Chris Cornell stated in a new interview with The Sun that Soundgarden’s new album is groundbreaking and as vital as anything they’ve ever done. Cornell also called out modern day music’s shortcomings, like Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has in recent interviews. Here are some excerpts:

“I’ve always believed that rock music benefits from an obstacle,” says the Seattle native.

“The worst rock is made when everybody loves rock, like in the late Eighties. That’s the only time hard rock has been the biggest-selling genre of music — and it was mostly crap.

“The Seattle scene was the antithesis of that. Soundgarden was very instrumental in creating that shift.

“We were one of the first bands to be held up and looked at, where the engines of commercial rock thought, ‘This is the future. This band or bands like it can be selling millions of records’.

“A big reason grunge became so big so fast is because people were so sick of what was out there.

“It’s the same thing now. You have a better chance of a very healthy and vital rock scene coming out today because there’s something to react against.

“Contemporary pop music couldn’t be any worse than it is now. The one bright spot was Adele having the biggest-selling record of last year. They’re actually songs and she can really sing.

“So obviously the biggest market still responds to a human being creating music.”

Cornell says: “The one way we stood out is that we weren’t one of those bands that was easy to get. I think every band from the Seattle scene was pretty easy to figure out. But we were extremely diverse and we could do it authentically, which is not easy to do.

“I think the one thing that’s been overlooked is that we covered a lot of territory.

“In terms of an overwhelming commercial acceptance, that hurts you. But in terms of longevity and having a lasting impact that’s legitimately culturally important, it helps you.

“We stand alone outside of genres. We’re not like anybody else. We can’t be imitated.”

  • bill

    Billy Corgan trashes modern music and everyone bashes him. Now watch, Cornell says the same thing and everyone here will praise him.

    note that I am a huge fan of both bands.

  • jjc19461

    Chris what about your Scream album then? *ahem*
    In the words of Eddie Vedder, which will make Be wet, “If you hate something, don’t you do it too.”

  • Michael

    Cornell is trashing pop, not other bands.

    And it isn’t every single day, like Mr. Corgan.

    He also isn’t whining, he’s just giving his view on the state of music. He isn’t crying that not enough people like his band, because honestly, SG is way better than SP. Billy even used to look up to SG, and until Kim told Billy to quit his bitching, he respected them. At least that’s the story anyways.

    I heard the new Pumpkins album and it wasn’t bad, it was kind of trippy and was well produced.

    Soundgarden’s new album is shaping up to be epic based on what I hear about the elements they’re using in it. People are complaining that it won’t be heavy enough, good, neither was DOTU really and that is a great album that is extremely eclectic. Can’t wait to see what these guys have to offer.

    Now this is just my opinion, I’m sure there are a lot of people who prefer the Pumpkins, and that’s fine, their new album was good (unless they only want to hear what they made in the 90s) My only problem is with Billy Corgan acting like an attention-craving teenager, let your music speak for itself Billy! Why do you feel the need to be so defensive!?

  • Dreux

    I’d say one or two quotes from this article are very Corgan-esque.

  • D7

    Haha love jjc’s comment, so true. I’m a fan of both SP and SG but Chris can’t think we’ve forgotten about the abomination that was ‘Scream’ surely?! He tried his hand at pop music and it failed so it’s kinda annoying to hear him trash it now and in a rather arrogant/big headed way too :-/

  • Dreux

    But at least quotes like that don’t crop up in every interview he does.

    That aside, I do not expect the new album to be “groundbreaking” on any level. All I expect is the much-teased progression from Down on the Upside.

    P.S. Good on him for praising Adele. One of the biggest reliefs I’ve experienced regarding music in the last few years is knowing that she sold more albums than that phoney cunt, Lady Gaga in 2011 (apologies for using “cunt”, if that offends you for some reason).

  • Junior

    Can’t wait for this new album. Music is about to be taken to new heights with this album, believe it. Whether or not the rest of the music world will realize it and get on board with what this band is about to is the only question. Mark my words.

  • drew

    shit is an excellent non toxic fertilizer…..

  • RödeOrm

    “jjc19461” is horribly right about Scream…

    Also I think he was a little unfair when he said all Seattle bands is easy to figure out, since Pearl Jam been different from album to album, even more diverse than Soundgarden, I dare to say….

