Despite this, Chevelle doesn’t travel with any security, and it’s not because bassist Dean Bernadini is, according to them, a badass with huge fists. It’s because of a lesson they got on tour with the Foo Fighters. “We were playing shows with the Foo Fighters, and Dave Grohl walks us across the street. I said, ‘Dave, no security, no lines?'” Pete says. “He said, ‘Yeah, security makes more problems than they fix.’ We always felt like if Dave Grohl doesn’t need security, what do we need security for?”

  • steph

    See?? Dave Grohl is awesome. And I love me some Chevelle too!! Wish I had seen them together! :)))

  • Superunknown

    Dave Grohl is not a pussy. He was in the fucking pit @ a Soundgarden show in INGLEWOOD…

  • Dennis

    Pete Loeffler = Maynard James Keenan wannabe.

    Then again, aren’t we all?

  • billy

    i love chevelle but those bastards won’t tour across canada

  • slatesphanboi

    Why would Dave Grohl need security guards?

    He could just seek his pal LEMMY KILMEISTER on anyone that bugs him!!! Yikes!

  • Matt from DC

    Who the hell would mess with THE GROHL!!!!

  • FartHead

    Reading the headline “CHEVELLE FRONTMAN SAYS DAVE GROHL DOESN’T HAVE SECURITY GUARDS” kind of makes me laugh.

    Its like announcing to the world “Hey guys! Dave Grohl doesnt have any security! Thats right, feel free to run up to him and know that he has no backup!”

    Its still cool to know that hes trying to live like a regular guy.

  • chicago_animal

    Foos and Chevelle: 2 of my favorite bands!

  • Pete

    Love Chevelle, this site should cover them!

  • Brooks

    Man this is a killer scoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!