Comprehensive Metal Workout Playlist

Summer is pretty much here. So if you’re not bikini/speedo ready by now, you may want to hit the gym. I completely understand that you dread the thought of intense workouts, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. What gets me through all of my intense workouts is the music I listen to. Below I will list 5 of my favorite workout songs from almost every sub-genre of metal (in a few cases, more than 5). So I’ve got some workout tunes for you no matter what your metal niche is. The results below are based on a total play count between my iPod, iPhone, and iTunes.

Heavy Metal Classics

A Corpse Without Soul (Live Bootleg) – Mercyful Fate
Murders In The Rue Morgue (Live from The Beast On The Road w/ Bruce) – Iron Maiden
PainkillerJudas Priest
Am I Demon (Live from Thrall: Demonsweatlive) – Danzig

Hair Metal

Just Got LuckyDokken
Children Of The NightWhitesnake
Get The Funk OutExtreme
Kickstart My HeartMotley Crue
Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothin’Shotgun Messiah

80’s Thrash Metal (North America)

Alice In Hell (Demo) – Annihilator
Alone In The DarkTestament
Rotten To The CoreOverkill
Kill As OneDeath Angel

80’s Thrash Metal (Germany)

Mad Butcher (Live from A Savage Symphony) – Destruction
Who Pulls The Wire?Accusser
Flag Of Hate (EP Version) – Kreator
Sodomy And LustSodom

80’s Thrash Metal (The Big Four)

Last Rites/Loved To Deth (Demo) – Megadeth
The Four HorsemenMetallica
Aggressive PerfectorSlayer
Die By The Sword (Live from Decade Of Aggression) – Slayer

Thrash Metal 2000+

At The Mountains Of MadnessDiamond Plate
Unleash The BastardsMunicipal Waste
Dread CommandWarbringer
Immortal LifeBonded By Blood
Wild DogsToxic Holocaust

Speed Metal

Paint A New WorldHelloween
Taken By TimeStriker
Agents Of SteelAgent Steel
You’re Gonna PaySkull Fist

Power Metal

The Goatrider’s Horde3 Inches Of Blood
Twilight Of The GodsBlind Guardian
Night WitchesSabaton
Arise And PurifySanctuary
Cross The LineI Am I

Melodic Power Metal

Rise Of A Digital NationMachinae Supremacy
The Black HaloKamelot
Struggle For The Freedom FlagGalneryus
Black SheepSonata Arctica

Black Metal

Crystallized Pain In Deconstruction (Live in Marseille) – Mayhem
Cosmic Keys To My Creations & TimesEmperor
Rabid Death’s CurseWatain
Souls For BelialMarduk

Blackened Death/Thrash

Todos Somos HumanosAnaal Nathrakh
The UsurperCeltic Frost
Hellfire’s DominionDesaster
Slaves Shall ServeBehemoth

Melodic Black Metal

YlemDark Fortress
Unleash HellNaglfar
NomadShade Empire
He, The AethyrRotting Christ
The DragontowerKeep Of Kalessin

Old School Death Metal

A Skull Full Of Maggots (Live In Moscow) – Cannibal Corpse
Remnants Of Withered DecayMalevolent Creation
Gates To HellObituary
Evil DeadDeath
Chapel Of Ghouls (Live From Entangled In Chaos) – Morbid Angel

Death Metal 2000+

Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)Vader
Decency DefiedCannibal Corpse
Let Them BurnKataklysm
Unfit For Human ConsumptionCarcass
Worst Case ScenarioJungle Rot

Death Thrash


The ExorcistPossessed
Cradle RobberRevocation
OmnivoreDemolition Hammer
The PathLoudblast

Brutal Death/Slam

Slaves To The PyreBrodequin
Experience Your FleshBenighted
Narcissistic ApathyIngested
Above AtmospherePathology
Dirty Cunt BeatdownGorgasm

Melodic Death Metal

Blinded By FearAt The Gates
Laser Cannon Deth SentenceDethklok
ClaymanIn Flames
Blood On Your HandsArch Enemy
Tie My RopeChildren Of Bodom
Stabbing The DramaSoilwork
The Blackest IncarnationThe Black Dahlia Murder
Heroes To UsKalmah
A Parenthesis In EternityScar Symmetry

Technical Death Metal

The Ghost Of A StrangerThe Faceless
Die By My HandsAeon
Iconic ImagesAllegaeon
The Face Of My InnocenceArsis
Two-Pound TorchCryptopsy
Evoking The Wrath Of The RevenantsFisthammer
AscensionHour Of Penance
Wrath Of VishnuOrigin
Rain EaterRivers Of Nihil
An AutopsyThe Faceless


