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Chris on his next solo album
So I’m releasing in mid-November a record of live acoustic songs that I did over the Songbook tour in the States, a sampling of some of it, and that’ll come out in November. And then I think my next solo record will probably be acoustic based, as simple as I can keep it.

Audioslave sometimes gets a bad rap, do you look back on it as a positive time?
Personally a lot of it was me trying to land on my feet again. I went through a lot of personal turmoil right around the time Audioslave formed and unfortunately I think that affected the band a little bit in terms of me not really being grounded. Having said that, I love all three records, I think they’re all great and I view them as being a super lucky thing to have been a part of.

When Soundgarden got back together, and I’m used to this as a fan too, people would say things they maybe wouldn’t have normally said when it was Audioslave and say “yeah I’m really glad Soundgarden’s back together” and “I didn’t really like *Audioslave as much”, and I’ve heard Rage fans say the same thing, but sometimes I feel like it’s a bad rap and there’s a negativity surrounding it that doesn’t make any sense to me. Audioslave was a great rock band and we wrote great songs and we were very prolific. I love the albums, and I love the songs.

  • King Cornell 20

    If Audioslave had a decent rhythm section, people wouldn’t have such mixed emotions looking back.

  • Johnny

    Their rhythm section is one of the best. Listen to the grooves on anything by Rage or Audioslave. Though I prefer Soundgarden and Rage, Audioslave is still a great band.

  • Pete

    I fucking love Audioslave. Criminally underrated because of pissed off Soundgarden and Rage fans.

    The first Audioslave album is clearly superior to Down on the Upside. Like it’s not even close.

  • Joe

    Soundgarden and RATM should go out on tour together, and bridge the 2 sets with some Audioslave songs.

  • eric

    audioslave hit when the rest of music (save 4 a handfull of bands ie;pearl jam, white stripes,the strokes& a cpl more)sucked…i remember being super excited wondering what it would sound sounded like sg & ratm….if chris wouldnt have been going thru so much & the death of the industry as it was @ the time hadn’t been goin on..who knows…i liked their records…especially the 1st…even tho all 3 were decent….anyhow lookin 4ward 2 next year…this has been a great 1 so far (musically speaking)

  • Allura Music

    I LOVE Soundgarden. I think Audioslave was an awesome band, and I a with Cornell on this one. I myself don’t understand why Audioslave gets so much flack. I mean Audioslave had outstanding talent and music. However, no disrespect to Cornell, I MUCH prefer the mighty Soundgarden over his solo material. The solo stuff is just too mello and doesn’t do much for me.

  • Alec

    Whoever said the first audioslave album is better than dotus I strongly disagree with you.

  • Pete

    Match up the track listing… Adusioalve’s self-titled is deeper and more consistent. DOTUS has some experimental/crappy tracks.

  • Jcon

    I enjoy every song on DOTU. While i can see why some people may think less of certain songs it was much more experimental and I absolutely love that. Audioslave has some experimentation but its a much more one dimensional record, even though its still killer.

  • poonzz1

    “I fucking love Audioslave. Criminally underrated because of pissed off Soundgarden and Rage fans.”

    Amen Pete! I really like Soundgarden and RATM but I LOVE Audioslave(my 2nd favorite band ever next to PJ). Best of both worlds in my opinion. One of my favorite albums of all time is actually their second album “Out of Exile”. Im glad to see Chris say this too: “Audioslave was a great rock band and we wrote great songs and we were very prolific. I love the albums, and I love the songs.”

    Gives me hope that there might still be some unreleased material/live/greatest hits still to come out or that he might be willing to consider some sort of reunion or more shows at some point.

  • Anth

    First Audioslave album was pretty great. Revelations though is one of the most indifferent albums I’ve ever listened to. I couldn’t name a quarter of the songs on that if I had a gun to my head.

  • AJMajesticals

    PPLLLEEEEASSSEEE, can we NOT talk about an Audioslave reunion until about 10 billion years from now? I love the guys, but we’ve waited 14 long years for a freakin’ SG reunion, we got one, I wanna enjoy it while it last!!!!

  • poonzz1

    Ok, so I’ll throw this out to everyone. Some dude in another post said ” I’ve had a grungy 2011 including Pearl Jam twice and the Foo’s.”

