Chris Cornell Reveals When Soundgarden Will Record New Album

Chris Cornell told The Advertiser Confidential that Soundgarden will begin recording their next album immediately after he concludes touring Higher Truth. The band already started working on material a couple of months ago.

“It’s great to be able to do the Soundgarden stuff and my solo career simultaneously,” he says.

“That’s what makes me lucky as a performer. As soon as this album cycle is over I’m working on Soundgarden songs for an album — I get to do a lot of different things and it feels like I get to have my cake and eat it too.”

Cornell also discussed his longevity in the industry, ““It feels much shorter but the scary thing is means I’m much older than the next guy doing this,” he says. “But you know it’s rare that someone who comes from the world I come from which is indie alternative can have a career this long and be able to still make new music.”

  • Breadbitten

    I’m getting that funny feeling in the pit of my balls again!

    • Corndog

      Aw man. You can’t talk about your junk here! This is a family site! 😉

  • Felonious Punk

    Looks like this won’t be coming out until the first half of 2017 then? Maybe by this time next year if they can wrap the whole thing by mid-summer. The important take-away here is that SG is going to make another record. I hope they get super-weird on this one like they were doing on Superunknown and DOTU..

    • Jimmy Intense

      You consider DOTU to be super weird? By Soundgarden standards it was a more straightforward rock album especially compared to Superunknown

      • TR

        Badmotorfinger was the really good kinda weird shit!

      • Felonious Punk

        I disagree. Even the band said in interviews after DOTU came out that it was their weirdest effort.

        Kim Thayil was quoted in Rip Magazine (I think…its been almost 20 years now) saying how after Superunknown, A&M Records was up their ass about the next album, and how the band knew they could never top Superunknown’s success. So they went into the studio with no expectations for themselves except to make a record they were all proud of. And what they wound up with was an album that sounded nothing like anything else out there (and still, to this day), was commercially and critically appreciated, and had some of the band’s favorite songs ever on it.

        If anything, I’d say Badmotorfinger is their straightforward rock album. DOTU has songs like Pretty Noose, BUTOW, Overfloater and Switch Opens that are as warped as anything they did.

        • Jimmy Intense

          Switch Opens, Never the Machine Forever and Overfloater sure. BUTOW and Pretty Noose don’t really sound all that warped or feature odd tunings/time signatures. They’re both fairly straightforward songs especially when you compare to the rest of the album.

          Let’s just hope their new album contains less “Halfway There” and more “By Crooked Steps”

          • Felonious Punk

            Apples and oranges, I guess. I’ve always loved DOTU because it sounded like a righteously weird follow-up to Superunknown. Those two albums definitely sound worlds away from Badmotorfinger, Louder Than Love and Ultramega OK

  • Junior Moore

    ???? I still have King Animal in heavy rotation. Can’t get enough of it. I can’t wait to see where they take heavy riff rock next.

  • elgaz

    Can’t wait for this. After being so disappointed with material from existing bands and bands who were getting back together after a breakup or long hiatus, King Animal exceeded my expectations. I never really expected Soundgarden to just phone in a performance as they’ve never been the kind of band to do that, but for the album to feel as fresh and energised and creative as any of the work they did in their heyday was a very pleasant surprise. Hopefully their next one can keep that momentum.