  • HannahNirvana

    The new album will rock. I just know it will. I dunno about anyone else but…
    I smell another Sex Pistols.

  • Lennart

    All you Scream bashers should look at some of the songs a little better. The acoustic version of “Scream” is amazing. Ground Zero is also a fantastic song, the lyrics are amazing, and As Hope And Promise Fade is a classic IMO.

  • Lennart

    And i bet they blew some quotes out of proportion , you know how it goes with the media.

  • GenXLady

    Looking forward to the new album. I’m surprised the usual suspects are not on here arguing and throwing threats back and forth yet. Actually, it is somewhat refreshing.

  • Junior

    Lennart, you are my hero. You’re absolutely right. 😀

  • Matt

    I think he was just trying something totally off the wall different with Scream, just for the hell of it. Because he could, so he did. I was a little disturbed by it, because it wasn’t what I was used to hearing nor expected for Cornell, but it is what it is. Take it or leave it. I left it. But I’ve also never been as big a fan of his solo work, or Audio Slave either, as I am of Soundgarden, which is probably my all time favorite band.

  • Junior

    His album with Timbaland was better than anything else being made in that genre. He stepped outside of his “norm” and tried something new and mastered it. The simple act of making “pop” music isn’t whats being protested. It’s when 1,000 different “artists” take advantage of it and throw any form of creativity or musicianship out the window for a quick and easy dollar. Listen to Scream and compare it to anything else in that genre of music. His song writing, vocals and melodies and sense of rhythm and creativity were all there. He did what he wanted and challenged himself musically like a real artist should. People just do not understand the level of artistry here and the what Cornell and this band is all about when it comes to music. Even the ones who act like they get it, just blatantly do not. This new album is going to show a lot of people what is really possible with music.

  • wasogrunge

    how about “Scream” yo do ya forget yer shitty pop solo album?

  • Calvin McLain

    This album best be the 2nd coming…with all his hype…

  • SuperSG

    He performs his Scream album amazingly when doing a live performance, 2 drink minimum is good on Scream, but great live. Scream, the song, if CC eliminated the “i hear, i hear”and “science is Golden” parts, would be one of my favorite moody songs.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @Michael said it best,his was the 3rd comment.

    if you think this was just like corgan than I can’t help you, he says the state of music is a sham which is true but he does it without bitching like a spoiled teenager. If corgan was mature enough to express his thoughts like Chris then ppl wouldn’t bash him

  • King Cornell

    You can dislike the production of Scream. But the songs were not half bad and he performs them live well. His voice was much better on Scream then Carry On. People are much too quick to be a bandwagon “hate on scream” critic. Put on scream front to back and take a careful listen with an open mind. And Chris is all right here in this interview.

  • Maverick785

    The big difference between this and Corgan’s usual statements: He didn’t spend five paragraphs angrily lamenting the fact that Soundgarden isn’t getting the attention or sales it deserves compared to other bands/artists. Cornell knows that’s simply the way it is right now, but it’s not going to deter his band at all from maximizing its output and performance. He knows fans are out there, as well as potential new fans, and that’s enough to keep them going. Preach on!

    Regarding Scream…if you’ve seen him on the Songbook tour, you know there were some real gems buried beneath all that production. If the artist in him wanted to indulge in that kind of material for an album, so be it. I think the majority of fans are more than happy with his career decisions since.

  • SuperSG

    CC is right in his statement that Soundgarden cant be imitated. I look at Audioslave as a shell of SG, or some kind of desperate little brother trying desperately to build its own legacy in the Shadow of a Legend. Its like SG is Favre, and Slave, and anything CC has done since, is Rodgers b4 SuperBowl title…

  • SuperSG

    dont think im bashing ARod, he is HOF material and Green Bay should be thankful to have had one Legend followed by another.

  • warriorwoman

    ….. and people are STILL talking about Scream! That album made QUITE the impression apparently. Good/Bad but definitely not indifferent!!!!! Me? I loved Scream. As with a lot of Chris’ music, sometimes it takes a few listening sessions to let it grab you. But once you’re grabbed, his music becomes classic!!

    Can’t wait for the new SG album. It will be incomparable with anything out there right now! 🙂

  • Mia

    I really hope the new album is as great as Chris is saying it is. After all this hype, if it is anything less brillant it will be a big letdown.

