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I know that we as dedicated Pearl Jam fans don’t care what the movie made in terms of box office receipts but I think it is a very good indicator of the popularity of the movie, given that it was only released, domestically in less than 99 theaters… Using that as a gauge and knowing that in most of those theaters there were only two or three showings in one day, the movie made $280,343, according to UPDATE: I know what you are saying about the title of this post… Lion King 3D was #1…. that’s true but…This weekend, PEARL JAM TWENTY was Number 1 in Platform theaters of 99 or less…. It was only shown in 9 theaters this weekend (Sept. 23 – 25) and it avg. $9,946 for a total of $89,514 for THREE DAYS on NINE screens. So, yes Pearl Jam Twenty is Number 1(Sept. 23-25 in catagory of movies showing on 99 screens or less). Kinda of misleading I agree…. but true. Note: these numbers do not reflect the sales of PPV viewings this weekend…

  • eric

    where are all the pearl jam fans around me???? they are the reason i started playing music & iv been searching…i know youre out there…the blessing/curse of the net…viva la pj!!

  • avedder

    in my country Indonesia: we paid for cinema $2 as cheapest and $10 as highest price ticket…but we paid more $15 for pearl jam twenty and 500 seat are SOLD only in five days 🙂

  • rodrigo

    Here in Argentina, i paid 35 argentine pesos which is kinda cheap, i have not regrets about the movie, it was AWESOME, and inside the movie theatre there were a lot of people, i was very surprised because you knowmy country has their people who listen good music and people who listen bad music, and the sad thing is that there are more people who like the bad music rather the good ones.

  • Kimberly

    I saw a midnight showing a few days ago in Manhattan and the theatre was packed.. not a single open seat.

  • missy

    Took good money considering limited release.
    Does anyone know why the guys and Crowe did not push for
    a wider release?

    Seems obvious that the film would have taken millions?

    Anyway kudos to PJ rock on.