• BG

    well, his girl/love is from oceania…

  • GrungeAttack


  • Is Adam a douche?

    His sexay young lady!

  • mr. spiderman

    He’s starting to really piss me the fuck off. The album has been done since October, and it was supposed to be released September 30. So, we’re gonna end up waiting nine months since he promised it would be released, and 8 months since it was finished, just so we could see some stupid fucking candy cane art that nobody with a set of balls gives a flying fuck about? Fuck you.

  • droosed

    @mr.spiderman yeah it’s bullshit but i have to say i’m really excited that we finally have an official release date but being a pumpkins fan you should be used to this shit

  • FartHead

    It’s really not Billy’s fault for the delay. I think it has to do with the label scheduling it and planning a tour out to coincide with its release.