  • SuperSG

    I feel that people are so anxious for another Badmotorfinger that the album might dissapoint some even if it is still better than anything else thats been put out in the 21st century

  • Ben

    “Contemporary pop music couldn’t be any worse than it is now….”

    It is hard to imagine… but I’m afraid that it might get even worse… and will get worse, before it gets better.

    However as long as we have great bands like Soundgarden and new bands slowly getting there music out there it is not all doom. Just don’t listen to the radio and you might feel there is still hope! 😛

  • Markus

    Congratulations Brett you make Chris sound like Billy 😀 Oh damn!

  • Denipsys

    The Sun is the most famous yellow paper in UK. They always make things sound the way they never meant by the speaker. We all should consider that.

  • doople

    what the hell is this? i want my bob corgan news brett!


    Chris Cornell is 100% RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! Todays radio friendly pop music scene has brainwashed an entire generation of happy go lucky teenagers who have nothing to fight against, no struggles to base their music listening on. WE NEED GRUNGE ROCK BANDS LIKE SOUNDGARDEN, PEARL JAM , SCREAMING TREES AND ALICE IN CHAINS , because thats the only way our society can improve. If you think about it, the last bunch of morons who voted for President Obama were younger disaffected youth who lost touch with reality. THERE ARE NO ORIGINAL ROCK BANDS OF THIS GENERATION , sad to say . My Chemical Romance ?? Limp Biskit ?? Weezer?? COME ON!!! Lets get back to reality ok???

    By the way, CHRIS?? WHY DONT YOU JUST RELEASE THE NEW SOUNDGARDEN ALBUM ALREADY??? Are you pretending to be sick with a stomach flu, just so your band can take forever to put out new music??

  • iHopi

    Forget this stuff about SG They will be fine.

    The Sun has a story about.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on date to hair removal clinic.
    Now that’s a picture I can’t get out of my head.


  • Megamania

    I didn’t have a problem with Scream. It’s not my cup of tea, but I’m glad an artist like Cornell has the balls to attempt something out of his element. Even if failing is the result, it’s part of a true artist’s journey.

  • Iso

    “…the last bunch of morons who voted for President Obama…”

    MAYAN CALENDAR 2012, continuing to remove all doubt to his mongoloid idiocy.

  • John

    Who cares if “he only said it once”. I swear, most of you people have the most warped way of looking at things. The first comment hit the nail on the head completely. If you’re going to praise Chris Cornell, but trash Billy Corgan for essentially saying the same thing, you lose all credibility in this discussion. And for the record, the fact that you like Soundgarden better than Smashing Pumpkins is completely irrelevant. As a fan of Soundgarden, Cornell sounds like a huge egomaniac here.

  • x2x

    John if can’t tell the difference from all the articles with Billy saying so many different things from he can do as no other, sellouts assholes fuck offs those beneath him etc, then you need to go read them.

    Egomaniac is an understatement when talking about Bill as he has set the bar so height even his 6 foot 7 inch body would not be able to stand above his diarrhea dripping mouth.

    He’s all over the place and is a revengeful person who complains about simple things from many years ago that most just laugh out but you sound like him so have a big spoonman full of his shit. 😀

  • ghstchili

    Ultimately what it comes down to is the music; how we all relate. Each of us has our own favorite band, but in the end we are all fans of the same type of music= shit that we can relate to, the stuff that we listen to before work or at work. The vibe… From all these posts, everyone likes the same bands, why? Because they all are unique and have something to offer to us fans of good ol rock n roll. It all keeps us sane and thriving. That is Rock N Roll

  • ghstchili

    What about NOFX, Madball,Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys.. They were pioneers too. Just like the whole 90’s guild. Pioneers of music and a revolution that got lost along the way. Wasn’t that what the 90’s were about. Generation X. We all could go on and on and argue with eachother. But it comes down to the music. Drop the egos, you’re not in the band…. Hqve passion have faith. But don’t spoil the jam.

  • elle

    Well, I just think Chris Cornell is trying to get us all pumped up and ready for the new Soundgarden album release. Earth get ready to explode!!! 🙂

  • psychic vampire

    screams sucks ass. but people are allowed to make mistakes. that-s just a human thing.

