-Billy said, “I always thought it was kind of funny. It’s like, wrestling guys can kind of wink their way out of being a bad guy. I’ve been willing to play a bad guy just because I think it’s funny. It’s certainly funnier than being a good guy.”

-He said the album format is basically dead, that people won’t sit down and listen to a full album. He sees a visual element possibly working in getting people to listen to an album.

  • kris

    Oh Billy, if that’s how you need to come to terms with being disliked for all the dumb stuff you say, go right ahead. To me you will always be the little insecure androgynous goth kid from 1990, longing to be liked, and that’s fine because you produced enough greatness to get a free pass on all of your other BS. Scrape away all the other stuff, the melodrama you speak, the wrestling stuff, the spats, the bitterness, and you are truly a bright, intelligent, likeable person. (Billy reads this blog right? Of course he does.)

    I bet a lot of the people that get to meet him can say that he seems like a down to earth, cool dude, but he just can’t handle the attention he craves. Eventually he will just start talking rubbish and start the cycle of self-loathing again, which promotes loathing from others as well, both those of us who root for him and especially his critics who love to pounce at any opportunity.

    And I disagree, there will always be plenty of us that will listen to full albums. I got Oceania the day it came out (on CD!) and listened to it from end to end.

    I find music much more enjoyable when we can just ignore the “surrounding BS that has grown” (like interviews, wrestling, the name of the band) and just take it for what it is, music. Just sit and listen to and and either enjoy it or don’t enjoy it and move on.

    Wow, where did this early morning rant come from? Back to work.

  • LOL

    fact hahaha

  • LOL


    YOU SUCK! πŸ™‚

  • LOL

    think before you say any shit about eddie vedder, bald damn motherfucker


  • darthvedder

    Billy is a weird ego maniac. His music is average… he’s not some rock god or great vocalist.

    He attacks Vedder out of jealousy…. Whatever dude. I remember reading him moaning that EV is not from Chicago, and that he truly is… who cares?

  • Jarofchains

    Damn this Corgan coverage is a little over board. He likes to hear himself talk. No other person associated with the 90s alt/grunge movement runs their mouth like he does (except courtney love which should tell you something). The Pumpkins made some great music in the 90s but the new stuff doesn’t do anything for me. They were at the lower rung of the top tier bands from the 90s anyways – PJ, Nirvana, AIC, Soundgarden, RHCP, Jane’s Addiction were all better bands. I wish Corgan would mellow out and just focus on music.

  • phil

    I love Billy, whatever you say he’s the finest artist covered on this site.

  • GenXLady

    So, he is the bad guy, like he is the Joker to someone else being Batman? Ok. I like Kris’s views here. ^^

  • GenXLady

    LOL = Mr. General =. Be?

  • LOL


  • dakotablue

    hey Bill, newsflash: you’re funny whether you’re “playing” the villain or good guy.
    Funny as in pathetic, insecure and mean.

  • Markus

    @ Jarofchains: absolutly right.
    Yes he is a great artist but he is also great in suffering from megalomania. I think people are right when they say that he does not how to handle all this attention.

  • Mia

    I think there are plenty of young people who still listen to entire albums in one sitting, ones I know anyway. I hope everyone doesn’t start thinking the album is dead and start releasing only singles. Singles will never have the mood/feeling of the album experience.

  • Lala’s Boy xx

    Oh my god Billy you rock, please fuck my girl srsly lol! Please rls more album like Oceania and teargatden songs

    Alan x

  • Travis

    This album is actually amazing. I’m not even a huge SP fan I’ve only seen them once 20 years ago. Probably one of only two rock/alt albums in the past 15 years I can listen front to back. I suggest everyone should buy and listen.

  • SuperSG

    cool name, DarthVedder… hehehehe…

  • John

    Fucking hilarious. Lala pretending to have a boyfriend. Priceless.

  • Ultramega

    Can we get LOL’s stupid comments off this site?

    kris had a nice comment. I think Billy gets himself into trouble with his words because he’s never felt accepted. He was abused/ignored as a child, and didn’t even fit in when his band was on top of the world. We all want to be told, “You’ve done well,” and I think he’s still seeking that acceptance.