Here is an excerpt from Cameron Crowe’s new interview with USA Today.

Anyway, we’re talking because you’re on my list of people of the year. And I put you there because I loved your Pearl Jam documentary. It gave me the same feeling of when I’ve seen Pearl Jam live.

That was the goal.

What have you learned from the band?

My instinct was always that their story was something that needed to be told. People knew pieces of it, but they didn’t know a lot of it. And I always felt lucky, because I’d seen them play, and I kind of had enough sense of their history to know what was behind the songs a little bit.

I would always feel so emotional watching them, because I remembered their whole journey from Mother Love Bone days until now. And I just thought, “If we make this movie correctly, we can tell that story.”

I thought if we could just quietly tell this story and hang out in Stone‘s house and Stone could just tell us what it felt like to live through this. And Jeff could be in Montana, and (if) we could see that guy that it would all add up to the feeling of what it’s like to love Pearl Jam. I felt Andy Wood‘s voice so strongly making it.

  • Robert

    That is cool story. Thank Mother Love Bone and Andy Wood if it wasn’t for them Pearl Jam would never exist. The vibe with Stone and Jeff created chemistry and when Andy pass on, those two loving playing music and eventually with Mike McCready went jamming with them and that what started Pearl Jam. Along with demos being sent to Eddie Vedder flew up to Seattle and that is how Pearl Jam was formed.

  • be

    Robert, very good placement
    I love pearl jam 🙂

  • Junior

    That’s awesome. Can’t help but to wish Andy was still around and MLB never ended. 🙁

  • shane

    PJ20 was extremely well done. I really appreciated Cameron’s tribute to Andy in the beginning. The more I read about Cameron Crowe as a rock journalist and married to Nancy Wilson of Heart and in Seattle; the more I’m reminded that timing is a true talent. The fact that he did something with it, and the scene, is fantastic.

    Scott Barbour just released Malfunkshun The Andrew Wood Story. I believe it was actually produced in 2005. I received it early for Christmas and had a chance to watch it on Sunday night (a little hung over to be honest). I would encourage Andy Wood fans to check it out. I’ll reserve my commentary until other folks have had a chance to see it.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    The film was brilliantly done. Captured every essence of the band perfectly.

  • Grungy

    Junior if that happened then there is no PJ. Ed would of been still surfing.

    Life is meant to have lows then highs just have to learn how to ride both.

  • drew

    just watched pj20 for the 2nd time on youtube-

    1st time i watched it, i thought it was fair, now i think it’s decent.

    as a long time(1992) passionate fan, i found few bits of new information.

    much less, to show the terrible clips of the tragic denmark show(2000), then only a few minutes or so later, showing stone debating setlist choices using the phrase, “we can just kill them, kill them”(referring to a bam, bam, bam set of first 5 songs), showed very poor taste/attention to detail in the edit room….

    overall, 6 out of 10 stars-