  • psychic vampire

    i think cornell shouldn-t say the new soundgarden album is great. he should let the fans be the judge of that.

  • John

    Hey x2x,

    Nice to meet you. You seem like a perfect example of who I was talking about. If I, like everyone else, bashed Billy Corgan, you’d be sucking my cock right now. However, I’m assuming you’re a butthurt Soundgarden fan who can’t take it when anything negative is said about Mr. Cornell. Might I mention, AGAIN, that I’m a Soundgarden fan? That doesn’t mean I won’t call Chris Cornell, his fans, or even Billy Corgan on their bullshit when I think they’re wrong. That’s right, I don’t agree with Billy Corgan 100% of the time!

    I’m not sure exactly why I should eat a spoon full of Billy Corgan’s feces, because I don’t feel like I was defending him as much as I was commending everyone who uses the double standard around here. So, why don’t you, x2x, drink a spoon full of Chris Cornell’s sperm, since you like to jump to such bold conclusions.

    Your pal,

  • lala

    Cornell is poetic: “That bitch ain’t a part of me, I say HEY, that bitch ain’t a part of me”

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @Lala maybe one day Corgan will write the followup to the brilliantly titled song Mayonnaise and call it Bologna sandwich

  • SuperSG

    so funny is your comment because i just saw a spongebob episode where they had to use Mayo to destroy jelly monsters. Makes me wonder if Billco is a jelly monster…

  • SuperSG

    p.s. Sorry to Lala for thinking that u and Lala’s boy were a clan of trolling assholes. You are not anywhere near as big a troll as that douche. btw… sorry for saying u were a fat arse. I dont know u so i shouldnt judge u…

  • SuperSG

    In response to Mayan
    FOO FIGHTERS, Seether, PEARL JAM, all that u indicated, Evanesance, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, AUDIOSLAVE, LED ZEPPELIN(timeless/generation spanning), Van Halen has made a return but idk if theyll make anything good, and, the biggest wanna-be of em all…nickelback!…ugh….

  • SuperSG

    In response to Mayan, a list of 21st century rock bands, BOLD indicates good bands.
    FOO FIGHTERS, Seether, PEARL JAM, all that u indicated, Evanesance, 3 doors down, 3 days grace, AUDIOSLAVE, LED ZEPPELIN(timeless/generation spanning), Van Halen has made a return but idk if theyll make anything good, and, the biggest wanna-be of em all…nickelback!…ugh….

  • bon3zz

    billy corgan is a bag of shit

  • SuperSG

    Oh, and i dont mean to start a politics argument but… Come on man, Obama has done a better job than Bush, and Im sure John McCain wouldnt have faired much better. People need to look at the good as well as the bad, but alot of people dont do that, and it pisses me off. Look at the situation, one he was thrown into by Bush, with an open mind, and see that the economy has actually been IMPROVING.

  • SuperSG

    Wasting Light, the newest album by Foo Fighters, is their most complete album to date. IDK about any recent PJ stuff because I havent heard any new PJ on the Radio since 2008.

  • Senior

    Love Soundgarden and Cornell but junior/little joe is a moron. Not liking 100% of Cornell’s material doesn’t mean you’re “missing something.” it means you don’t have an unhealthy obsession/gay crush on Cornell. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but when you’re constantly calling people out for not loving every single song he has ever made it undermines any objectivity that would allow your opinions to,actually carry any weight.

  • Junior

    Sure, that’s a cool theory you got going there that has the possibility of being true, right? Orrrrrrrrrr, you could just really not get it when it comes to music. Hard to let yourself accept that option though, right? You’re in need of more proof of what I already know to be true. All will be shown soon enough is all I’m saying. We shall see 🙂

  • Senior

    That’s exactly my point. Anyone who doesn’t 100% agree with you “doesn’t get it when it comes to music.” that’s asinine. What, are you a music professor? Historian? Phd?

    No. You are just a super obsessed fan, it’s just stupid. 99% of what I listen to is Soundgarden, temple of the dog, and Chris Cornell. I like scream. I like carry on. I liked audioslave. But I don’t like every single fucking song he has ever wrote.

    Take silence the voices. Can’t stand it. I get the lyrics I just don’t like the song. I always skip
    it. And it’s not because “I’m missing something.” I just don’t like it. Maybe you’re just seeing something that isn’t there bc Chris Cornell wrote it. Which is fine. Just don’t insult other people’s intelligence bc they don’t have a boner for everything he’s ever done.

