• ben

    awesome. Will be great whether it is solo or soundgarden.
    Happily & patiently waiting for new music when they are ready.

  • http://www.chriscornell.org.uk ccfanpage

    Would probably be more unusual if he wasn’t working on songs. He’s a songwriter; that’s what he does! 😉

  • Homerbreyn

    hopefully this is it

  • King Cornell 20

    Guys, I really don’t know on this one. Just gotta hope and pray this is it. An announcement that he is coming out with another solo album would really devastate me.

  • Robert

    I just hope he is not working on another solo album I will pissed. I hope he is just songwriter.

  • Dixon

    I’m just waiting for new chris cornell songs. I dont care if they come out on a solo record or on a soundgarden record. But I bet there won’t be a new soundgarden record unless chris is writing, lol.

  • hear4cc

    I hope this leads to a solo album, but will be equally excited if an SG album is in the works. Who knows what he is doing except him? Could be for a movie or a collaboration. He’s been doing it all the last few years.

  • toyotamanmike

    King Cornell and Robert +1

  • warriorwoman

    Looking forward to new CC album, if that’s what he meant by his tweet. But, as CCfanpage pointed out, Cornell is ALWAYS writing music. He mentioned in an old interview that he always hears music in his head. I suspect if he didn’t find a release for it, it would cause many a headache. He must have a backlog of work ready to go for any type of project, be it for a movie soundtrack or a collaboration.

    Wish I was blessed with such creativity!

  • nicb115

    Chris living in Seattle+working on new songs=NEW SOUNDGARDEN MUSIC

  • Robert

    I hope it is for Soundgarden. It will be fine he writes his solo stuff as side thing and in case for a movie soundtrack like he did for the Movie Singles. Like he said in interview he is always writing song and that is ok. Just hope he is not working on another solo album because that would be bad news for Soundgarden.

  • Brett

    nicb115, that is a good point. If he was simply randomly writing songs or writing for a solo album, why move to Seattle?

  • hear4cc

    Maybe to be closer to his daughter.

  • Pete

    I may be the only one here that secretly hopes it’s new material for AUDIOSLAVE!!


  • shaungreenly

    Sorry to burst your bubble pete! But he his not making new material for audioslave!…though I wish he would.

  • Zach

    Scream makes PJ’s Backspacer look like a masterpiece, and I hated that album!

  • Robert

    Pete, Why on earth would want Chris to go back with Audioslave while Chris played shows with Soundgarden this past year? I hope it is for Soundgarden not another solo album. Not way Chris will ever go back to Audioslave.

  • poonzz1

    I also am holding out hope for a return to Audioslave. Chris Cornell solo=good, Soundgarden=better, Audioslave=best……

  • poonzz1

    never say never about CC getting back with Audioslave or doing anything for that matter. It seems at one point he felt Soundgarden would never happen again……

  • Robert

    Audioslave was a supergroup and usually supergroups do not reunite. I wouldn’t rule 100% that Chris perform a song or two with rest of the guys from Rage which is Audioslave similar when Chris joins Pearl Jam for a TOTD performance. That will be as far it will ever go. I think of Audioslave as a side project now. Soundgarden should Chris’s main focus and his solo stuff should be secondary. Where he could perform an occasional acoustic shows or release solo song either on a Movie soundtrack or online like he did for a cancer patient which was good cause. I would like to hear some near Soundgarden material whether its a full album or EP to see what direction the band will go and Chris could just do his solo as a side thing. But one thing is why would Chris work on another solo album and live in Seattle? That wouldn’t make sense unless he is there for his daughter Lily. So this would favor him working on Soundgarden stuff or possibly could be both too and that would fine if he is working on both. As long he is doing Soundgarden I will be happy.

  • poonzz1

    I get your point Robert, Audioslave reuniting may be unlikely but last time i checked 6 years together with 3 full albums, lots of touring, and still more unreleased material out there is more than a side project. That’s a band. Audioslave>Soundgarden….

  • Tole

    Audioslave is not > than Soundgarden. Game, set, match. Meeting adjourned.

  • Tod

    Audio slave lol you got to be kidding me that band was pretty average compared to Soundgarden.

  • Homerbreyn

    audioslave was rock n roll 101 to me, BUT soundgarden is different they’re way beyond rock n roll 101

  • Pete

    “audioslave was rock n roll 101 to me, BUT soundgarden is different they’re way beyond rock n roll 101”

    Funny you say that, because Tom Morello can easily replicate Thayil’s basic riffs and solos, but there’s no way in hell Thayil could cover Morello’s Audioslave stuff.

