Zod posted this on the forums:

I just got back from the acoustic Chris Cornell show (which was pretty good btw). Anyways during the encore he played hunger strike.. then after he said he’d play one he didn’t know, one of eddie’s, then covered Better Man.

It was pretty cool. I’ve seen alot of concerts, I’m pretty sure thats the first time I’ve seen a PJ song covered. Good Stuff.

  • Joe

    Must. Find. Audio.

  • ben

    cool. I would really love to see Eddie and Chris work together on a solo album…

  • Robert

    I need to hear this and this would awesome and would be cool if they do a solo duet show.

  • Ashley

    Wow! I can’t wait to hear this. I should have made an effort to go to one of these shows.


    I was there in the crowd in Edmonton last night, wowwwwww what an amazing cover…just icing on the cake to such a great show!!! I would never have dreamed that Chris Cornell would cover Betterman!!!! WOW

  • BD

    Saw CC in Asheville, NC – it was great!

  • Tod

    Someone must have a link or video! I need proof! 😛

  • Flips


  • fsh

    Google and you shall receive:

  • Erik

    The collaboration that I’d love to see and is long overdo is Jerry Cantrell and Chris Cornell. ‘Right Turn’ (though outstanding) wasn’t enough to satiate the need to hear more of what them working together (or Chris with AIC) would produce…

  • Junior

    ^I would LOVE to hear what Jerry & Chris could create together.

  • Robert

    Excellent performance and cover and really Chris and Eddie should do a show together or record another song together.

  • King Cornell 20

    Excellent. But obviously it doesn’t take a genius to know no one will ever perform that song nearly as well as Eddie. Not even Chris Cornell. But Chris, nice choice of a cover!!!

  • Richard C. Sachs

    Honestly, as good or better than Vedder…. and I’m a big Pearl Jam fan

  • get real

    are you people serious??? BUTCHER JOB. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a professional artist butcher a song as badly as Cornell just did. That was pathetic.

  • rard o

    ben said:

    cool. I would really love to see Eddie and Chris work together on a solo album…

    whispers from the west say anything is possible…

  • Junior

    *agrees with richard. He makes Vedder sound like an amateur. No hate behind that at all.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk


  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    I don’t think its possible for another musician/band to generate the same emotion and energy that Eddie Vedder and co. put into Pearl Jam songs, but if anybody can even come close, its this guy.

    Nice take on a great song.

    Wish I was there to see it.

    A collaboration is a nice pipe dream. I have major doubts that something like that will ever happen, but the fact that there will be new Soundgarden music after all these years says to me that anything is possible!

  • the-eleven-club

    The Gaslight Anthem did State of Love & Trust which was pretty cool too!

  • bootleg

    “Must. Find. Audio.”

    I have it, audio of the entire show.