  • SuperSG

    youre right, I dont like arms around your love, or scar on the sky, but i have a man crush on Cornells VOICE, and even liked Scream. I think climbing up the walls was refreshingly upbeat. Thing is, its up to u whether u like something or not, but the right to judge ur musical opinion is up to you and you only.

  • SuperSG

    youre right, I dont like arms around your love, or scar on the sky, but i have a man crush on Cornells VOICE, and even liked Scream. I think climbing up the walls was refreshingly upbeat. Thing is, its up to u whether u like something or not, but the right to judge ur musical opinion is up to you and you only. So dont go telling me that I shouldnt like Scream, because, although I will listen to your opinion, I will not allow your opinion to influence mine.

  • SuperSG

    youre right, I dont like arms around your love, or scar on the sky, but i have a man crush on Cornells VOICE, and even liked Scream. I think climbing up the walls was refreshingly upbeat. Thing is, its up to u whether u like something or not, but the right to judge ur musical opinion is up to you and you only. So dont go telling me that I shouldnt like Scream, because, although I will listen to your opinion, I will not allow your opinion to influence my thoughts on Scar on the Sky.

  • SuperSG

    shit i accidentally posted that 3x

  • Junior

    lol Ok. I never said I liked every single song or anything like that. But I do oppose to such comments like “Scream was a horrible mistake” or anything along those lines. Where exactly have I defended “every single song” that Cornell or this band has ever made? Like I said, for me to even suggest that you or anyone that refers to the album Scream or a certain song as “horrible” might just not “get it” immediately makes me a moron. So be it. It’s a lot easier for you to cuss me out and call me names rather than actually trying to take in and accepting my opinions and points of views and going back and maybe giving those songs or albums another listen. Oh well I guess, not my loss. Either way, I’m excited for this new album and am certain it will show a lot of “doubters” what they’ve been missing in music. We have to make sure to have another discussion when the new album comes out in October, deal? 🙂

  • SuperSG

    that sounds like a good deal to me. C U in October.

  • SuperSG

    I feel a Mayan/LSO HBO primetime is in order… just a fan request… : 1

  • BillClinton90s

    Obama = increased police state, increased war on drugs(more marijuana busts than bush did in 8 years), fast and furious, solyndra(taxpayer $ wasted), obamacare, illegal war in libya, increased wiretapping, drone strikes.

    Obama is no better than Bush. Some of you are living in a fantasy world. Obama couldn’t fix a leaky faucet let alone the economy. Unemployment should not still be at 8%. Being President doesn’t mean having on-the-job training and FAILING at understanding economics.

    Socialism has never worked in the USA and never will. We’ve done pretty damn decent on capitalism for the past 235 years so progressive liberals should just shut the f up.

  • Shane

    Live To Rise is NOT groundbreaking. It’s okay, but not great.

    I’m hoping LTR is not on the new album.



    Soundgarden is right for coming back. We need to get angry again, in fact why doesnt Rage Against The Machine come back with a new rock album?? Come on man, this is the year 2012: the great Mayan doomsday clock is ticking, time to get back to reality ok?? SOUNDGARDEN ROCK THE HOUSE , BRING BACK THE NOISE, THE GRUNGE AND ALL THAT JAZZ 🙂

  • x2x

    John what a perfect name for one who partakes in such activities.
    I bet your an expert at sucking cock as you couldn’t wait to say that word C-O-C-K and fantasizing about somebody on the internet sucking it since it’s so small no one in the REAL world would want to.



    SG will bring back Rock and Live To Rise is not bad at all. It’s just that people are spoiled by the mighty powers of the Garden.

    The new album will be more like Black Rain and BMF-SU.


  • Senior

    No. What makes you a moron is is telling people things like “you don’t get it when it comes to music” or “you’re obviously missing something” when they express anything less than universal adulation for all that is Cornell or express even the mildest concerns about live to rise or the new album. You’re not psychic and it’s not out yet. I’m
    Pretty sure it’s going to be awesome and even if it isn’t I’ll listen the shit out of it. But people are allowed to worry. The only reason people worry is because they like Cornell and Soundgarden. Not because they “don’t get it when it comes to music.

