Billy Corgan Says The Smashing Pumpkins Aren’t A Grunge Band

Billy Corgan has said in a new interview with Illinois Entertainer that The Smashing Pumpkins are not a Grunge band.

“We’d even contemplated doing something, as cheesy as it sounds: Smashing Pumpkins electric, Smashing Pumpkins acoustic.  Because, unfortunately, the way it’s been going the last few years, is not as much of the softer or ballady Pumpkins material is getting played, because most of the audience are coming very much for the perceptional idea of what Smashing Pumpkins is, which is a Grunge band, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth.”

He added, “So we’re in this kind of weird place where we can’t really fight city hall any more, it’s not even worth it, you just get a bunch of angry Twitter people writing.  [Interviewer: ‘Why didn’t you play today?] Yeah, exactly.  I’m at a point in my life now where I’m totally cool with it now, if you want to go see that band, there’s the forum.”

Last week, Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez said that Alice In Chains is not a Grunge band either.

  • Ben Dawson-Punshon

    But didn’t this guy once moan that SP were never ‘accepted’ as a Grunge band?

  • Philippe Gaudet

    Well al the “grunge” bands don’t consider themself that. I think it is very fine and related to the very source of what is/was a “grunge” band.

  • Corndog

    When i think of the term ‘Grunge band’ there is only ever one band that springs to mind for me; Mudhoney. Perhaps Nirvana, but their sound was much too polished and commercial to fit into that genre IMO.
    I never considered the Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees or Soundgarden to be Grunge. You can’t have a genre of music where no two of the bands that supposedly belong to it sound even remotely alike.
    Pearl Jam and Nirvana, probably the two most famous bands to be branded with the name ‘Grunge’ sound absolutely nothing alike. For one, Pearl Jam know how to play their instruments…..

    • God

      Creed is a grunge band!

  • Shane99

    I always felt that grunge was just a Seattle thing. So, I never thought of SP as grunge.

  • God

    BC accepts that fact that he is a douche bag! Stop talking!

    • Philippe Gaudet

      Oh man, fuck off. I knew god was an asshole.

      • God

        God prefers kind atheist over hateful christians!

  • Raj

    No one is a grunge band it was just a term people used because of the way they played music and their appearance. Having ripped up jeans, flannel shirts, long hair being unshaven, etc. Same for alternative term, because the music is not mainstream, it’s called alternative. It’s just a societal thing where everything has to have a label to be identified a certain way.

  • ShawnKemp40

    THEY ARENT!!! but they were…

  • spectrum

    I didn’t realise Smashing Pumpkins were even a band!

    • Ben Dawson-Punshon

      They are, a one man band!

  • Bill Austeh

    It’s Easy for these bands to say that now but back in the day they didn’t dare say shit. $$$$$$$