Butch Vig Praises Dave Grohl; Talks Details On “Sonic Highways”

In a new interview with CBS affiliate 93XRT, producer and musician Butch Vig discussed what it was like working with Dave Grohl and the Foo’s once again.

“I love Dave like a crazy brother. I don’t know anyone who has such infectious enthusiasm for life and for music…(The Foo’s)are capable of doing what they want to do, and we decided to make this record in eight different cities. The band wrote eight songs and we recorded them all in eight different locales in the U.S.”

Vig, who worked with the Foo Fighters on their 2011 album Wasting Light discussed details on the band’s upcoming album Sonic Highways as well as the band’s upcoming HBO documentary:

“Part of the documentary is about the recording of the song and a lot of it is about he musical history of that city…And it’s also about what it means to the Foo’s and to Dave. He taps into what each city musically, personally means him. Each city truly had it’s own experience. One of the cool things about the album is…each song has that city’s sound to a certain extent and definitely the environment we recorded in. Each song is it’s own unique beast.”

Sonic Highways is due out November 10, 2014. Documentary series Sonic Highways premieres on HBO October 17th, at 11pm.