    They haven’t made an album in 1.5 decades. The closest things we have to compare is live to rise (which you’ve pointed out ad nauseum is a mainstream sound track song) and Cornell solo. The fact that LTR is from a soundtrack and Cornell solo isn’t Soundgarden definitely mitigate they’re usefulness as predictors of the new standpoint, but from
    A chronological standpoint they are the most relevant. So it’s logical to use them as qualified references to what new sg may sound like. So maybe lay off people for doing what makes sense to apparently everyone but you.

  • Yo momma

    Wow! Talk about a hyprocrite! This nigga is trashing about pop! Look whos talking, he put out Scream for crying out loud! If you trash talk billy at least he could put out decent songs unlike soundgarden who havent made anything good.

  • Yo momma

    One more thing! Soundgarden albums put you to sleep! Yeah nigga i said it!

  • Junior

    My points still stand. You’ve once again ignored the points I made AND my dismissal of the notion that I’m “defending everything Cornell does.” Understandable. Like I said, it’s a lot easier to ignore the possibility that I may be right and labeling me as trying to be “psychic” is good way of doing that. Go ahead and continue trying to make sense out of using LTR & Scream to conjure up some kind of idea as to how to feel about the future releases from this band. I that does make sense to “everybody” but me because somehow or another, I “KNOW” not to look to those as any kind of “fear” or worry of whats to come from this new album. Again, maybe it’s just that I “get it” when it comes to this music and this band and you do not, or maybe that’s my imaginary psychic ability getting the best of me again. Who knows. But like I said, we will see in October. 🙂

  • Junior

    Oops. ^^^^^Edit: “And I guess that does make sense to everybody but me”

  • Dreux

    I love lala’s cutting riff on Cornell as a lyricist. Quoting a dumb song from a dumb but ambitious album. Brilliant. Read the lyrics to “4th of July”, “Like Suicide”, “Sweet Euphoria”, or “Seasons” and get back to me.

    With the exception of Adore (which had truly brilliant lyrics), Billy Corgan was an average lyricist at best. He tried way too hard to be the voice of a generation and just came off as disingenuous and sometimes cloying. Adore was his peak, just like Superunknown to Euphoria Morning was Cornell’s peak, and between both of them in their prime Cornell a lot of different themes and emotions, whereas Billy’s work on Adore was pretty much fixated on love and relationships.

  • Senior

    You are extremely self deluded, junior, if you think that you “get it” or that you’ve made any valid points. All you’ve really done us shown that you don’t “get it.” The only thing you’ve “got” is a severe case of hero worship and megalomania.

    At least your posts are amusing.

  • x2x

    fuck your heart
    i am mercury liquid pure
    hot, alive, dead
    Mucked fish eyes
    i was born alive
    i’ll fucking kill you
    i’ll beat your soft baby head with my own hand
    careful with that baby

    YEP BILLY BITCH CORGAN WROTE THAT TRASH AND A BUNCH MORE–> so stop thinking hes a genius. Billys voice sounds like its full of hot semen from Johns ( My Pal) stinky sweaty balls.

    OK now to the good things he does. The song Bullet with butterfly wings now Billy was meant to sing that with a clothes pin on that nose sound he gets while John squeezes his balls dry.

    BTW dipshits and other delinquents (PINS) I kept it rated R this time around.


  • Junior

    Lol. Like I said, it’s a lot easier to call me names and assume me to have some kind of hero worship over accepting that I might just “get” something that you don’t. But, I’m deluded in thinking I’ve made any points….points that you continue to prove, Haha. But you are such a fan and you love this band so much, so that means there’s no way I could “get it” without you “getting it” too. I must be “delusional”, “gay”, “in love with Cornell” and a “worshiper” for even suggesting so. Wow. Can you at least see that your posts have been quite amusing to me as well? lmao. Oh well, you’re missing out man, I really believe that you are. That’s not a cut at you or in anyway me trying to put you down. I’m sorry if me feeling that way somehow comes off to you as gay and moronic. 🙂

  • Aliceinchainhead

    I don’t think I really like the owner of this website and the way he puts out articles…U made Cornell sound like a total dusche…

  • SuperSG

    Soundgarden gave me an adreneline boost while I was running 45 minutes ago, and I ran like a demon being chased by St. Micheal. Point is, Yo Mama, SG is awesomely loud and exhilarating in a Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin sort of way.

