This is from‘s review of Soundgarden’s performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans:

In his chattiest moment, Cornell explained why the “Louisiana DEA” was thanked in the credits of a Soundgarden album. In the early days of the band, the musicians were pulled over outside Lake Charles. A search of their van turned up a small amount of marijuana that belonged to a sound tech.

As a result, the officers confiscated the band’s money, i.e. the ticket and merchandise receipts for the tour thus far. “If you can die from stupidity, they died from that a long time ago,” Cornell stated of the investigating officers. A raging show that night at Tipitina’s, he continued, helped atone for the loss.

  • Uncle Tupelo

    There is nothing funny about that story

  • Recluse

    Fuck cops.

  • Calvin McCain

    Yeah, what am I missing, because I am not laughing.

  • Luke

    I think the fact that they thanked the Louisiana DEA in the liner notes of a Soundgarden album was the funny part. I wonder how much money in total the cops made off of soundgarden thousands of dollars in profit for a couple grams of weed, thats just fucking sad.

  • Junior

    It’s already known that the site owner here is young and clueless. Just a maturity fault I guess, but it gets very annoying. Guess he gets a pass since he runs a “grunge” website though.

  • scusethetude

    Easy guys. I was at Voodoo & it was in the telling of the story that was funny.They omitted several parts. Cornell was laughing saying “there we were sweating our fucking asses off in a 100+degree heat on the side of the road getting devoured by ants & shit while the cops turned our van upside down.” Guess you had to be there just to hear him cracking up about it. Amazing show. Funny thing to me was I had just finished reading that story a few days before the show. It’s told by Stuart Hallerman on pg 161 in “Everybody loves our town-an oral history of grunge”.He was the Sound tech on the tour.

  • Greg

    I think the site owner here does a terrific job.

  • Brett

    Junior, you’re old and clueless. If you dislike the site why are you here commenting on it and trashing me, Mr. “Maturity.”

    Greg, appreciate the kind words.

    To the other people asking about the humor, I thought it was pretty ironic that they got busted for weed that wasn’t theirs, and that we got the back story behind the thank you.

  • Luke

    JR. is a troll. keep up the great work