• BillyL

    I was under the impression that all of Bush’s members had returned for the reunion? Was it always just Gavin and the drummer (Robin?) who came back?

  • GrungeJunkie

    New single kind of sucks. Peaked and then crashed right after 16stone. Not to mention they are the poster boys of what grunge turned into once it went commercial and got overly produced. That why I have always liked the term “grunge”. The music of AIC, SG, PJ, Nirvana, etc etc is raw, gritty, and well grungy sounding. The raw garage band sound isnt overly produced because it doesn’t need to be. The talent shines thru the distortion and occassional missed notes as raw, uncompromising, loud, defiant, untainted fucking rock. I can’t wait till SG drops their new album then tours in support of it. It would be cool if AIC got their album out around the same time and then they could tour together. That would be a giant grunge wet dream. Which is what PJ20 COULD have been but honestly, PJ’s lackluster interest when interviewed showed to me that it probably wouldn’t end up being that cool. I’ve seen PJ w/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They could have had every band on this site play. Oh well. I can always dream. At least I have Lollapalooza to look forward to next weekend. Eminem, Muse, and the Foo Fighters are going to knock my socks off. Not to mention A Perfect Circle, Ween, and many many others.

  • Doug

    Bush is one of those commercial grunge bands I actually like. I mean sure, they pilfered Nirvana and Seattle in general, but all their radio material is gold. Never picked up any of their albums though.

  • Bent

    Bush makes me want to blow my brains out every time they’re on the radio. Letting the Cables Sleep, Little Things, and Everything Zen are the only decent songs they ever put out. Not great songs, but they can at least be listened to. That song about clouds sucks. Glycerine sucks. Machine Head sucks.

  • Tchelo

    16 Stone rocks…. the song “Mountains” by Gavin’s side project Institute is awesome!

  • Don’t Mess With the Brohan


    Brett must be the new bassist for Bush.