• irishtdawg

    Because their drastically shite?

  • Lee Christmas

    That’s because everyone here in the UK does now, and always have hated this band!!!

  • King Cornell

    Wow! I first laughed but I actually feel bad for these guys.

  • King Cornell

    Not exactly Woodstock ’99….

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/DOGS/278155020723 runawaydog

    ^ I went to Woodstock’99 to see them. it’s a long time ago…

  • Dennis

    Ohhh Woodstock 99. I bought the PPV, and it was worth every penny. Much better than being there I bet.

  • Martin


  • Martin

    To be honest some musician love smaller venues since you’re closer to the people.

  • Phil

    But Martin that wasn’t Bush’s intent in this case.

  • Stew

    No offense to Bush fans but I can’t say that this surprises me. Some bands think they can disappear for long periods of time to self indulge their own tastes but as well all know people forget. Obviously most people have forgotten Bush. Taking long periods of time off is a bad idea for any band.

  • Shayla

    They have much better taste in music over there.

  • chicago_animal

    They are like STP over there. Getting their Venues Downgraded.

  • Rodrigo

    I’m really dissapointed with their last album, I missed the aggressive side on razorblade suitcase and the science of things…hope that the next album will be more heavy…

  • Gabriela

    Maybe in Scotland, but their 3 shows in London in 2011 and last week’s show in Koko (London) were totally crowded, some were sold out!
    And the shows were incredible!