Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday and discussed contemplating suicide in the past. During the new interview with Daly, Corgan revealed that he almost killed himself three or four separate times in his life. He also said he planned what he would leave behind and what he would write. He said realizing God had always been with him is something that helped save him, and make him no longer feel like a victim.

  • Jonk

    Amen. Glad you’re still alive and doin your thing Billy

  • pete

    is there a video/audio of this?

  • Harry Skell

    Does anybody give a shit what this guy has to say? Never have, never will. Douchebag

  • John

    I care . Billy Corgan is a smart ass, he’s not always trolling and often have some interestings things to tell.

  • Russ

    I kinda think that you should keep that sort of thing to yourself.

  • Megamania

    I think Billy’s one of the best interviews in rock. He’s been there, and he lets you know exactly how he feels almost all of the time. So yes, I care about what he has to say. Fyi – this was from his appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly a few nights ago.

  • Martin

    Some things billy says might be offensive but it’s usually the truth. A lot of people are trying to be way too nice these days.

  • stseve

    closer to kurt??

  • The Garden of Sound

    You shouldnt wish someone to commit suicide.

  • Blind Lemon

    I wish this was the headline for kurt instead of Billy!

  • Spoonman

    since when is this a normal topic on talk shows? bill is a weird son of a bitch attention whore

  • Chainsgarden

    Billy will be so pissed off when the new Soundgarden album outsells Oceania by millions that hopefully he won’t …

  • Scott McLean

    A lot of people feel like Billy and think about that but he’s a real man to admit it. I like him even more now, and he was great on Alex Jones show too but I haven’t watched all of it yet.

  • Scott McLean

    I didn’t like his criticism of Soundgarden’s comeback but I like Billy as he’s a great rock musician.

  • Christine

    I tried twice,…. difference being I have no art to leave behind. By the third or forth serious thought it became more of “well, what’s the point now”. For as much as a jerk as Billy can seem to be, at least he’s honest.