    Speaking of grungy summers, I challege anyone on this site to beat this concert lineup that i attended from this year:

    STP-Vegas, CC solo-Aspen, EV solo-Long Beach, Soundgarden-Denver, STP Wendover, NV, Soundgarden-Vegas, PJ20 both nights, Foo Fighters-SLC!

    It’s been a great year! Long Live Grunge!!! Long Live Audioslave?!

  • Andrei

    AUDIOSLAVE rocked.

    They were an amazing fucking band, man. Anyone who’s dissing them is an asshole in my books.

  • Ben

    I had a feeling Chris’ next solo album would probably be acoustic based. I really hope he collaborates with Eddie Vedder on a few tracks!

  • JOSH

    Are you all crazy? audioslave was a great band? Come on.. audioslave was one of the least cohesive bands ever.. their sound never gelled. Some of chris’s weakest vocals and lyrics. And not one great guitar moment from morello. Their were countless songs where 2:30 min there would be a forced breakdown with a ridiculous noise solo that had zero emotion and nothing to do with the song. I mean there were a couple cool tracks on each album but they never did anything “great” as a band. If you cant tell that DOTU is vastly superior to any Audioslave album than you pribably like creed, chevelle, theory of a deadman, disturbed, staind, the last 4 pearl jam albums and everything by the foo fighters after the color and the shape. I mean Soundgarden is legendary.. up there with Sabbath and Zeppelin.. Audioslave??!! REALLY??!!

  • Daniel

    It’s a never ending discussion, but, while Soundgarden and Rage are bands I respect, Audioslave was the one I really enjoyed. Like someone said, the best of both worlds: Tom Morello’s peculiar riffs and Chris Cornell’s powerful vocals.

    It might surprise most of you, but Revelations is my favorite Audioslave album… I deeply regret they never went on tour with it (did they? I really can’t remember).I like it because they sound more like a band.

    But what I like the most in Chris is his versatility… to know that he was capable of working with musicians from some of the most talented bands in the 90’s (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine) and also with his solo band, and wrote dozens of fabulous songs, that suited their quite different styles, is something remarkable and very difficult to find in popular music…

  • Robert

    Audioslave had a good run with many great songs. Of Course they will never top Soundgarden by any means. I rather if Chris sticks with Soundgarden with his solo career being a side thing. Audioslave reunion I rather not have unless if they were do a one-off special show similar to the TOTD reunion.

  • AJMajesticals

    I read an article that said he wouldn’t mind doing a few songs on his Songbook tour with Tom Morello, “if their pathes crossed” as he put it. I would certainly welcome that, I think that’d be really neat.

  • Pete

    Cornell and Morello’s paths crossed a year or two ago in Vancouver. Morello played two nights at Commodore and Cornell played one of those nights at Boulevard Casino. Cornell did a radio interview and the DJ’s asked him if he was going to make an appearance at Morello’s gig and Cornell said he didnt even know Morello was in town.

    AS did not tour with Revelations. Revelations is a very solid album but it comes across as “unfinished” to me. Which makes sense considering they were essentially broken up but had to finish off the album to complete their contract.

  • Aliceinchainhead

    Ugh…I wont be happy with an acoustic for cornells new solo…i think its gonna sound boring….we need some heavy guitar riffs…oh common cornell…well atleast i got Soundgarden to gimme those riffs

  • iso

    “The first Audioslave album is clearly superior to Down on the Upside. Like it’s not even close.”

    That’s the dumbest thing uttered in 2011. By far. It’s not even close.

  • J

    Audioslave was great, I listened to out of exile for like 2 years?? I remember driving to texas from fl and listening to that album over and over. Btw mike from pj has a tumblr and posted pics of him jaming with sg at a sound check few weeks or so back. Dunno if anybody cought that.

  • Gaboy

    I for one love Audioslave. Was lucky enough to catch them live in NYC, Cant go wrong with Morello and Cornell
    now with that being said Cornells vocals were always stretched to the limits in Audioslave, i thought they over used his vocals

    One day we will find out the whole Audioslave story, i have heard everything from Chris wanted song royalties, Rage was getting back together, Chris was messed up on drugs ( totally apparent if you watch the audioslave years especially live in cuba dvd)

  • Drg23

    one thing I know for certain, it’s that Chris has been sober and absolutely drug free since atleast 2004. Live in Cuba was brutal because Chris had a nasty throat infection

  • Bama_Grunge

    poonzz1: I will not have attended as many grunge shows as you have this year, but I do have some high-quality events on my concert resume’. I saw STP at the Bell Up Tavern in Aspen, Soundgarden at the Forum in Los Angeles, and I’ll see the Foo Fighters in Atlanta in November. (I passed on Eddie’s and Chris’ solo shows this year, but I won’t the next time they’re on the road.) The PJ20 festival conflicted with college football’s opening weekend, and college football always comes first for me!

