,” “Declarations of Faith,” “Yeah!” etc. are swept under the rug because they happened to be recorded as Zwan. If he can justify using the name with a different lineup, he can justify playing his own songs in that avenue. I can understand leaving out “Settle Down” since it was co-written with Paz Lenchantin, but then again, he’s played songs co-written with Iha so again…why do these great songs have to be permanently retired?

  • Is he one?

    Billy said on twitter that SP were considering playing Zwan songs when the “Mary star of the sea” reissues will come out! 🙂

  • MacGyver

    he probably saw the Scott Weilands greatest hits tour poster

  • Vs.

    I love that Billy doesn’t cower away from any question. He’s always honest and rarely seems afraid of speaking his mind.

  • Christine

    I wish his tour was over,…. every time he opens his mouth I have an overwhelming urge to take out a cheese grater and scrape off my ‘gish’ tattoo. Lucky for me nothing he can say will take away from the LP (hence the reason for not tat’ing the band name or logo on but the “work”).

    I’ve had so many facepalm moments from Billy’s diatribes over the last 8 weeks I may have concussed myself. Billy, please, lead by example: just play and have the joy you want from what you are playing – stop worrying about what everyone else is or is not doing.

    I for one enjoy and appreciate when a band plays a ‘catalog’ show where you get the new LP plus bit and pieces from the favorites. Many bands won’t do that because they are so sick of the old songs, the ones that do play them appreciate that there may be people in the crowd who have not had the pleasure or experience of seeing that “old” song performed live.

    Hell, even McCartney looks a little bored when he place a ‘classic” but he 1. clearly knows it makes the people happy and 2 plays new work as well

    Billy, do your fans (me) a favor – please look in the mirror. If you see Courtney looking back at you, you will know it is clearly time to shut up and just play.

    PS: and obviously the shows are cancelled, no one can get to the venue(s), NY etc. is a complete disaster area. Pretty obvious the shows can’t be done, no need to made a formal announcement to anyone other than ticket holders.

  • courtney love

    i do agree with him – ill play old songs but i have to have new ones or id go crazy why didnt he just say that?
    itll make me nuts to play oldies id never last, in any case he doesnt need to be so darned mean all the time, the problem is that its really hard to sell them so i get so much shit for saying hole im just using my name and thats the end of it, itll be cool too, i cant wait we just made a single one song and it rocks and its my name, not hole because despite that being not the original lineup at all its the onbe that was famous, so thats retarded, its always been my band and my name reznor got away with it but he never let the focus off of him i guess i was too generous, or not egotisictial enough i mean i told rolling stonbe to fuck off unless they gave the whole band a cover but i never thought theyd come to curse me and do bad things to me, only melissa hasnt ripped me off between patti and eric, so i keep it quiet but thats the truth and pattys movie was some sort of insurance that begs the question of job insurrance forever when she just cant drum anymore it would suck for everyone. shes just lost her mojo we all think so, i wont name names but high end producers and songweiters have given her chance after chance and its just gone, event he mgmt company that wants us to reform, which is impossible given eric has stolen 74 guitars of mine and kurts could you tour with someione who did that? for what> money? itll cost more to tour with them anyway, as they all thiunk its theur gettuing rich run and i need them more than they need me and etc, id rather hoe my own road and so to this i agree with corgan, make relevant music, thats new, thats all. its real simple if none is buying it theyll come around eventually, everyone gets lucky if they work hard enough and dont give up and i wish billy wasnt so sour about these things. x c

  • courtney love

    i also find it funny he makes fun of me for not selling out huge stadiums when im happy to repay my dues, i dont care, its rock and roll it ebbs and flows, up and down you have to have that attutiude or youll go crazy obviously he doesnt and is very angry that he doesnt sell what he did, but thats ok its part of the cycle, i am not mad at billy and he has said horrible things about me but i think its just out of insecurity just turn the other cheek, x c

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