Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan told that the Smashing Pumpkins’ latest album Oceania is a new timely record, unlike other bands who are pretending it’s 1997 on new material. I wonder who he’s talking about? Could it be an anagram of Nudedragons?

“I’m proud to say that I think I’ve made a really quality record in a time when most people are not making quality records. And I mean new and timely, like 2012. Not, “It’s 1997, wink wink, it’s 2012” records. Like, it’s a new record. And I’m proud of that. And that could only have happened by being contrarian, and by being willing to go against that flow and willing to take a hit on the business and all that.”

  • Pete

    The Soundgarden album is stupendous.

  • Mark

    Come on, Billy. You did a great job on “Oceania”, but it’s kind of childish acting this way.

  • Nick

    Getting really sick of Corgan & his petty, bitchy crap to be honest. Soundgarden is 10x the band Smashing Pumpkins ever were. King Animal is great. I saw SP perform Oceania in full a few months ago & EVERYONE in the HALF EMPTY arena was bored stupid! Should have seen the mass exodus to the bar half way through.

    Not to mention his new band mates are an asian guitarist & some random chick on bass. Who’s on a nostalgia trip now billy? He’s been flogging a dead horse for a while now. Constantly taking bitchy pot shots at other bands is making him look pathetic & insecure.

    … and the new soundgarden doesn’t sound like “1997”… It sounds like Soundgarden. Idiot.

  • Christine

    …. takes out cheese grater and attempts to remove pumpkins gish tattoo from wrist*

    *when when when oh when is Courtney going call Billy and tell him to shut up…when… please when?

  • Christine

    Billy has destroyed my being a fan of his work. It’s heartbreaking and pathetic all the blathering he’s been doing. And people call Courtney an ‘attention whore’. I think Billy has easily topped her for poll position in that category.

    I can’t wait for the next Queens of the Stone Age LP to blow away everything, and then have josh and co. give zero interviews,…. with all the collaboration it will be a testament on how PEERS can respect one another and work together (and enjoy themselves). Billy will be chewing on his foot with much vigor when that release drops. Also looking forward to next Jane’s project and next NIN/Reznor work.

  • Christine

    willing to take a hit on the business end,… while you re-release boxed sets of all SP LPs including MC&TIS for $129+ ? Just stop it Billy.

  • Dennis

    I personally don’t agree. No matter the year, I want my favorite bands to sound like my favorite bands. Ya, lyrical content will probably mature, but do we really want the upcoming Tool and AIC records influenced by what’s popular in 2012? Eff that noise.

  • Britney Spears


  • Shadow on the sun

    Awww poor Corgan, king Animal is a better record and got Waaay more justifiable attention than Oceania. I You are just a pathetic lonely man Corgan. For the love of god act your age for once

  • Patrick

    I can’t even bare to listen to SP anymore, because all I think of is this bullshit. With no disrespect to his remaining fans, I am ready for this guy to retire and disappear.

  • warriorwoman

    I doubt “Willie” has even heard King Animal. I wonder if he realizes just how he sounds when he spouts this type nonsense. You’re losing fans “Willie”. It’s time to shut-up!!

  • Is he one?

    Well I do agree with Billy 100% and can’t stand Christine.

    Oceania is the album of the year, easily, and it IS timely. The music speaks for itself.

  • versus

    Right, Christine somehow became possibly the biggest idiot on this site, and that’s not an easy task. You write the same thing 100x; grow the fuck up already. You hate SP’s music because of Billy’s comments. Think about how stupid that sounds. Billy has every right to be proud of his album because he didn’t play it safe and rehash the sound that made his brand famous. The music stands for itself, and comments during interviews have nothing to do with his music. Shocking, isn’t it?

  • Is he one?

    I agree with you versus, she’s a whining baby. Clearly something goes wrong in her personnal life, only explanation.

  • GwynnKatie

    He’s very, very opinionated. he always will be.

    What I want to know is…
    WHAT kind of CAT is that – that he’s holding in his arms?!!!
    Is it real? It almost looks porcelain.
    If it’s real, it looks hairless but with Himalayan-type points.
    And not oriental eyes.
    OMG what kind of cat IS that?!!!
    Inquiring minds want to know…

  • hopendope

    This scum hairless turd is still tripping.
    Ocean is all him not any of the other members just like the past. So he is still doing things like he has with the original SP. Big baby is still crying.

  • CagedTiger

    Look at Billy getting all cocky now he’s put out a good record! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of old SP and Oceania but is he forgetting all the sucky material he put out between 2005-2010 such as Shitegeist and Teargarden (Spangled anyone?).
    So yeah, you put out a quality record this time but it took you a few attempts to do it!