The Smallest ManNasum
Die Laughing (Live from Goodbye Cruel World) – Brutal Truth
Unchallenged HateNapalm Death
Human Is The BastardTotal Fucking Destruction
Sex On The FlagAgoraphobic Nosebleed

Gothic Metal

Night EternalMoonspell
Irony Of FateCrematory
Clinic For DollsUnSun

Industrial Metal

ReplicaFear Factory
Caught In The CrossfireThe Bezerker
TV IIMinistry
Feuer FreiRammstein
Nine Spectrums Of ImpurityThe Project Hate MCMXCIX

Folk Metal

Wooden Leg!Alestorm
Under Bergets RotFinntroll
Purifier Of The StarsMelechesh
Tengger CavalryTengger Cavalry

Progressive Metal

The MotherloadMastodon
Ebb/FlowMoon Tooth
TyrantosaurDead Empires
Embraced By DesolationInto Eternity
The AbsenceLuna Mortis

Progressive Extreme Metal

The Fractured OneBlack Crown Initiate
Cerebral HybridizationFallujah
Earthborn EvolutionBeyond Creation
L’Enfant SauvageGojira
Destroyer Of DreamsConquering Dystopia

Progressive Metalcore

Gods Amongst MenWithin The Ruins
FlourishThe Contortionist
DivergencyBorn Of Osiris
Frak The GodsPeriphery

Symphonic Metal

SangrealSeptic Flesh
Kings Of The Carnival CreationDimmu Borgir
Chainsaw BlastGloomy Grim
Be Dead Or DieStarkill

Groove Metal

Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal GirlsWhite Zombie
DescendingLamb Of God
Beautiful MourningMachine Head
Absence Of LightProng

Stoner Metal/Rock

Dragonaut (50% Faster) – Sleep
A Shotgun Named MarcusClutch
PowertripMonster Magnet
I Am The Night, Colour Me BlackPriestess


SupagorgonizerIron Monkey
TranquilizedAcid Bath
Waste Of TiamatHigh On Fire
Midnight EyesHowl

Alternative Metal

Destroy Create Transform SublimateDestrage

The Negative OneSlipknot

Introduce YourselfFaith No More
What’s The Matter ManRollins Band
We Die YoungAlice In Chains


Axe To FallConverge
PressuresParkway Drive
Finish ItCar Bomb
MikasaVeil Of Maya
Panasonic YouthThe Dillinger Escape Plan

Melodic Metalcore

ConvalescenceDarkest Hour
My Will Be DoneUnearth
All That We HaveKillswitch Engage
SignsConducting From The Grave
The PlagueAs I Lay Dying


DesolationBoris The Blade
A PlagueCranely Gardens
Objective To HarvestRings Of Saturn
Isolating The MothAlighieri
Make It BleedWhitechapel


Don’t Fail Me Now (Lady Luck)Vildhjarta
BalthasarEl Scar
Bouncing In A Bottomless PitFredrik Thordendal’s Special Defects


Cruisin’ Till The Wheels Fall OffTiger Flowers
Lagarto (EP Version) – Lazer/Wülf
Womb With A ViewGWAR
I Suck (Blood)Every Time I Die


What metal songs do YOU work out to?

  • Corndog

    @Riley Rowe

    See this is what i mean, how i get so confused with all this sub genre stuff. Even this dude thinks Mastodon are progressive like i believed myself, but you say that they are Stoner.

    Two reporters on the same site putting the same band in two different categories.

    From now on, for my own sanity, far as i’m concerned in my own headspace there will be two genres: Rock, and metal. That’s it. Sub genres be damned!! 🙂

    • Riley Rowe

      My apologies for all the confusion, Corndog. But as I said before, a band isn’t exclusively one genre. I personally consider Mastodon to be mostly a Sludge Metal band, but with progressive traits. When I think of progressive metal, bands like Dream Theater come to mind.

      But yes, I can understand how it can be a bit strange, so I think the best conclusion to the whole debate is subgenres are somewhat subjective. If they don’t work for you, that’s fine. But be aware, that they’re not going away anytime soon.

      And to stir the pot even more, what would you consider the difference between rock and metal? I think there’s a somewhat blurred line there as well.

      • Corndog

        Well that’s easy. The difference between rock and metal is…Well it’s….you see it’s that…

        Damn it Riley! It made perfect sense in my head until you asked that question:)