    In all, I doubt anyone can top my entire concert resume’ for 2011. It started with the Lynyrd Skynyrd cruise in January and has been non-stop ever since. I just saw the Metallica Big 4 concert in New York two weeks ago. Saw Bob Seger in April. U2 in June. Ozzy and Slash in February. Flaming Lips in May. Wilco in May. And many, many more!!!

  • Nick

    Rage and Soundgarden were the soundtracks to my middle school and highschool years. I loved both those bands like no other, but Audioslave took two great bands and made something pretty boring. Chris Cornell while being my favorite vocalist didn’t mend well with the funky style of the guys in Rage, it just didn’t mix together well at all. I remember listening to the Civilian record when it was first leaked and getting all excited than after hearing it I was bummed out. They just don’t work well together.

  • Pete

    ““The first Audioslave album is clearly superior to Down on the Upside. Like it’s not even close.”

    That’s the dumbest thing uttered in 2011. By far. It’s not even close.”

    Sorry to break it to the SG fans in denial, but DOTUS is full of weak tracks. Basically everything by Ben Shepherd is near-unlistenable.

  • Philip

    Wow Pete, you’ve done the impossible! Substantially proven yourself to be as stupid as you set out to be. You’re a Limp Bizkit kinda guy, ain’cha? Sure you are! It’s adorable really. You just have some growing to do is all… you’ll catch up at some point. Probably. Better to be silent now Pete.

  • Pete

    Your eloquent break down of the facts has convinced me Phillip!

  • King Cornell 20

    Don’t misinterpret what I said. I think Audioslave is a very very good band. “Great” band would be implying they pushed the limits of music and were innovative, which they were not. But overall a really nice prolific act. But the first audioslave album being better than DOTUS? While Dotus did have some weak songs toward the end, Chris’s voice on Audioslave was in a bad place at the time. Burden in my Hand, Zero Chance, Pretty Noose, Blow up the Outside World, Switch Opens, Dusty…..and so on. SG’s rhythm section can make Audioslave’s look like amateurs. Yeah, I’ll take DOTUS.

  • Pete

    Well Soundgarden often had another guitar in the band, so youd expect the rhythm section to be better.

    Audioslave’s self-titled rocks harder the DOTUS, it has nothing to compare to Shadow on the Sun or Show me How to Live. I don’t think anyone can argue this, DOTUS is simply more mellow. Thats why many SG fans didnt like it as a sequel to Superunknown.

  • poonzz1

    hey guys, lay off Pete a little. I mean, look, if i had to choose between the two(Down on the Upside and 1st Audioslave album) I’m going Audioslave everytime. Not even close in my opinion. And I love Soundgarden!

  • rodrigo

    i think that audioslave formed in a decade that most super-bands were breakthrough, you know, alter bridge, angels and airwaves, velvet revolver, army of anyone, a pefect circle, tomahawk, fantomas, but the half of them worked well or also became more popular that the members of their original bands, like army of anyone well, it was like stone temple pilots with a touch of filter’s trademark sound, while alter bridge became more popular than creed, or velvet revolver was critically mixed while some people thought that slash will always have to be in guns ‘n’ roses some other thought that it was an interesting band, specially when scott weiland was hated by almost everyone in the music scene..and i think they still do…

  • JOSH

    @Pete…. Ty Cobb. Rhinosaur, Pretty Noose, No Attention!, Never Named (not one of my favorites), An Unkind….. All rocked harder than anything ever put out by Audioslave except for Cochise which i think is the one and only song that realized the potential of merging of those musicians.




    HOWS THAT ? 🙂



    😀 YOU LIKE?

  • Olivia

    I’m in love with audioslave I mean I grew up listening to that and the lyrics make sense and in a way I can relate to them I’m not as familiar with sound garden as I am audioslave but what I don’t understand is how people don’t like them they r the best and I love them