Billy Corgan recently opened up to Red Bull for an interview, going in depth about his philosophies on fame and fans. Here’s a snippet:

Red Bull: Any memorable fan reactions over the years?

Billy Corgan: Honestly I think that there’s a beauty to compliment. There’s a beauty to “I listened to your song and I didn’t jump off the roof.” But in a way if you become attached to the positive aspect you’re almost setting yourself up to be attached to the negative aspect. And I think what we all collectively learned as we go along as individuals, it’s really about what we think. As long as I have (the band’s) respect, I don’t really care what anyone thinks of this because if we think what we’re doing is good, we know that it’s good. And really that’s what a band’s about. It’s about trusting one another’s inner vote, if that makes any sense.

Read the interview in is entirity here.

  • I Am Awesome

    I don’t care that Billy doesn’t care.

  • I Am Awesome

    Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man that Is Awesome. .
    What the fuck is up?

  • Slaves and Bulldozers

    I Am Awesome, I think you like it up the ass, and your balls need to grow 24 inches.

  • EvenFlow

    Welcome! Don’t let fucks like Slaves and Dozers bug you. He’s a grumpy bastard.

    Billy Billy, I’m glad you don’t care. Nobody should give a fuck what others think.
    Unless You stomp around with a cover band backing you acting like a shade of your former self, still acting all pissed off and angry.
    You are talented but it just isnt the Pumpkins, I know times change and musicians move on its just tough to get into Billy’s new lineups. Just isn’t the same, I guess people feel the same about Mad Season. Not the same.

  • Vlo

    Man, that’s some news.

  • tony

    Whoop de fucking doo. Smashing has not been relevant in 17 years?

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    He absolutely cares what people think. He goes on and on about how he doesn’t get the respect other bands do, he changed the one song at a time format to record Oceania because he said people were focusing too much on individual songs and not the work as a whole, he calls out other bands for their reunions because he doesn’t think he gets enough credit for being a “relevant” band, etc. This guy just likes to hear himself talk. Of course the right attitude is to just be happy with yourself and not care about the compliments or criticism but I call bs on this from him.

  • ZZ


  • Big M

    No Billy, as usual nothing that comes out of your mouth makes sense.

  • Alternadude

    Way to go Billy. Worked with Oceania. Rock on!

  • Suz

    he will care when everyone stops buying his records!

  • ShaneC

    Usually, if someone doesn’t care, they won’t need to vocalize it.

    I mean if they don’t care what people think, why would they care if you know it or not?

    Billy cares.

  • Billy Corgans Hair

    I couldnt stand Billy either so I left!

  • SuperSG

    No this makes perfect fucking sense. As a musician, your own opinion of your work should be the most valued opinion of all!! Allowing others opinions to be more important than your own is not the way to behave and I’m glad billy knows that

  • Alternadude

    Comedy festival right here.

  • Corndog

    Billy Corgan has now officially joined the ranks of the celebrities that should just shut up and fuck off…..and this is coming from someone who has been a fan since Gish was released. I just can’t listen to anymore of his bullshit.

    It would be easier to put up with if he was releasing awesome albums at the same time as talking all this utter, utter shite…but Oceania was crap. I’m sorry, but it was.

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    He’s not saying his own opinion is not the most important (clearly Billy considers himself very important) he’s saying he does not care about other’s opinions which I believe is completely false. He even admits to intentionally playing to a certain persona he thinks people have of him like his wrestling people do. What other reason to play up a public perception unless you’re invested in that perception.

  • James Iha



  • Brett Buchanan

    When I talked to Billy on the phone a couple of years ago he used the word perception at least 5-10 times.

  • Alternadude

    He cares about the perception. But when it comes to writing music, choosing which songs to record, what kind of album to make he is telling the truth!

  • puzzz

    no one ever cared fuck bc

  • Raj

    Of course he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, except for the Smashing Pumpkins because he is the Smashing Pumpkins. Like Axl Rose, he’s the only original member of the band, ditto for Art Alexaxis of Everclear.

  • Jack

    That’s the way it should be! Bring on the next SP album!

  • Spencer

    You guys are so fucking clueless as to how art works, and what it is to be an artist. The amount of narrow minded comments in this article is down right shocking. You clearly don’t deserve The Smashing Pumpkins.

  • Ka-

    The Ka- would naked wrestle The Corgan and win.


  • Billy Corgans hair

    Oh look the same troll who is Boom is back. Asswipe.

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    “You guys are so fucking clueless as to how art works, and what it is to be an artist” – this may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on the internet – please enlighten all of us and show us the manual of how art works. I remember the local community college offered a class on how art works but I didn’t take it. I’m glad someone did so we could all be shown the error of our ways. Why is it that Billy Corgan fans are even more self absorbed then he is. Like minds attract like minds I suppose.

  • Yo


  • Shoegazer

    The thing that irks me the most on this site is when people say dumb shit like “The Smashing Pumpkins haven’t been relevant for xx years.” SP are currently better than all their 90s peers, and to say they’re irrelevant, like them or not, is idiotic. Let’s keep it real here and put your hatred for BC to the side and focus on the music. Oceania stands on its own. It’s better than the most recent albums by every other band covered here.

  • EvenFlow

    Shoegazer. Come on man. That’s fine you like the Smashing Pumpkins but how can you honestly say they are doing better then their peers.
    Soundgarden. No
    Pearl Jam. No
    Chains. No

    End of debate. All 3 bands above I would consider Pumpkins peers and I would say that they are all better and more relevant then Billy and his boys.
    And Oceania. Come on man. Bad record

  • Slaves and Bulldozers

    Oh yeah, Even Flow, Backspacer and King Animal were real masterpieces. Don’t kid yourself.

  • Alternadude

    I love the bands covered here but ne way PJ, SG and AIC are as good as SP nowadays.

  • matt

    Corgans a good songwriter but he needs a better backing band… That new kid he has smashes the shit outta the symbols and toms and its seriously headache inducing… The bassist is pretty corny too…

    Such a shame hes dragging the SP name through the mud-ruing the legacy.

  • Shoegazer

    Evenflow: it’s all subjective I suppose. SG, though a top 5 90s band, was NEVER at any point at the level of SP. If you listen to KA and say they’re just as good as ever at this point, you’re a fool. Same with AIC: elite band, but never, ever at SP’s level. These bands can’t touch the diversity & songwriting of SP; it’s not even close. They’ve never been better, and they’re definitely not more relevant. Like I said, let’s keep it real. Pearl Jam is right up there, so I’ll accept that argument. They’ve achieved success only a couple bands ever have, maintained an amazing following, and they made several albums people will still be listening to in 25 years. Eh, I don’t know why I just wasted my time writing this. If you honestly think Oceania’s a piece of rubbish, you haven’t a clue.

  • Ian

    So, still a complete cock then Billy…

  • laynelivesforever

    Yeah–and I don’t care what you think, Corgan, despite the fact that every lil’ burp, fart or rant by you is reported here as “news.”