Producer Brendan O’Brien discussed Pearl Jam’s new album Lightning Bolt in a new interview with Rolling Stone:

“We started working about a year and a half ago, maybe even longer. We did about six or seven songs that were ready. My idea was, “Let’s do these songs, make them great and be all excited about them, and then that will propel the band into writing the rest of the songs. We’ll get right back and do the rest of them.” Well, that didn’t happen. I was not able to get them into the studio for another year and a half.”

“[Laughs] They had a lot of things going on. I just don’t think they were quite ready just yet to do the whole . . . Once they finish a record, I think they know they’ve gotta crank the whole thing up. If they’re happy with the record, it sort of means they’re going to get the whole thing rolling. I just don’t think they were quite ready to do all of that. They all had various solo things going on.”

“That’s the best I can figure. You’ll have to ask them. Whatever happened, we got together about five months ago and started back up. We had a group of songs, and we picked from those. The good news is that we had sort of a template of songs that we started in the first session, and we knew we had to do something at least that good, or better. If they weren’t rising to that kind of level, we would just move on from there.”

In the interview O’Brien also confirmed our report that “Sirens” is a song on Lightning Bolt. He said it’s one of his favorite tracks on the album.

  • PJ

    No prob

  • the keeper

    Brendan is a cool cat, despite people on the forums hating him I always liked him

  • Joe

    I can’t wait to hear this album! I’ve been concerned about the band over the last year or so with Matt doing double duty for both PJ and SG, plus other stuff like his “Drumgasm” project (for which I’m expecting the LP in the mail soon!).
    Wishin’ these guys all the best, hope they find a renewed sense of drive for everything.

  • Pennywise the Clown

    The release date seems so far away. I’m looking forward to it also as I found the last couple records to actually sound FUN (while still being Pearl Jam. PJ us one of those handful of bands whose records I listen to multiple times over the years and still absorb something from it. Every time I’ve ever seen this band live they’ve put on a show between 2-3 hours and acted like it was the last one they might ever do (leaving everything on the floor).

  • Brett’s Dad

    Brett’s dad here… This comment is off point – but singer/songwriter JJ Cale passed away on the 26th. He penned the songs After Midnight and Cocaine – songs made famous by Clapton – along with other greats covered by other artists. RIP…

  • Big M

    Yeah whatever did happen to make things take so long other than Soundgarden going back on tour and making a new album, we will never know.

  • Christine

    Awh crud. Now I remember why I was supposed to actually check out the new PJ even though I walked when the Avocado LP came out, Brendan o”Brien!

    Crap. He’s my all time favorite Engineer/Producer/Dude of all time next to Rick Ruben and Trent Reznor.

    Damn. * what to do what to do *

  • Randall Flagg

    Yeah you’re special.

  • OLD_MR

    Is mind your manners one of the original 7?