There is a new interview up with Cage The Elephant members Lincoln Parish (guitar) and Daniel Tichenor (bass) on conducted by Amy Harris (also remember to check out my Cage The Elephant fansite, here’s an excerpt:

Amy: You guys have been touring with STP right?

Parish: Yeah we did for about a month.

Amy: Were you guys there when Scott fell off the stage in Cincinnati?

Parish: Yeah we were. I didn’t see it.

Amy: That was a crazy night. That stage is really high. It’s like six feet tall. I think that usually the speakers are right up on the stage and he’ll jump on them and go out and sing.

Parish: Yeah, they usually build a platform but I think they didn’t think he was going to go over that far. And he did. He expected it to be there and it wasn’t. He kept singing though.

Amy: He did. I talked to the security people the next week and they talked about pulling him out of the wires and they said he was pretty beat up. They said he sang the whole time. The band didn’t even miss a beat. I think if you’re lead singer fell off you guys might look for him right?

Tichenor: The thing is when you’re playing you’re really not paying attention. If somebody… If something happened to someone in the band you really don’t know.

Amy: You really wouldn’t notice for a while?

Parish: I’ve fallen off a couple times.

Tichenor: Yeah, Lincoln has fallen off and I didn’t even know he fell off.

Amy: You just keep going. I guess the only person who can’t fall off is really the drummer.

Parish: If he falls off, we’ve got big problems.