• David

    It’s not as if I’ve ever doubted what an amazing singer CC is but I just can’t comprehend how someone can do that. Mind-blowing.

  • Mom in the Box

    He is one of my favorite singers…and this is why. Amazing!

  • Elle

    Wowwa He is great!

  • Junior


  • MindRiot132

    Holy shit!!

  • King Cornell 20

    I thought this was some sort of live thing by the title, but it’s still a welcome video that is further evidence of Chris’s superhuman vocal ability. The chorus, while done almost two decades later, is almost identical in voice to when he was at his prime. If you have to strain your ears to tell the difference on an a capella version of an incredibly challenging song to notice the ever slightest difference, it is proof he is still the greatest around.

  • shaungreenly

    I agree! His the best voice out there! Incredible!

  • shaungreenly

    I agree! He is the best voice out there! Incredible

  • Sodajerk

    Which part is considered the “chorus” that he re-recorded? The “Can’t stutter when you’re talking with your eyes” part or the “Black rain” part? Because the former is my favorite part of the song, he sounds incredible.