Billy Corgan Talks Disneyland Behavior Criticism: ‘What The F*** Do You Want From Me?’

A photo of Billy Corgan on a ride at Disneyland from July 8th went viral a few days ago with many sites mocking The Smashing Pumpkins legend, and while we post a lot of stupid stuff on Alternative Nation, this one was dumb enough that even we decided against covering it. This changed though when Alternative Nation was checking out a July 13th Billy Corgan VIP Q&A where he discussed the Disneyland visit (prior to the photo actually going viral) and a fan criticizing his behavior. So rather than the hipster snark seen on other sites re-posting the photo, here is Corgan’s account of his Disneyland visit and fan criticism:

“I literally had somebody say to me the other day, I think it was at Disneyland: ‘Hey, you don’t seem that into this.’ I was like, ‘I’m at fucking Disneyland. I just want to hang out at Disneyland. I’m not here to do a meet and greet, I’m here to be at Disneyland.’ You know what I’m saying? But it’s almost like, ‘Well you’re here, and I’m here, and because I’m on my vacation, your vacation, you’re part of my vacation.’ It’s like, I’m not working, and I wasn’t being unpleasant, I wasn’t being rude. I was taking pictures with people, I took a picture with every person that asked. But then it gets into, what’s in your head? Like, you’re not smiling enough, or you don’t seem to be enjoying – and I’m like, what the fuck do you want from me?

That’s when it gets like, are you paying me? On whose dime are we on here? Because we have so much celebrity culture that is servile, ‘I’ll say whatever you want. I’ll make sure I take just the right selfie so I look better than I really look.’ I don’t want any part in that, that’s not interesting. So if that means one person has to walk away and go, ‘He’s doesn’t seem like he’s in a good mood,’ and they never go to a show again, I mean, they’re not really a fan, so that’s just the way it goes.”

Corgan also tweeted about the visit earlier this month.