Blink-182, Sublime, Flogging Molly & More Discuss What Morrissey Means To Them

Alternative Nation’s #MorrisseyWeek has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean our coverage of “this charming man” is going anywhere! Alternative Nation was able to acquire quotes from various rock artists on what Moz means to them! Alternative Nation contributor Charles Peralo would also like to foreword this by stating what Morrissey means to him:

“Well with Morrissey he’s truly a big mouth who will always strike again. With either a great lyric in a new song, a quote that I really agree with him on or a quote I really really disagree with him on. The guy knows how to always strike again and I hope he stays in the music scene for decades to come.”


Richard Patrick (Filter): To me, Morrissey is the elegant rebel. A man that would hate to have to kick your ass.

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Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio/Blink-182): When I got into punk rock at age 10, I had an older cousin that took me to shows and would make me mix tapes. One of the mixes she made for me had “What Difference Does It Make?” on it. I used to mow lawns and immediately went to the record store and bought “Hatful Of Hollow” as soon as I had enough money. I collected everything by The Smiths and Morrissey on cassette as quickly as I could mow those lawns. I would listen to them while I cut grass on my Walkman. I’ve been a HUGE fan ever since. I now have everything on vinyl and I work out to YOU ARE THE QUARRY almost daily on my iPhone.


Bridget Regan (Flogging Molly): In my humble opinion, Morrissey (aside from my husband) is the single greatest songwriter gracing our planet right now.


Eric Wilson (Sublime): “Have you ever read his quotes? They’re probably better than his songs.”


Emerson Hart (Tonic): I can honestly say there are quite a few songs I would have never written if it wasn’t for ‘how soon is now?’ Still as great today as the first time I heard it when I was a kid.


The Votta Brothers (Art Of Anarchy): “I have the highest respect for him as an innovator and artist, anyone that creates something different, unique and inspires people will always have our respect.”


Jesse Kristin (Jukebox the Ghost): I used to find it near-impossible to choose a favorite band when people asked, until I decided to employ a quantitative method: Which band has the most songs you absolutely love? After excluding The Beatles on principle, I realized that band for me was The Smiths. This was ten years ago. Obsession with Morrissey’s early solo albums followed: Viva Hate, Bona Drag, Kill Uncle, Your Arsenal, Vauxhall & I. Each one of these records did me in at one point or another. Morrissey’s m.o. is paradox: harmonious, relentless self-loathing and self-idolization. Think the guy’s cocky? Listen to his lyrics. Think he’s miserable? Listen to his lyrics. There’s a word for this paradoxical condition — “human”. Speaking of being human, I got to very briefly meet Johnny Marr backstage at Lollapalooza in 2010. I showed him my “Ask” tattoo then, overcome with existence, immediately retreated into my sunglasses and cried like a baby.