Blind Melon To Perform Entire ‘Soup’ Album In Concert

In an interview by yours truly for the Songfacts site, Blind Melon guitarist Christopher Thorn discussed a variety of topics – his new project Sonny Boy Thorn, the stores behind several classic tunes, and also offering up some news that is sure to please longtime Blind Melon fans:

“To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Soup record, Blind Melon is making plans to go play shows and perform the Soup record from top to bottom. We have never done that before, but we are excited to challenge ourselves. Some of the songs from the Soup record have never been performed live before.” Specifics of when/where the ‘Soup’ performances will take place have not been confirmed as of yet.

Thorn also described what it was like to write songs with Shannon:

“It was a very simple and extremely satisfying process writing with Shannon. I would demo a bunch of songs. I would make sure the structure and the feeling of the song had the impact I wanted. I would play all the instruments (not always well), just so there was a clear vision of the song. I would hand a cassette tape to Shannon, and he would sing over whatever inspired him the most. Many times I would be surprised as to what he chose to sing over. Shannon would never ask me to revise any arrangement and I never asked Shannon to change any lyrical or melodic idea. Shannon would turn my musical compositions into magical songs once he sang on them.”

And memories of when he heard the lyrics Shannon wrote for the song “Soup” for the first time:

“I will never forget the night he sang to my demo. When he sang the lyric, ‘I will pull the trigger and make you all go away,’ I knew it was about Kurt Cobain. I had goose pumps for days after hearing that – and still do when I hear the song now.”

There are also other Thorn-related musical performances coming up – Sonny Boy Thorn will be playing a residency in Silverlake, California at the Satellite (formerly Spaceland) every Monday in the month of July 2015 to launch their EP. Also, Sonny Boy Thorn will be playing Melon Fest on August 1, 2015 in Kentucky, and modern day Melon singer Travis Warren and Thorn will also be playing an all-acoustic set of Melon songs at the festival. Warren and Thorn will also be performing at the 2015 Vigil (an annual gathering of fans at the gravesite of Hoon, who died in 1995).

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  • The Vegemite Kid

    “Goose pumps”? lol

  • Shane99

    Was never lucky enough to see these guys.

  • Dawn Bilyeu

    Catch them with Travis Warren if you can, it’s pretty wonderful.

  • John Hutchins

    This may seem like a dumb question, but who does the singing for the soup album anniversary shows? Or is an instrumental performance ?

    • Anthony Coro

      Travis Warren.

      • James Payton

        Travis Rocks with these Guys . Been to 7 shows love the sound!!

  • John Hutchins

    Ok thanks! I saw the name referenced in the comments section. Just didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

  • John Hutchins

    Yeah I definately will. How does the 2008 album ‘for my friends’ stack up to their other albums?

  • Billy

    awesome news!!! For those who want to hear more from Travis, he has made nearly 100 songs available from solo and various side bands between 2004-2011. He also has a solo album from 2012 which isn’t in the link below, but is also good. I just found these yesterday so i am quite thrilled because i didn’t know any of this existed. They are all available via his google drive, so this is not stealing or pirating if that is a concern to you.

    Feast on his cornucopia here