Chris Cornell: ‘Kanye West Has Done Entire Shows To A Laptop’

Chris Cornell recently discussed using a turntable at his concerts and Kanye West during an interview with WMMR, as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

“It came from initial discussion with my one time manager about ways of making an acoustic show cool. The idea of having a turntable came up, on stage. He was talking about, ‘You could talk about records you love, and go play part of it.’ I liked the idea of that, that immediately kind of makes it intimate, kind of like the living room when you’re doing that. But I didn’t really like – it didn’t make sense for me to play someone else’s record. As soon as I thought that, I realized that most modern touring artists perform to track on some level, if not entirely.

Where Kanye West has done entire shows to a laptop, really, to basically the record. Why not just press songs that I want versions of my songs in whatever form I want to vinyl, and sing to them that way, and I still sort of get that quality. The first time I did it, I knew it was a good idea just because as soon as you drop the needle, and the audience heard the sound of vinyl, they reacted just to that. That kind of changed the atmosphere.”

Chris Cornell was critical of Kanye West’s roadies at Big Day Out’s show in Gold Coast, Australia in 2012.

Kanye West showed up 45 minutes late to the show, and the crowd broke into chants of “bullshit” numerous times as they waited, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

Frontman Chris Cornell wasn’t impressed when a sound check of West’s upcoming set at the neighbouring main stage could be heard in between Soundgarden songs and the rock band’s fans started booing.

“Sounds like there’s children playing music there, retarded children, retarded as in held back. There’s no other word for it,” Cornell told the crowd.

  • Felonious Punk

    What a joke, getting onstage and singing to an audience backed up by a fucking laptop.

    • Corndog

      I’m pretty sure Kanye West is a joke with or without the laptop…

      • Felonious Punk

        Some of his stuff is okay. But yea, for the most part, he’s pretty mediocre.

        That time he went on the Katrina help telethon and said George Bush didn’t care about black people ????

  • Bilbo

    Would please someone show Chris some youtube videos of Colin Hay playing live. He just plays an acoustic guitar and tells stories in between songs, and that is very “cool”. Seriously, where is this guy going with singing to records?

    • Billy

      he sings When i`m Down to a vinyl recording of Natasha schneider`s piano arrangement. I have also seen him sing Silence the Voices to a vinyl recording of the song. He uses guitar loops on Blow up the Outside World and when he covers State Trooper by Springsteen.
      It`s only usually 2 songs of his nearly 30 song set on average and it certainly doesn`t take away from the performances.

  • nomad

    I’ve never been to one of Cornell’s solo shows. Is he singing to a record player?

    • Jesusswept

      He has Natasha Shneider’s piano part from “When I’m Down” pressed on vinyl which he sings along to on the songbook tours. The rest of the songs are all played live. She passed in 2008, Cornell pefaces the song by saying that no one could ever play it the way she did. This last time i saw him he into and outro’d w/ the vinyl as well.

  • jcal7

    So is Cornell actually singing to pre-recorded music? What I got from the article is that he does now?
    One ‘band’ that comes to mind is Coldplay and they suck for it. Do you ever just watch the guitarist and try to listen out to the notes he is playing? It’s like the guitar isn’t even plugged in! Fair enough if you need some orchestration to back it up but the live experience is just that.

    • Titty Sprinkles.

      He signs to one song with the record player, everything else is acoustic.

  • Junior Moore

    One of my dream collabs for an album is Kanye and Chris.

    • Billy

      well we def found something we don’t agree on lol

      • Junior Moore

        Haha. I understand. I would just love to hear what would come off it. I think they would surprise a lot of people.

        • Billy

          if he wasn’t such a cocky douche, i might be more accepting of the idea, but i’m pretty sure that Cornell would walk out of the studio on the first day because of his arrogance lol