CCFanPage was able to find a couple of new Soundgarden quotes from Chris Cornell.  The quotes are from Chris’ upcoming interview with Mojo Magazine:

“It’s not a cash-in…we didn’t reform & then do a world tour followed by a rushed studio album.”

“There’s something out of control that happens when we start to play…it’s indescribable, hard to put your finger on, but it has to be there. And sometimes there’s too much of it.”

  • Finn

    dont really care if it is tbh, just want to see them play after the new album

  • Homerbreyn

    rushed or not its still soundgarden

  • Boddah

    gotta respect that. although it sucks waiting, its good they are not rushing to release a half assed album

  • Erik

    Basically any holdouts/ disgruntled fans at this point who STILL think the reunion was a cash-grab or the like is an idiot. How the last 15 months have gone, while some behave frustrated by it, has nothing to do with a cash grab.

  • Kallio

    Shepherd and Thayil – bored as fuck
    Cornell – needs to get back some respect from the old fans
    Cameron – just having fun

  • Luke

    agreed^ if scream didnt fail so bad this would have never happend

  • GrungeJunkie

    I don’t think it is a cash grab so much anymore but it is to some degree no matter how you look at it. Just because it’s been slow doesn’t mean a world tour won’t follow their album. Also, they were the top headliner at Lolla which has to have been at least a million dollar pay day at least. The fact that he says they are focusing on the music is awesome. It just means that the cash they do end up making when they release the album and then tour will be a side effect of Soundgarden’s awesomeness.

  • Alma

    I’m just happy because they’re back… good to know the aclaration by Chris… I hope they do a world tour… !

  • Aaron

    look, all bands need to make money and the music business isn’t doing so well at the moment. I’m so glad the band is in it for the love of doing it. No matter the truth, as long as i can see Soundgarden at least once it will be awesome. I’m gonna watch and hear that show so hard!

  • Martha

    Oh – my – God!
    …something out of control that happens when we start to play…it’s indescribable…
    Yes, it is Soundgarden doing their magic all over again…
    Sooooo good to know they’re enjoying it…
    What would I give to be a flie in that studio =D

  • Martha

    Sorry, fly not flie, it’s badmotorautomatic (Drawing Flies) LOL

  • Philip

    It is? So it’s a cash-grab then for any band to make any money doing what is they’re doing? Making, recording and playing music? I guess that’s a cash-grab too? You’re right, none of them should ever make any money whatsoever. Just do it for the love of music and nothing more…

  • Anth

    In fairness…isn’t Chris (or another member of the band) on record as saying that the original purpose was to relaunch their back catalog, not to do anything new?

    I think they’ve most definitely proven the cash grab theory wrong in the past few months…but yeah.

  • Pete

    I am more than happy to pay them as MUCH MONEY AS THEY WANT FOR A CONCERT AND AN ALBUM.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll buy whatever they put out for the rest of their careers.