Billy Corgan Reveals Size Of Marilyn Manson’s Penis

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan recently recorded a funny Facebook video with TNA wrestler Grado at an Impact Wrestling television taping in the United Kingdom.

Grado sarcastically asks Corgan, “I’m sitting here with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, and I’ve got a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time. Billy, what size is Marilyn Manson’s cock?”

Corgan quips back, “Well, it’s bigger than yours.”

Grado says, “You don’t know the size of my cock.”

BillCo deadpans, “No, I’ve seen your cock, it’s a bally half incher.”

Corgan has also been doing live Facebook videos, discussing his new documentary he is filming across about America that he hopes to turn into a series. Last night, Corgan criticized the Super Bowl.

“That was a terrible Super Bowl, I have to say. I mean you got the big Peyton Manning walk off into the sunset win, but what a shnoozo.”

Corgan also spent a lot of time answering fan questions, revealing that he hopes to have long 3 hour Smashing Pumpkins sets next year with Jimmy Chamberlin back in the fold, much like their 2007 Zeitgeist tour. He also revealed that many demos from his solo album TheFutureEmbrace sounded like Siamese Dream.

  • fuck them


  • Felonious Punk

    Billy runs TNA Impact Wrestling, which makes him an expert on schnoozo events

  • Pink Taco

    I’ve never seen Manson as more than a fad. When he went from Antichrist to an androgynous robot his whole thing was blown and he’s been as irrelevant as Warrant and Poison.

    • Shane99

      I didn’t mind some of his most recent album, The Pale Emperor. It’s much better than a lot of his work. Still cannot consider myself a fan.

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  • Shane99

    “Billy Corgan Reveals Size, Taste and Texture of Marilyn Manson’s Penis”

    • Alternative Nation

      Would make a good followup article, and probably get good hits.

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  • sifting .

    fucking homos

  • Jesusswept

    Brett was so excited to see Billy talk about cock he had to write an article about it.

  • dakotablue

    I wondered why I read this until I got to the Super Bowl part. If I’m Cam Newton, I’m asking where was my protection? The Panthers constantly left their Top Cat open to the Broncos defense, forcing Cam to run for it. Disappointing.

  • Penomet Extender

    Could care less about Mansons penis size but must agree all aspects of this years superbow where lame, even the halftime show Eeek