Billy on playing some of his older songs about sadness, “Sometimes because I just don’t want to be in that space and sometimes it’s because I can’t reaccess that space because I just don’t think like that way anymore. It’s kind of like trying to speak something you don’t believe the philosophical basis of the thought anymore, so it almost kind of becomes more like acting because I don’t feel that anymore.”

On preserving his voice: “About 10 or 12 years ago I started being really careful. Don’t drink don’t smoke, I haven’t taken any over the counter medicine or drugs in 11 years, very healthy liver.”

  • King Cornell

    It’s upsetting but I totally get it. You think Eddie feels “Black” the way he used to with a wife and kids? But he’s so phenomenal he can sing and act the part and blow it out of the water so you can’t tell. Billy smiles when he plays Cherub Rock, but he plays it well so who cares that much? There is enough to be pissed off at in the world so hopefully the Eddies, Chris’s, and Jerrys of the world will channel something in their new albums…not saying they can’t be positive as well, far from that. Billy balances it well on Oceania.

  • jjc19461

    Yeah Billy! Feel proud about yourself, because you are the only thing that matters in this world right? You are the best!

  • is he one?

    Well Said King Cornell. Oceania proves it can work that eat for SP/Billy.

  • is he one?

    That “way”, not “eat”. Sorry.

    Oh and shut up jjc.

  • kaka

    Billy talks about Chris Cornell:

  • Jcon

    I remember reading about Trent Reznor talking about having to put yourself back into the mindset when playing those old songs of when you wrote them. I guess that’s gotta be hard though sometimes to separate old feelings like that from such a fragile part of your past

  • chicago_animal

    Hes screwed then cause who wants to hear the crappy new SP he has put out?

  • bon3z

    billy corgan is PIDORAS and HUESOS

  • SuperSG

    Billy makes perfect sense here. Its hard to submerge yourself in a feeling that once was a part of your mindset, but when the mindset changes…It can be very difficult to reactivate and operate well in those feelings.