  • Homerbreyn

    true, but i’m just sayin that audioslave’s sound came out a bit average kind of rock (but rocks) while soundgarden offers more epic-ness in their sound

  • GrungeJunkie

    Rage Against the Machine/Soundgarden with special guest Audioslave! That would be a sweet show. Maybe Pearl Jam can come too and thus TOTD and it will be a god damned grunge supergroupapalooza!

  • consi

    “Funny you say that, because Tom Morello can easily replicate Thayil’s basic riffs and solos, but there’s no way in hell Thayil could cover Morello’s Audioslave stuff.”

    Yup, Morello CAN do it, but this sounds different. Thayil has his own soul and style.

  • vinny

    if it’s not soundgarden then who the fuck cares. I would like to think he would be writing music for them now. Why reunite the band and not write music for it? I’m disgusted at this point anyway. I’m not expecting anything out of this tweet. It’s been almost 2 months since they played conan and not a fuckin word. Matt needs to get back with pearl jam and stop this soundgarden nonsense, because it’s clear now this “reunion” is just a cash grab!!!

  • Homerbreyn

    “Thayil has his own soul and style.”

    is my point thank you consi

  • Mom in the Box

    I have to agree with GrungeJunkie’s “grunge supergroupapalooza”…that would be an amazing show to see. Wishful thinking!

  • Robert

    Enough with Audioslave, lets hope for the best and hope at least some of those song are for Soundgarden. It would fine if he doing doing both. We want this reunion to be real and not Chris to resume just doing solo work.

  • Robert

    I forgot to mention that is very wishful thinking that whole grunge supergroupaplooza thing. That would be dream but never would happen. If there were to happen it would be a fest where Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Rage to play at a festival. First Chris join Rage to play Like a Stone and Cochise and that would make a brief Audioslave reunion. Then Soundgarden plays a set. Pearl Jam headlines. At Pearl Jam first encore and Chris joins again and plays few songs like Hunger Strike, Four Wailed World, Say Hello 2 Heaven and Reach Down. There you get mini-Temple of the Dog set. At the 2nd encore Pearl Jam play their last song the end the show. That would everybody’s dream including mine. The only thing I never a big rage fan. That would the grunge supergroupaplooza for Chris and Matt right there.

  • Junior

    thayils riffs and solos are far from basic to anybody who knows anything about guitar work. Morello works a whammy bar and feedback, that’s as simple as it gets. That’s what’s wrong with most music listeners toay, you get caught up in the gimmick and show part of it rather than actually paying attention to the talent aspect of it. There’s nothing morello does that can’t be replicated. Thayils creativity and guitar playing fast surpass Morrelos on every level, feeling, soul, hand work and overall creativity. I can’t believe people are that blind to music.

  • poonzz1

    I love the “grunge supergroupapalooza” idea. I’d do anything to get to that show. Gotta give one last opinion and back up my reason for saying Audioslave is greater than Soundgarden or Rage for that matter. Simply put Audioslave combined the best aspects of two awesome, epic, groundbreaking bands. What was the best part of Soundgarden? Chris Cornell’s vocals and songwriting ability. The best part of Rage? The rapping? No. The ass-kicking power of the guitar, bass, and drums, whose techincal ability arguably exceeds that of the other 3 in Soundgarden. Have you heard the Audioslave versions of Spoonman or Loud Love? Enough said. One more thought. Ever wonder why CC never played guitar in Audioslave? He didnt have to. The other three had enough talent to create a huge, dynamic rock sound on their own. That gave him the freedom to concentrate on lyrics and vocals alone. I’m out……..

  • Junior

    lmao. Audioslaves version of spoonman and loud love were horrible. The drumd don’t sound right in either because their datrummer is mediocre at best and the guitar has no feeling behind it. And he plays guitar in soundgarden on songs because thats how they chose to make the song lol not because the band didn’t sound good. That’s the most ignorant comment that I think I’ve ever heard. wow. How old are you? Just curious because you seriously have A LOT to learn about music. And their isn’t just one “best part” of soundgarden, each member og the band played a strong role in everything they did. I’m finding it hard to take you serious because youre comments are so bogus lol. To each his own I guess but at least have valid points.

  • Tchelo

    1. CC is writing. This is what he is expected to do. Hopefully a new Soundgarden EP.

    2. SG owns Audioslave. However, Morello’s guitar style and riffs are amazing.

    3. this CC picture sucks. Extremely gay shit.

    3. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2011 will bring us many awesome grunge albums, good concerts and peace. Going to the beach now! see ya!

  • Elle

    Woo Hoo working on new music and living in Seattle = Killer Ass, Soundgarden or Temple of The Dog type music …….