  • Senior

    I wonder if the irony of your statement “even the ones who act like they get it, blatantly do not” is completely lost on you. I don’t think you could provide a more apt description of yourself.

  • Junior

    Is that it? 🙂

  • RickDeckard

    I’m sorry, but I feel the need to jump in. First off, I’m pretty much team Senior (although he could have said a few things differently). Junior is a pompous asshole (but I already know this from previous encounters). No, Junior, this isn’t an assumption, or an easy way out of just admitting that you know best. This is me reading what you have to say and deducing that you are an ass. Here’s why: you have no right to tell people that “they just don’t get” something that you do (unless you’re the omniscient creator of the universe, or Chris Cornell, but he wouldn’t say douchey things like you) If someone is a little weary of what the new record will be like because of some releases that they think are mediocre, then that’s their OPINION, and while it might differ from yours, that has nothing to do with some deeper insight you have. That’s their opinion, just as yours is yours. It seems to me that the difference is that yours is based on some kind of blind devotion- preconceived notions that this record will be groundbreaking- and theirs is based on some sort of deduction. While I think it can be groundbreaking, I won’t know UNTIL I HEAR IT. Now you can tell me that I “just don’t know/dont get it,” but unless you can see into the future, then fuck that. And even if you did, even if you’ve already heard it, it’s still your opinion.

  • RickDeckard

    *it’s still just your opinion. (last line correction)

  • Nick

    lmao can we all just shuddup, get high and trip out to some fucking soundgarden? haha ya’ll need to chillax, CC is fuckin godly. Corgan’s just a whiney bitch, said and done. who’s up for some dominoes??

  • Jasmin


  • Junior

    You’re right Rick, it is all just opinions. Thanks for giving us your opinions on a discussion full of opinions just to tell us that it’s all just a matter of our…opinions. Good one! 😀

  • Junior

    And I’m sorry that I may have come off as an “ass” to you. I really don’t intend to. I can assure you, or anyone who personally knows me can assure you that I’m the complete opposite of an “ass.” I’m saddened by your misconception of me. In my opinion, you just don’t “get me.”:-(

  • SuperSG

    shhh…shhh… its okay… dont worry, i forgive u…

  • Junior

    ^^^lmao! The “shhh…shhh.” part really did just give me a good laugh. Haha.

  • Ryan

    You sure this isn’t a BillCo post? seriously pisses me off reading things like this considering that many people his age back in 1991 were saying the same thing. Luckily Neil Young get’s it. Just listen to “Old Man”.

  • John

    Wow, I thought I was immature, but this x2x guy took it to a whole new level. Worse than be, perhaps. At least be was had an excuse to be stupid, being a foreigner and everything.

    x2x, my buddy, seems to have a little man crush on my balls, seeing as he mentioned me twice before I even responded. I’m still not sure why you’re acting like an insecure child. I don’t know how to make it any clearer for you: I like Soundgarden’s music. I hardly even listen to Billy Corgan so that argument that I love him is lame. If me thinking that Chris Cornell is an egomaniac in this article makes you so mad that you immediately attack me, then this is going to be fun. Despite all this, I’m sure you still won’t understand what I’m saying and instead take this as an insult, but that’s not my problem.

  • Senior

    At this point it’s apparent that junior just gets off on antagonizing people. Which, is not the opposite of an ass. It’s the definition.

    Even in your “apology/explanation” you insist on telling someone they are wrong or have a misconception. I know you’re only doing to antagonize, but I think Rick was spot on. Bravo.

  • SuperSG

    haha, glad to help!

  • Junior

    Wow. Now I’m a delusional gay moronic antagonizing Cornell worshiper, and this in turn ALSO makes me an ass. Whatever you say Senior, you’ve got it all figured out I guess. :-/

  • slposton

    I was trying to find out why Cornell’s solo music is so bad, but I stumbled upon this article instead. I agree with many of his comments, but his contributions to pop music as a solo artist have been disappointing, to say the least. Musically pointless, to say the worst.

  • ThisGuy…

    I agree with Lennart. The Scream album is well written just extremely over produced. Though I don’t know exactly why Chris thought that Timbaland being anywhere near his songs would help…