Chino Moreno Has Revealed New Deftones Album Title & Tracklisting, Or He’s Trolling Fans

Last week it was confirmed that Deftones would release their new album on April 8th. A title for the album and tracklisting has been circulating online, with the rumored title being Gore. Below is the rumored tracklisting:

1. Prayers/Triangles
2. Acid Hologram
3. Doomed User
4. Geometric Headdress
5. Hearts/Wires
6. Pittura Infamante
7. Xenon
8. (L)mirl
9. Gore
10. Phantom Bride

Chino Moreno responded to these rumors by tweeting photos with the rumored album title and of one of the song titles. Is Chino confirming the rumors, or trolling fans? We will see soon!

Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter discussed the album at NAMM last week, “[We’re] sitting around waiting for the release of our new record. It comes out April 8th. We have some dates in Texas in March, in May-June we’re off to Europe for some festivals out there. We’ll play for all the people who are interested and want to hear it.”

During a November 2015 interiew with BBC Radio 1’s “Rock Show”, Chino Moreno stated about “vibe” of the the band’s next CD: “I can’t really compare it to our last couple of records. I mean, those two records were done in a very similar manner where we locked ourselves in a room for a short period of time and wrote and recorded it. And therefore, I feel like we sort of really captured this moment in time, and the records sort of sound cohesive because of that. This record was done sort of over a year, spread out over these little, tiny writing sections. So it sounds a bit more fragmented, but in a good way. I mean, I feel like you put on one song and it’s completely different from the song after it, or previous to it. So it’s not like we had this one main idea and we went in and we sort of went with that vibe. I mean, the vibe’s sort of all over the place. So, like any DEFTONES record, I mean, it’s got dynamics and there’s loud aggressiveness and there’s mellowness to it, but it’s all sort of got an ebb and flow to it. I don’t know… It’d be hard for me to just put it in words exactly what it sounds like. It’s definitely a Deftones record. The way I look at it is it’s a gradual step from where we last were.”

  • Jimmy Intense

    I hate when bands are asked to describe their music. Thinking back to the nu-metal days I can remember Korn, etc would always say “our next album is the heaviest fucking thing since a death metal sumo wrestler” as if that were able to capture exactly what their album would sound like.

    It’s just a ridiculous question to ask a band. It sounds like fucking MUSIC.

    • Nikdik

      It’s especially pointless with a band as diverse as Deftones. Every one of their albums is different

  • Nikdik

    Hell yes! Deftones are one of the most consistently awesome bands around.

  • Nicholas Gramuglia

    I think its bs considering theyve recorded 16 tracks and have stated multiple times thats how many would be on the record haha hes trolling us

  • Felonious Punk

    This was already confirmed to be a fake early last week on, an “unofficial” official Deftones fan community. ‘Doomed User’ is a Team Sleep track.