  • Mia

    If Billy is talking about Soundgarden I don’t think King Animal sounds like 1997. King Animal is a good record that sounds great right now and will continue to sound great. Oceania, especially the lyrics, just didn’t seem very mature to me. It was like he was trying to replicate what is popular today, which is soulless songs with throwaway lyrics. Why would you want to try and make a record that is supposed to fit into a specific time period anyway. Wouldn’t you want to make something that was timeless?

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    I was drinking beer in 1997… Does that mean that I’m living in the past by having a frosty mug today? Or does it simply mean that beer is as good as it was back then?

  • 10

    He’s right. In fact, he’s almost always right. Sp DID take a hit by not making an album that sounded like the 90s, and they took a hit by touring to play the album instead of just Greatest Hits. Give the dude the credit he deserves. He does things his way regardless of what everyone else wants/thinks he should do, even when he loses money as a result. Good for him for having integrity.

  • Octavio

    Is he talking about Soundgarden??? Cant be. King Animal is a great album today and will remain to be that way.

  • Greg

    Have to be honest, I didn’t even know Soundgarden had a new album out. I am pretty impressed with Oceania though!

  • Sonic_Junkie

    calm down people…. we don’t even know who he’s talking about. take a damn chill pill.

  • Douche Teabag

    I would love to spend a day inside the head of Billy Corgan – peering out at this plebian infested world, watching all the filth of humanity stroll by as they wallow in passionless mediocrity.

    Being Billy Corgan – that is my Christmas wish…

  • SuperSG

    Hi Bretts daddy!

  • Jetro

    If the Pumpkins are doing so great how come they can’t give tickets away to their shows? STFU Billy you self indulgent ass****!!

  • Stew

    This guy is an over hyped bald asshole. See Billy you should just do the hits cause sorry to say but for most including myself the Smashing Pumpkins deeper cuts suck. But this guy loves himself. I hope he’s able to reach that bald dome between his legs and suck his own cock every night so he can sleep peacefully.

  • TheWalrus26

    Billy’s statement might be true, but I have to say after billy starting going from “Mellon Collie” to now. Yeah it might be a album from today…that is not saying much because today music sucks dick.

    I think sound garden did the right thing and made a album that is still heavy and 90’s sounding but also made it were if some kid heard it today and compared it to music today they would get into liking it and grow off to forming kids actually liking real music with real instruments.
    not a auto tuner and a lab top.

  • Alternadude

    Billy is the greatest and Oceania proves hé Still is. Let him be as cocky as he wants. He earned it.

  • Iso

    He earned it? No fuck that. And you too, if you really believe that. Reaching a level of excellence or genius in one’s art, means that a certain level of dignity, awareness and yes enlightenment should accompany it. It does not entitle you, nor should you be persuaded to, spray runny shit all over everything else in & beyond your vicinity. No fucking way. It subtracts from who you are and the art you’ve created. It’s dick.

  • Megamania

    Why do people get so worked up over EVERYTHING this guy says? I don’t get it. Is it fun to make something out of nothing? This isn’t a profound statement by any means, and it’s not even inaccurate.

  • Tom

    Great songwriter and musician, but I really don’t understand why he has to be such a dick to everyone. He did enough of razzing on Soundgarden before the album came out, and it was alright then, but come on, if “rowing” sounds like it’s from ’97 I’d like to know how.

  • Mike

    billy corgan is a brilliant song writer and artist. that is all that matters. do you think he cares about any of your whiney opinions of him? sell a million records and do a couple sold out concerts… then your opinions might mean something to somebody… but probably not.

  • Justin

    Ok “Britney Spears”, let me tell you something. First of all, Billy Corgan did not kick out all the members. He kicked out Jimmy Chamberlain for drug use in 1997, he joined the band again in 2007. In 2009 he left on his own. And it wasn’t just Billy that kicked him, it was the whole bands decision. And why would Billy be a rapper? One of the greatest, well known, hard working rock stars of the 90’s no wait make that EVER just throw his rock/alternative rock skills away and perform crap like rap?! You all need to calm down. Billy is right, this isn’t the damn 90’s it’s 2012. People change and you all hate it. Billy can make his own decision and own music and say whatever he wants. I bet if more than half of you were Billy, you would make the same decisions as him and say the same stuff. It’s YOU people that need to “Grow up”.

  • Justin

    Stew, stop with all the bald jokes it doesn’t make you sound funny or tough it just makes you sound like a typical judgemental “take it upon myself to label everyone because damnit I’m freaking god” people. You dumb full of yourself ass

  • Storme

    god what a hipster.
    i like TSP but, damn if he’s not a condescending ass.