Here are some excerpts from FasterLouder‘s new interview with Billy Corgan.  BillCo took the high road here and decided not to talk negatively about Courtney Love.

In terms of those Courtney Love songs do you still have any ownership of them in a songwriting sense? Did you feel like they were your songs?
Yeah. I just don’t really want to talk about that, her, that subject anymore. I think it’s played out, I really don’t have anything else to say about it. As we say in America, water under the bridge, you know.

What about the current incarnation of the band, can you see yourself touring and recording with it for the next ten years?
I don’t like to put timeframes, because like I said I don’t take anything for granted, but I’m really happy and I hope that we stay together. I really like the band, I like the fact that everybody’s involved, I like the fact that we all participated on the album, and worked hard on it together. This is the sunny version of the band. I was in the dark version of the band, this is the sunny version, so I hope the sunny version lasts as long as possible.

You’ve said in other interviews you said you weren’t 100 percent happy with the way Zeitgeist turned out. Did you feel that way at the time, or is with hindsight?
I felt that way at the time. But that being said, I still thought it was good, or I wouldn’t have put it out. I still thought there was a lot of value there, but because people couldn’t get past it not sounding like Siamese Dream, it got kind of lumped into a category. So I when I say that, people think I mean it in terms of other things, no I meant it in terms of my own goals. It’s not like I went and said ‘let’s make Siamese Dream number two’ and I didn’t make it, ‘yeah it’s a failure’, no I went in to make an album that sounded like Zeitgeist.

I didn’t get out of it everything I would’ve wanted to get, and in hindsight I looked at it, and I’ve always been honest about saying ‘I didn’t get everything I wanted.’ But that said, I’m sorry, Jimmy and I in a room is still better than about 99 percent of the music that I’ve ever heard, outside of bands named The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, you know the list. To have it be kind of degraded into something because it wasn’t want people wanted, that’s a different set of expectations that don’t have anything to do with me.

  • Kris

    BILLY CORGAN SAYS HE’S DONE TALKING ABOUT COURTNEY LOVE – I wish the last three words in this title were ommitted and it would read: “BILLY CORGAN SAYS HE’S DONE TALKING.” Dude just annoys me.

  • no

    Very cool that he gave props to Nirvana.

  • Old MR

    I really enjoyed Zeitgeist

  • Dennis

    Preach on brother Kris.

  • VS.

    I like Billy’s insight. He knows the industry and is always truthful.

  • Millz

    I love how all these celebs are done talking about other celebs. Slash and Steven Adler are done talking about Axl Rose and now Billy is done talking about Courtney Love.

  • pretty penny

    Corgan is never done talking because he Can’t. Shut. Up.

  • BillyL

    Good call, Billy. Now, if only this website would follow suit.

  • Caitlin

    He should follow Frances’s lead and get a restraining order.

  • courtney love

    frances told me she had no idea there was a restarinign order she was rightfully mad at me and they wanted her money whioch is about half gone from the trust i established for her which took 4 years, shes not stupid and were fine. so please shut up. know your facts before you read tmxz read the thing whoopsi smoke in bed, no cats were killed except mine peabody eaten by a coyote a common enough thing in la and the move was terrrrible the guys just dumped our stuff in the middle of the house so thats “hoarding” ask frances, dont be a dick. we are fine.

  • courtney love

    thank god by the way hes so mean. i dont know why he was so mean about me. it really hurt my feelings, x c

  • Kynn

    I am not trying to be a hater but Billy Corgan is the most whiny, negative celebrity on earth! All the guy EVER does is complain, b**ch, moan, complain, whine…give it a rest Billy! Not only that but he just relentlessly disses people it’s like wtf dude.